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Japanese knotweed

your advice was to cut the stem ?? above ground, My Q1 is how low? also, to put teaspoon undiluted Roundup into each stem. Q2 should i spray the ground around the plant? i never use chemicals in my garden so i am wary of using some now. i'm unable to do this job myself so i need to give precise instructions. BOTANICAL TRYER, TERENURE, Co Dublin Posted: 23/08/2017

Cut down to 20 to 30cm.The chemical glyphosate only works on green tissue, not on the soil.

  Problems with invasive weed

Problems with invasive weed

Please see photo attached of this awful weed i cant seem to get rid of. It comes back after about a week when pulled out. Has very large root system. Ive tried using weedkiller but they still came back. How can i ensure they are killed off before i plant my flowerbed in may? Elainegiggles, Cork city, Co Cork Posted: 26/03/2017

That is winter heliotrope. Repeat use of Roundup until the weed is gone.

  Garden weed/root

Garden weed/root

I'm having trouble with a ground root which is clogging up the soil in my front and back flowerbeds. The root is a reddish colour and forms a mat of roots and is proving difficult to manage. Any suggestions on what it is and how to eradicate it? 011220161, , Posted: 01/12/2016

These look like roots of shrubs/trees/hedges that are growing into the flower beds, natural competiton between plants but will weaken flowers.

Dig a trench at the back of the border to cut through the line of the invasive roots. Inserting a barrier of heavy plastic will lengthen the period of effective blocking of roots.


Problem with Moss in a Carpet Spreader Bed

I have moss trouble on a bed with carpet spreaders – I just cannot keep the moss down. The spreaders are - Cotoneaster Queen Carpet. Potentilla, Genista Lemon spreader, Lonicera pileata I notice that you advise for lawns - ''To control moss, you need to apply sulphate of iron or lawn sand, between October and April and also apply lawn fertiliser in March and June.'' I constantly find myself weeding the moss from between the branches - it is smothering the spreaders . Can I apply the same medicine to my carpet cover bed ? Thanks and appreciate the help. moosefleming, castleisland, Co Kerry Posted: 12/07/2016

Moss is not a competing weed for these shrubs and they will outgrow and shade out the moss eventually. Apply some general or tree and shrub fertilser to the shrubs to boost growth.

  Plant identification query

Plant identification query

Can you kindly identify this plant for me please. Spotted on the roadside in a bogland area. Mary Ann, kilteevan, Co Roscommon Posted: 16/04/2016

It is the shoots of horse tail emerging.


ivy on a shed

Anything to kill ivy on shed, it's growing wild. Spring68, Tynagh, Co Galway Posted: 03/11/2015

Ivy would be best pulled down off a shed. Cut it at the base and tug it away. Or cut it and leave the dead ivy to wither and fall off eventually. Dig out the stump or paint the cut surface with Roundup or similar.


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