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Bulk Pumpkin Seeds

I'm hoping to sow a lot of pumpkins for Halloween next year. Can you tell me where I can buy pumpkin seeds in bulk rather than the small 10-15 seed packets that are available in shops and online. organicman, clane, Co Kildare Posted: 22/11/2016

Try Goldcrop in Cork... they supply seeds to commerical vegetable growers.


when to plant pumpkins

We hope to try and plant a pumpkin patch, but are new to this with great intentions. The back of the seeds say need 90 growing days, which is 3 months, planting indoors for 4 weeks july the out for aug & sept. This site says plant indoors late april may for 4 weeks, then plant outside, would this not be planting too early or are we allowing for our dull irish summers! We are ready to go but dont know which method to use for crop harvest in early October. edilum, Julianstown, Co Meath Posted: 10/04/2011


Sow pumpkins in April or May, planting out at the end of May or early June in good weather.

More at:  http://www.garden.ie/howtogrow.aspx?id=1033




I sowed pumpkins seeds and was able to plant two very healthy plants outside in well manured soil. They are now growing extremely well and and have produced about ten fruit around the size of a golfball. Should I leave them all grow away or reduce the numbers to increase the size of a few. Also the foliage is spreading by the day, should I cut some of this back or leave until later. julip, , Co Wexford Posted: 15/07/2010


Let the plants grow ... they will decide how many and which fruits to develop. Do not cut any growth yet, but next month pinch out all the growing points to concentrate on the existing fruit. Keep it watered and fed. Pin down stems carefully with wire U-shapes and pile some soil or compost over it to encourage new roots.


growing questions

Can I grow butternut squash in Ireland and when would I plant it. bowbow, mullingar, Co Westmeath Posted: 05/11/2009


Yes, sow the seeds in late April and plant out in May.

More at: http://www.garden.ie/howtogrow.aspx?id=1033




Pumpkin grew great but the fruit is very small. Can it still be used at halloween? there's 3 weeks left Alan S, moate, Co Westmeath Posted: 12/10/2009


Tennis ball size is a bit small for any purpose and it looks like these had no time to ripen. Either the seeds were sown too late or the first flowers all aborted without setting seeds and developing fruit.



My pumpkins are growing very well. however the foliage was severely affected by the frost yesterday morning. will the pumpkins themselves be ok? Alan S, moate, Co Westmeath Posted: 08/10/2009


The pumpkins themselves are tougher than the foliage but can be damaged by a very hard frost, which is unlikely at this time of year.

The best thing is to bring the pumpkins into a greenhouse or shed to ripen as the foliage, after frost, is not doing anything now.


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