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Weed and moss growth

Weed and moss growth

I have attached two pictures with this post. The one on the right is of the weed that covers our front garden - it looks like a very light and soft moss to me and seems to be very much covering the surface and spreading fast. The other picture on the left, is of the weed covering the back garden. And now that winter is over I have noticed there's a lot less grass and a lot more of these patchy areas. The soil is very damp and trodden hard so there's not much drainage/air getting in. We have two dogs in our back garden so I imagine that's where the hard soil came from. Any tips on what I should do first? Would spreading grass seed be advised? I assume I should do something to tackle the weed first. Mike_piercy, Navan, Co Meath Posted: 11/03/2017

The moss would not survive trampling by dogs, which is why no moss in the back, but the weed buttercups have survived. 

You can apply lawn mosskiller now in the front.

The back garden will stay bare or get worse as long as the dogs have the run of it. Perhaps a dedicated dog run?

Buttercups can be killed by lawn weed killer in May, but there might not be much lawn left. 

It is very diifficult for new grass seed to grow while being constantly walked on. 


lawn weed

I have discovered a clover like weed that has spread throughout my lawns. It has a very small yellow bulb like head on it that tangles itself throught out the grass ,not sure what it is or the best way to get rid of it. I put down a weed and feed about 3 weeks ago which to be honest didnt do much. Just wondering how long do i wait before i spray with a weed killer and then fertilise it. 170620151, Berrings, Co Cork Posted: 30/06/2016

This sounds like shamrock, which is also known as yellow suckling clover. Lots of people like it!
It is a sign of low soil fertility. Feeding will help.


Clover Removal

I used Mo Bactor on my lawn in early April, great result with regards to moss removal and a lush lawn. I am now seeking to remove clover from my lawn can you recommend any product. I hope to apply Mo Bactor again in Autumn. Cheers Derek 170620162, Aughrim, Co Wicklow Posted: 17/06/2016

If you wish to remove clover, apply a lawn weedkiller in fine weather and do not allow the droplets to drift onto flowers or shrubs.

  Weeds in lawn

Weeds in lawn

This weed (see attached picture) has grown all over our lawn. It is only our 2nd year in this house but it wasn't there last week. Any ideas as to how to deal with it? ClaireLarkfield, , Co Dublin Posted: 06/06/2016

The weed is ragwort and it usually dies out eventually under regular mowing but lawn weedkiller will clear it too.


Using treated grass clippings in compost bin

I intended to use grass clippings from my lawn in the compost bin, and also small amounts to mulch shrubs. However, the lawn was treated with Dicophar broadleaved weedkiller, so does this mean I can never use the clippings in those ways? Would there be a period of time after which it would be safe to use them? Madra, Abbeyfeale, Co Limerick Posted: 01/04/2016

Some of the active ingredients can last for over one year and can affect shrubs and flowers if it comes into contact with foliage. It will not cause a problem under big shrubs with stems lifted off the ground.
Compost the grass separately in a black bag and test its activity by sowing a few lettuce seeds 

  how to kill this weed

how to kill this weed

The weed in the attached photo is growing like wildfire in my field beside my house on Achill Island. I cannot kill it. Do you have any suggestions as to how to take care of this? seansc1, Dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 28/09/2015

This is black bog rush, a sedge species, common in the west of Ireland on boggy ground.

You can kill the existing plants with a directed spray of glyphosate, but if you don't improve drainage,  it is likely to re-establish from seeds in the ground.

Or mow it down to tidy it. 



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