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Daffodil shoots

I have noticed that our daffodil shoots are appearing now about an inch a over ground. I am worried will the frost kill them?. Will they still appear next year? 050520091, Leixlip, Co Kildare Posted: 01/12/2017

This can occur sometimes when the autumn weather is warm, which it was. Daffodils can flower early as a result.

Daoffdils are hardy and there is just the possibility of some damage to the tips of the leaves, which is not significant. They will flower, perhaps a little early. 



I have freesias growing in a window box in the greenhouse. They flowered during the summer but have died down now, except for one. What do I do with them over the winter? Should I replant them in new compost and leave them in the greenhouse? henlen, , Co Kildare Posted: 17/09/2017

Freesias normally flower in spring or early summer, but you might have had treated bulbs that can flower out of season.

If you have access to the soil in the greenhouse, plant them in a corner with some sunshine and let the tops wither naturally, getting only ocasional watering.

If the spot suits them, they will come up and flower each year.

If you have no access to the greenhouse soil, pot up in a 3-litre pot with half soil and half compost. 

  an amateur with tulips

an amateur with tulips

I planted tulips for the first time last autumn, and got a really lovely healthy display this spring-time. They are about to finishing flowering now. When can I cut back the greenery? Do I leave the bulbs in-situ in the ground? Do they need to be fed? 030320171, Tomhaggard, Co Wexford Posted: 03/05/2017

Give a light shake of general fertiliser to boost growth of next year's flower buds in the bulbs. Water well before and after feeding to wash it in. Do not remove any leaf until the tops have withered dry. Leave the bulbs in the ground but watch for slugs and snails in spring.

  Daffodils being cut

Daffodils being cut

Nearly every white daffodil in my garden has been picked or cut by something... humans have been ruled out, the stalk is cut at the base with no chew marks, no part has been eaten... is this the work of a dog, slugs or something else? Thanks! gardengnome, Cork, Co Cork Posted: 31/03/2017

Snails eat the flowers. Dogs do not touch as the stems are posionous to eat. Possible narcissus fly larvae or leatherjackets. It is unlikely to occur again and the plants will flower again.


Tulips - after flowering care

My potted tulips have finished flowering. Will they come again next year? If so, what do I do with the bulbs now? Inish, Fanad, Co Donegal Posted: 30/03/2017

Potted tulips are most unlikely to flower again in the pot because the roots are restricted.

Plant out the whole pot-ful, compost and all, into a border with well-drained soil and a sunny aspect.

Water well and every week until the tops wither, and hope for the best. 


Is sycamore soil toxic?

I planted spring bulbs (snowdrops and bluebell H. nonscripta) under a sycamore tree and nothing has come up. I cleared and raked the area well before planting, cut away the lowest branches, so there's plenty of light and rain getting to the soil, but still not flowers. Just wondering if the sycamore itself might be inhibiting growth. I know it happens with beech. liveen, Galway, Co Galway Posted: 20/03/2017

Bluebells actually thrive under beech trees. And the sycamore is marginally toxic to grasses, not bulbs. There may be some foliage of these bulbs present, but the bulbs were slow to flower, being too small.


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