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March 2008

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What did you do with yours?

Sandra O'Hagan follows up on the Irish Garden quiz

I was really pleased when the Irish Garden Quiz was announced. Not that I'm any kind of mastermind or anything, in fact quite the opposite. For me, one of the frustrations of being middle aged is having the thirst for knowledge but a brain that forgets the simplest things. The aforementioned glee was purely from the perspective of being guardian of the group text (or secretary if you like). A well designed garden quiz was something for the club to do on a wintry evening and one less idea to think of.

The Irish Garden quiz arrived and I eagerly digested its contents, jotting down an outline of how it would work, not wanting to share it with others, because with such a small club it was better to keep it fairly secretive. The arrangements for the Christmas ‘do' then came to the fore. Finding a date to suit all eleven members nearly used up all of December's free on-line texts. In the taxi on the way to ‘The Pink', I casually mentioned that the Irish Garden quiz had arrived and was bombarded with questions! Obviously I had made a mental reminder to run through my extensive notes before coming out, expecting someone to be inquisitive but I totally forgot! Thankfully the subject changed to Christmas draws, missing pets, and then before we knew it we were all wearing party hats and knocking back the house wine.

During the evening I was approached by the manager of ‘The Pink' Jeremy, who had heard about the Irish Garden quiz and wondered whether we would like to hold it there and make a night of it. What a great idea!

The Barryroe Garden Club's first annual dinner was a great success, the food was excellent, the venue perfect and most importantly the craic was mighty. During the evening I was approached by the manager of ‘The Pink' Jeremy, who had heard about the Irish Garden quiz and wondered whether we would like to hold it there and make a night of it. What a great idea! He was happy to be the quizmaster and we agreed to talk more in the New Year. The pre-booked ride home was postponed several times and the night only ended when the fed-up cabbie disappeared suddenly, leaving a message that he had ‘left the building'. Wobbling out into the cold crisp night, more because of the high heels than the Chilean red, I was already imagining the car park bustling with excited people ready to attend the Irish Garden Quiz Night of 2008.


The next day as my headache, definitely not caused by the suede stilettos, slowly subsided, I started to think of ideas for the Irish Garden quiz extravaganza. Our small membership doesn't require any funds so we could turn the occasion into a fund raiser for charity? Ideas came to mind - a reward for the winner of each round, an entry badge, one or two raffle prizes. Already the occasion had the makings of a fun evening. We thought about attracting entrants from outside of the parish too - an ad in the local paper, a mention on the radio, tickets sold in advance. Well, okay it's a quiz not a celebrity auction and it's daft to get too carried away. But once the venue and compere are sorted it can easily be turned into a successful event.


So now that you all know about my plans, I want to hear about yours. If your club is so organised that the quiz is but a distant memory then tell me all the gory details. Send pictures too. Describe the atmosphere. Was it tense and was everyone very competitive? What about refreshments? Regarding the winners ... were they outright favourites or did someone surprise you all? Did they get a prize or just a firm handshake? One thing I'm confident about is that there was a raffle - and at least one moaner, there usually is. So, send me some of your highlights!





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