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What is this tree?

What is this tree?

Can you please tell me what this tree is? Can I harvest the seeds to bring back and plant when I move back to Dublin next year? I want to be sure it's non-invasive for Ireland too. SuzyH, Boston, USA, Outside Ireland Posted: 05/11/2017

This is a species of euonymus or spindle tree. Which species is difficult to say. 

The seeds are best sown fresh and may not do so well aster a year.

But there is a native Irish spindle... Euonymus euopaeus 'Red Cascade' being a good garden form. 

  Yellowing of foilage on laurel hedge

Yellowing of foilage on laurel hedge

Spring-planted Portuguese laurel showing slight yellowing on some plants. Bonemeal was added at time of planting. Can you suggest a cause/remedy or, is it a seasonal thing? sylvester, , Posted: 14/10/2017

Some yellowing is normal and due to the plants adapting to their new location. Give some tree and shrub fertiliser in spring to give a boost.


Tree too near house?

A few years ago we planted a cheery blossom tree about 5 foot from house but i have found out these can grow up to 25 feet, so i presume roots will go a lot deeper and spread. So i will uproot and replant but how far should i plant it from house. Or even a septic tank as was maybe going tp plant near the tank BTW tree has not really grown and is 4 foot and has very little buds. We planted two at same time and other one is the same. Any ideas? joebaillie, , Posted: 21/08/2017

Five feet is too close for a cherry, make it more than 5 metres.

Easily moved in November if it is so small, and probably was planted too deep originally. 


Transplanting tree

I have a question regarding oak. The tree is already five years old and is growing in kind of bad place I wonder can I transplant the tree somewhere else, where it would have enough sun and more room. BloodySandwich, Midleton, Co Cork Posted: 03/06/2017

A young oak can be moved when the leaves fall in November, lifting it carefully and staking if necessary.


Tree Cuttings

I am involved in an Afforestation project and we will be growing trees from cuttings. As this is a mass plantation of trees we will need to store the tree cuttings for long periods as they wont be planted immediately after the cutting is taken. Hence,I was wondering what are ideal conditions for their storage so they can still effectively grow? pola277, dun laoghaire, Co Dublin Posted: 27/05/2017

Not many trees species grow from cuttings. Exceptions are willow, poplar and aspen. These can be rooted directly in the ground where they are to grow and are best inserted when fresh.

If they must be stored,  take the cuttings in late October and keep them bundles of fifty, the ends in the ground in a shady, cool place. They will need to be inserted before end of February or they will make roots where they are. They could be stored under refrigeration at 5Celsius, but are bulky.

  Yellowing leaves on Viburnum

Yellowing leaves on Viburnum

I planted a healthy Viburnum Rhytidophyllum 1 month ago and leaves are turning yellow. No frost since planting, acid clay soil. I put plenty of my own compost and appropriate quantity of Blood, Fish & Bone in planting hole and watered well. Mulched with my own compost and watered when needed. Any advice would be greatly welcomed. Inish, Fanad, Co Donegal Posted: 05/05/2017

Plants are often soft when new from the nursery and can show signs of stress. It is likely to grow away fine if the ground is not wet.


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