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Is it too late to move this whitebeam

Is it too late to move this whitebeam

is it to late to move this white beam evelyn1979, fermoy , Co Cork Posted: 25/03/2017

Buds are breaking so there is a considerable risk. If possible, wait until November.


No blossom on Aesculus 'Briotti'

I have a pink horse chestnut tree planted 3 years now which leaves up ok but wont produce blossom. it has plenty of light and good soil. Have you any suggestions please. The same applies for my laburnum and my wisteria. I'm not doing too well with my non colourful plants! evelyn1979, fermoy , Co Cork Posted: 03/03/2017

All are good plants and all are still young, too immature to flower, but will do so eventually when they have made some size, which is their focus now.


Replanting camellia

I have a camillia in a pot for about 4 years and nothing much has happened. The odd flower here and there. I am thinking of replanting out of the pot and into the garden. Good idea or not? foxfield18, Dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 02/03/2017

Camellias need a lot of attention to watering and feeding to do well in a pot, but can be planted into the open ground. Being in Dublin, the soil is limy and you will have to dig in several buckets of leaf mound or similar and apply a mulch of same every couple of years to reduce the lime to neutral.

  Beech hedge query

Beech hedge query

I'm trying to identify the "critters" in the pics. I discovered them when replacing some beech hedge plants. There are 40 plants in the hedge that was planted bareroot in march 2016, each plant was about 5ft in height when planted, so reasonably mature. I had to replace 10 of them, which i did January 2017. The 10 replaced were not all in the same place, although a few were next to each other. I'm wondering what the critters are and if they could be a problem and were a factor in the plants dying, of course the plants could have died as a result of how I planted them. If they are a problem how should I treat them? See also pic of one of the dead plants,there are white specs on the roots, first I thought it was just residue of blood, fish and bone but that was applied during last summer and would've surely dissolved? I was only able to attach one pic HandyManny, Ovens, Co Cork Posted: 30/01/2017

The ground might be  a bit heavy for beech and the layer of bark keeps it wet.

Large beech plants often have some losses.

The animal is a centipede, which eats insects/small slugs etc and does not attack plants.

White spots on roots is a decay fungus, most likely.


Can contorted hazel be grown from cuttings?

There's a lovely specimen in a neglected garden nearby and I would like to grow from it in my own garden. What's the best way to get results? liveen, Galway, Co Galway Posted: 11/10/2016

It does not grow well from cuttings and is usually grafted but a low branch could be layered by pinning it to the ground, or it could be air-layered in spring by slightly wounding the branch and wrapping it around with some moist compost and moss mixed, held in place within a plastic bag passed down over the shoot, and tied below and above the wound.

Leave this untouched until new roots can be seen, and then sever the new plant and pot it up for a year or two before planting out.

  taking cuttings from hedge to replant

taking cuttings from hedge to replant

I have a dividing hedge in my front garden that i hope to restore to its fully glory. I am not sure what type it is? see attached photo. all but 3 bushes were killed off a few years ago during the freeze. can i take cuttings off some of the surviving ones and replant? if so how do i do that? how do i re-root the cuttings, do i need to treat them somehow? jamieman5, , Co Dublin Posted: 07/09/2016

It looks like myrtle which is prone ot frost damage.

It can be raised from cuttings taken in late summer and rooted in a small heated propagator.


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