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Vine weevils

We appear to have an infestation of vine weevils on one of our trees. we only noticed them because there was alot of wasps around them. we have removed as many of them as we can and used the spray but they keep coming back and usually another batch of them appears the following day but now they are going further up the tree so that we can no longer reach them. The wasps appear very enticed by them and some of them seem to have white bits coming out of them which could be eggs. what could be causing them to attach to this particular tree which is a sally. and how to keep them away. We have issues with some of our pots having the vine weevil larvae in them. yvonneodo, Dunboyne, Co Meath Posted: 17/09/2017

It sounds more likely an infestation of dark greenfly, which is common on willow. The wasps collect sweet honeydew for food. Winter cold is likely to finish them off.

If you use half unsterilised garden soil and half compost wouy will have very few vine weevil larvae, or apply Nemasys, the nematode parasite. 

  Crimson king caterpillar

Crimson king caterpillar

My Norway Crimson king has been stripped of its leaves in a few days. When i looked closer it was covered in caterpillar like creatures. There was what appeared to be hundreds of soft brown hatched eggs on the ground underneath the tree. Should i leave it to recover or treat with a spray? HandyManny, Ovens, Co Cork Posted: 19/08/2017

The caterpillars will feed for a short time and go away to pupate. Damage is minor and the tree will not be affected significantly.

There is no need to do anything,...it is just a curiosity...wildlife in the garden. 

  beech hedging

beech hedging

We have a beech hedge planted over 20 years now . This spring one of them did not produce leaves now the two beside it has died.it is 6 ft trimmed twice a year each side and top . nothing sprayed on or near hedge. Stephanie, Navan, Co Meath Posted: 16/08/2017

The ground does not look wet so the cause is likely to be honey fungus which often spreads in that fashion.

Remove the dead trees with as much root as you can.

Replant in November with beech, soaking the roots in mycorrhizal solution which you might be able to get in a good garden centre. This helps to reduce infection of the new plants. 

  Problem with Virginia Creeper

Problem with Virginia Creeper

I planted a Yellow Wall Virginia Creeper early this year, has been feed, mulched, watered as needed. It was very health in early spring with lots of new growth, but for past 2 months it slowly detoriated. Leaves looked like something was eating them so I sprayed with insecticide (caterpillars, whitefly, blackfly & other mites), although I could never see any insects. Also not slugs as pellets remain uneaten. Leaves are dry and paper-like, Any new growth curls up and turns brown. Inish, Fanad, Co Donegal Posted: 22/07/2017

It is possibly capsid bug damage by feeding on young growth, though this damage is usually more tattered and torn. The capsid bug run down the plant at your approach.

The twisting could be weedkiller damage too. 

  Tiny white flies on viburnum

Tiny white flies on viburnum

Seems to be tiny which flies at the tip of the the branches on my Viburnum bodnantense DAWN which is killing off the leaves. What can I do to put this right please? frank2334, Celbridge, Co Kildare Posted: 11/07/2017

This is greenflies and the empty skins when they moult look white.

The harm is not significant and they will go away.

But if you wish, apply a garden insecticide.

  Something is eating the Pieris!

Something is eating the Pieris!

Something is devouring my Pieris, see photo. Is it the dreaded vine wievel, and if so, how can I get rid of them? Inish, Fanad, Co Donegal Posted: 30/06/2017

It does not look like the classic U-shaped feeding of vine weevils, more like snails or caterpillars. Keep under observation for any fresh damage.


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