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Yellow leaves on laurel hedge

I have yellow leaf on laural hedge was wondering if epsons salts would help the green back on to the leaf an would the epsons salts promote growth on the laural hedge. conleth, lisburn, Co Antrim Posted: 13/07/2015

Yellowing of laurel is usually to do with poor drainage as it repsonds badly to wet ground, even if only wet for the winter months.


Only 1 of 4 chaenomeles in flower

2 years ago I planted 4 chaenomeles 'Jetrail' against a fence in a semi-shaded spot in my back garden. To date, only 1 has bloomed. Any ideas as to why the others haven't yet when conditions are the same for all 4? Do they need more time to establish themselves maybe? Col13, , Co Tipperary Posted: 08/04/2015

Yes, flowering can vary as the soil conditions can vary a lot over a short distance. Quite often strong growth delays shrubs flowering and they come around eventually.


Why has my peony tree so few blooms this year?

I have a peony tree which is about 12 years old. It is about 4/5 feet tall and looks very healthy. The front of the house is near the sea but the peony is in a small walled back garden and gets the sun from about 11o'clock until 3 o'clock. Over the years, the number of blooms has increased steadily to last year when there were about twelve lovely flowers. This year there are two buds only. These look very healthy and are about to burst into bloom but there are no others in sight. Have you any idea why there are so few blooms this year? I've never pruned the tree, just allowed the flowers to die back and then removed the dead heads at a later stage. I usually apply a mulch of farmyard manure (shop bought) around the base in early Spring. Is there something I can do to ensure better results next year? Culloville, Skerries, Co Dublin Posted: 11/05/2013


This is more than likely weather related. Tree peonies are from China and Japan, much warmer places in summer, and last summer was dull. Reduce any shading branches.

Give a feed of tree and shrub fertiliser, or general fertiliser, and control weed and other competition.


No flowers on camellia

I have a camellia with 5 or 6 years,but have no buds or flowers on it this year or last, had flowers on it for other years,was wondering what problem is and would I move it to another part of garden. Marie Jo, Youghal, Co Cork Posted: 24/03/2013

When a shrub flowers for a few years and then stops, it is likely that some of its growing conditions have changed ... often too dry or too shaded.

Camellia likes well-drained acidic soil with plenty of humus in a bright spot with some shade from the sun for part of the day. If these conditions can be matched elsewhere in the garden, lift and move the plant in March or early April or October.


Planting Weeping Willow

We have a damp area measuring 40 feet by 30 feet and were advised to plant Salix Alba Tristis here. On the internet we read that the roots can spread three times the distance from trunk to outer canopy. This seems huge. We think it was an American site. Will this hold true for Ireland? Is this tree suitable for us? Pauline P PaulineP, Portroe, Co Tipperary Posted: 13/03/2013

Willow is a good tree for damp ground and its root are wide-spreading but this nee not be a problem except for drains, especially cracked drains or perforated land drains, which the roots may block.

Salix alba 'Tristis' is a name given to Salix x chrysocoma, which replaced the older Salix babylonica. The older form is less prone to willow leaf canker which disfigures the tree. It can be very difficult to get the true Babylon willow as the two have been mixed up. The true kind will have much more healthy trees by late summer.


Blue spruce

where to buy one and are they hard to grow thank you 1948, enniscorthy, Co Wexford Posted: 08/12/2011


Blue spruce is widely available in the bigger garden centres that stock a wide range of plants, such as Johnstown Garden Centre in Naas.

It likes to be in full sunshine with plenty of air movement but not sever exposure in fertile but well-drained soil with space to grow.

Spruces tend to suffer from conifer mites and greenflies, which cause needles to fall off, and it may be necessary to spray with a systemic insecticide in May and September, but planting in an open spot can help to avoid this problem.


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