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Could you tell me what this plant is? Bought it in Amsterdam recently as a novelty it grows without soil or water. Carrigjoe, Castlegregory, Co Kerry Posted: 20/05/2016

It is a dragon lily that produces a flower from the tuber, but will only last a while without being potted.


Cut down lilies by accident

I mistook the lily leaves and stems for ivy and chopped them down completely... what should I do to try and save the bulbs? lily136, , Posted: 18/05/2016

Leave them to recover. They will grow some new leaves though not flowers. They should come back to flower next year or the year after.


Pinching out Dahlias

If I pinch out the main shoots of my Dahlia plants at 3 sets of leaves (18-20") to promote bushier growth, by how much roughly would this reduce the eventual height. I have a few tall varieties (40-48") but my site can get windy conditions at times. I have shorter cvrs but I would like to keep these tall ones. I have staked them but this looks ugly. DonFoley, Maynooth, Co Kildare Posted: 17/04/2016

Pinching out the shoots will reduce the eventual height but not by much, perhaps 15 to 25 cm


Iris reticulata leaves

The leaves on my Iris reticulata are extremely long, to the extent that they actually take from the display, its like looking at the flower through the bars of a cage. Can you tell me what may have caused this please? DonFoley, Maynooth, Co Kildare Posted: 29/03/2016

Iris reticulata leaves usually appear as the flowers fade, and the leaves are relatively long in order to build up the flower for the following year.
The flowers appear while the weather is still quite cold, while the leaves grow when the timperature rises, as it does when they are pot-grown and taken indoors.


spring and flower bulbs

I planted some Oriental and Asiatic lilies in pots and left them in the shed maybe until they start sprouting because there is still frost outside so hope this is ok? Also is there any other flower bulb that I could plant now in pots for spring and summer? Daniela, Carlow, Co Carlow Posted: 19/02/2016

Those lilies are hardy in any case and can be left oudoors.

Start off dahlias, cannas and begonias in March. 


Dahlia tubers

I have just bought a couple of dahlias to plant in a pot but I wonder if it is still too cold to leave them outside? Should I wait to plant or could I keep the vase inside? I don't have a green house only a shed where there is no sunlight but could I keep inside my house I actually have a small space. Daniela, Carlow, Co Carlow Posted: 13/02/2016

Dahlia tubers can be started off in suitable pots and planted out at the end of May, Carlow is a relatively cold area and there is still a danger at the end of May, so they might need to stay under cover into June.

Starting the tubers in mid-February means that you need a place to keep them frost-free, bright and sunny and watered and fed with liquid feed. 


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