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Yellowing leaves on Viburnum

Yellowing leaves on Viburnum

I planted a healthy Viburnum Rhytidophyllum 1 month ago and leaves are turning yellow. No frost since planting, acid clay soil. I put plenty of my own compost and appropriate quantity of Blood, Fish & Bone in planting hole and watered well. Mulched with my own compost and watered when needed. Any advice would be greatly welcomed. Inish, Fanad, Co Donegal Posted: 05/05/2017

Plants are often soft when new from the nursery and can show signs of stress. It is likely to grow away fine if the ground is not wet.



leaves turning yellow, brown will they die. 190120171, rathdowney, Co Laois Posted: 21/04/2017

If newly planted, in the last few months, they are adjusting to the conditions and will likely recover ..... unless the ground is wet, which can kill them and would affect plants that are longer planted too.


Fungal disease in late March

Last year my garden was full of flowers in good conditions.I had only black spots in Wild Rose, treated with natural products , I washed all roots, new land and planted in the soil. Now, Early April, it seems more plants are like full of earth around stems and leaves , the Lavender in a pot , that was nice and big, is a ruin , also Chrysanthemums and 1 plant of Rosemary.. All was nice and strong full of flowers it seems to be ready to die ..its a fungus ? 1/could be treated before root infection? 2/It is a fungus problem this hot weather year? 3/Are they invasive spores of a single plant? Margot141, Gorey , Co Wexford Posted: 09/04/2017

Lavender does not like a pot.  The rose and other plants may not have suitable soil conditions, possibly too wet.

Roses tend to get fungus disease.  

  Is it too late to move this whitebeam

Is it too late to move this whitebeam

is it to late to move this white beam evelyn1979, fermoy , Co Cork Posted: 25/03/2017

Buds are breaking so there is a considerable risk. If possible, wait until November.


No blossom on Aesculus 'Briotti'

I have a pink horse chestnut tree planted 3 years now which leaves up ok but wont produce blossom. it has plenty of light and good soil. Have you any suggestions please. The same applies for my laburnum and my wisteria. I'm not doing too well with my non colourful plants! evelyn1979, fermoy , Co Cork Posted: 03/03/2017

All are good plants and all are still young, too immature to flower, but will do so eventually when they have made some size, which is their focus now.


Replanting camellia

I have a camillia in a pot for about 4 years and nothing much has happened. The odd flower here and there. I am thinking of replanting out of the pot and into the garden. Good idea or not? foxfield18, Dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 02/03/2017

Camellias need a lot of attention to watering and feeding to do well in a pot, but can be planted into the open ground. Being in Dublin, the soil is limy and you will have to dig in several buckets of leaf mound or similar and apply a mulch of same every couple of years to reduce the lime to neutral.


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