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Trees and Shrubs : Hedges and Shelter belts

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Pruning overgrown beech hedge.

Pruning overgrown beech hedge.

I inherited an untended 15 year old beech hedge and lopped them to 6 ft . Can I prune the branches which have grown untended back without loosing all of its foliage? Pictures attached. PaulWynne, Boyle, Co Roscommon Posted: 22/04/2017

Let the new growth get established until August and then clip evenly at, or close to, the height you want.

  hedge plants

hedge plants

I had some hedges planted & they look very bad. He planted 2 sizes in the front. The smaller plants are alright. As you can see the others do not look good. Also the ones in the back look very bad. What do you think? Else, Lucan , Co Dublin Posted: 19/01/2017

The hedging plants are struggling and there are various reasons why this might be the case: how they wer planted, the health of the plants starting, whether they were correctly watered.

They might rally in spring, but you should consult with whoever planted them for you. 


Neglected box hedge

I have a long established and neglected common box hedge in a mature garden. I am wondering how best to prune and encourage the hedge - many of the shrubs have grown straggly and some of them (which were in the shade of a tree that has now been removed) are lying on the ground with little growth on the first foot of the wood of the shrub. I would be grateful for advice on how to manage this. EmilyM, Oldcastle, Co Meath Posted: 08/09/2016

Old box plants can be cut back as hard as you like in mid-April, mulched and given 30g of tree and shrub fertlizer per metre run  of hedge on both sides.

  Portuguese laurel hedge looks weird

Portuguese laurel hedge looks weird

I have a Portuguese laurel hedge growing out the front of my house. One side looks fine. The other side looks like something is eating it or something weird. Ilovemyhedge, Dungarvan, Co Waterford Posted: 03/09/2016

Snails sometimes nibble the you leaves, but shot hole disease can leave small holes and mildew can cause distortion and fading of young leaves. Both are worst in damp weather and damp places, and very common.

Feed with sulphate of potash in spring, as per directions.


Small Conifer Trees for Shelter

Could you recommend small conifer trees (that will grow to approx 10 ft tall) that I could use for shelter on either side of my house. Both planting strips are approx 40 meters in length but on one side of the house the width of the strip is very narrow, only 2 feet wide, the other side is more generous. For appearance is it better to use the same type on each side of the house ? Also is it possible to mix one or two different types of conifers together and what ratio of one to the other should I use. Looking forward to your reply. TILDA, , Co Kerry Posted: 29/08/2016

There are no small conifer trees for use as shelter.

You are really thinking of a hedge ... and you could try broad-leaved evergreens such as holly, laurel or griselinia, which would need clipping. Or use beech or hawthorn in a country place. These can be mixed.

10 feet is  an awkward size for clipping and casts a lot of shade, compared to two metres. 



Can you comment on the following hedging plants with regard to their suitability for front garden in an urban setting: Portuguese Laurel Cherry Laurel sylvester, , Posted: 23/08/2016

Cherry laurel is more vigorous and does not suffer from mildew as Portugal laurel does.


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