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overwintering begonias & pelargoniums

overwintering begonias & pelargoniums

photo attached is one of my tuber begonias which I want to keep for next year. Can I overwinter it in an unheated greenhouse as a green plant or do I have to store it as a tuber (like a dahlia)? Will pelargoniums overwinter as green plants in an unheated greenhouse successfully or should I bring them into the house if there is a hard frost? henlen, , Co Kildare Posted: 18/09/2016

The shoots of begonias will fall away soon after they get touched by frost. They last longer in a greenhouse but eventually yellow and fall, adn the tubers can be stored under cover.

Pelargoniums will suffer some damage in an unheated greenhouse, how much depends on how low temperatures fall and for how long. They must be frost-free and would be better indoors in hard frost.


Geranium new plants

Yesterday I planted new geranium plants from branches of old plant dipped into rooting powder and planted in small pots , just wondering should I keep them outside and how many days it would take to have roots . sualeha, Ennis, Co Clare Posted: 16/09/2016

Geranium (pelargonium) cuttings are best made in early August and need a window sill indoors now.


plug plants

can i buy a small quantity (40-50) of annual bedding flowers for pots and baskets (lobelia,trailing surfinia,etc.)in plug form anywhere in ireland.i want to finish growing them in my glasshouse higgins, ennis, Co Clare Posted: 11/04/2015

Some garden cenres now stock these, such as Orchard in Celbridge and Newlands in CLondalkin. Perhaps some places more local to you also do so.

  flowers in hanging basket

flowers in hanging basket

see photo enclosed that are growing in a hanging basket Can you tell me what they are I know one is a geraniums but the not sure what they are Spring68, Tynagh, Co Galway Posted: 07/08/2013

 Those are China asters, an annual, not a true aster but related.


leaves of calibrachoa turning yellow

I have some calibrachoa planted in window boxes with good quality compost along with a bit of vermiculite, swell gel and slow release feeding. I have them planted up for about a month or more but have noticed where the leaves of some of them are turning yellow and wonder what could this be. They were planted up in the greenhouse and were taken outside about a week or so ago. Some of them don't seem to have been affected and have kept their good green leaf colour. simon k., ballytrain, Co Monaghan Posted: 04/06/2012

 Callibrachoa is like a small version of petunia. When leaves turn yellow prematurely, it is a sign that conditions are not ideal ... too cold, too dry or too wet compost.

They may have got a set back going out but should grow out of it, Some plants may have been a bit stronger and not suffered, or conditions were right. Check watering is okay.


Cut back Molimba?

I have 3 types of Molimba which done really well throughout the summer. They are now looking very hard done by over the last month and wonder if they should be cut back and if so when would be the best time to do so. I am new to gardening so not sure of these things. CS39, Portadown, Co Armagh Posted: 14/01/2012


Molimba is a brand name of the Paris daisy or marguerite, Argyranthemum frutescens.

It is a tender plant for greenhouse use or outdoors in summer and early autumn.

Frost can kill it outright or at least make it look very shabby.

It is easily grown form cuttings taken in late summer and overwintered as small plants indoors in a greenhouse, porch or sunny windowsill.

The existing plants may be trimmed back in spring but may also be too far gone at this stage. 



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