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Graft failure

Graft failure

One of my Japanese maples has died, however the rootstock which is very pretty, has sprouted. If I plant it out, is it likely to be very vigorous? Laura Mombrun, Cabinteely, Co Dublin Posted: 03/05/2017

The graft failed and the rootstock takes over. It is the type species Acer palmatum but it is individual because seedlings are used as rootstocks, and it is a pretty form. 

It looks fairly vigorous and could be expected to make a small tree of four or five metres or so in twenty years, maybe more. 


Re-growth on trachycarpus

My Trachycarpus fortunei died in winter of 2010/11. This month I have discovered new leaves growing around the butt of the old truck. It looks like 4 individual new plants are growing from the old root system. Can I separate and transplant these new trachy? If so when n how is best method. Would not like to lose these precious new gifts. jenifertag, Stradbally, Co Laois Posted: 02/12/2015

Trachycarpus survived generally as it is remarkably hardy, but younger plants can be damaged.

These are 4 shoots, not 4 separate plants. It might be possible to carefully separate them when they grow to about 1 metre and produce new roots of their own. Some mulch would help this process.

But they might snap off in the process too. 


hazelnut tree cuttings

I have 2 hazelnut trees in my garden, there are small shoots growing at the bottom of the trees, could i use these shoots to grow more hazelnut trees and if so what would i need to do. smuck, portarlington, Co Laois Posted: 29/06/2015

Usually those suckers do not have their own roots but if you find they have, or if you pile up some soil to encourage them to root, you migh tbe able to get a few off in winter and plant up.


Daphne bholua suckers

I have a lovely large shrub of Daphne bholua "Jacqueline Postill" which has sent up suckers all around for the first time this year. I would like to pot up some and would like to know when I should do this? Also should I remove the rest? The mother plant is ringed with them, all along the root lines. During the recent hard winters a couple of branches died and I cut these out. I hope this does not herald the end of my daphne. Eilo, Celbridge, Co Kildare Posted: 26/06/2013


The beautifully scented winter shrub Daphne bholua can be grown from suckers if they are produced or from seeds and sometimes self-sows close to the parent.

Carefully lift well-rooted suckers in winter and pot up or plant in good soil.

Daphne is not the longest lived of shrubs but a bit of dieback does not mean its demise is imminent. 



"Stags Horn" seedlings?

I have a small tree which produces beautiful copper coloured leaves in autumn....... I think the common name for it is Stags Horn and it appears to self seed. Just in the past few weeks, several little seedlings / small plants have appeared around the lawn having come from this tree and I'm wondering can I take these up and re-plant them somewhere else as I'd like to put them somewhere else but I'm not sure if: a/ they can be moved b/ when they can be moved....they are only a few inches tall at the moment c/ will they actually grow if replanted It's going to be very difficult mowing the lawn around them so I'm hoping I can take them up soon! dena, Thurles, Co Tipperary Posted: 31/05/2011


Stags horn sumach is a suckering small tree, which is what these little shoots are. In time they will sprouts some roots and can be lifted, usually lifted with a section of the root from which they sprang.

They can be lifted from flower beds easily enough when about 60 to 90cm tall in autumn after leaf fall but this cannot be done in a lawn.

Lifte back the sod and cut the root that has suckered if it is near the surface. Frim the soil down very hard over the cut root surface to lessen re-growth.

Do not spray the suckers with Roundup as it moves back into the parent tree and can kill it. 



Prune Stags horn

I have a Stags Horn approx 5feet, it has no growth to bottom of plant, how can i prune back to keep at same height Cammy, Stirling, Outside Ireland Posted: 08/05/2011


Stags horn sumach naturally forms a small tree bare at the base. Cutting it down will bring up new shoots but these will grow to the same height.

It often produces suckers anyway.

You can keep cutting it down to the height you desire but it will have to be done every few years.


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