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Found under a pot plant

Found under a pot plant

This creepy crawley was found when a pot plant outdoors was moved recently. Is this good or bad in the soil? New to gardening so any info appreciated. Quercus, Shankill, Co Dublin Posted: 16/08/2016

It is a larva of cockchafer beetle, which can feed in grass lawn roots but it largely harmless.

  Small lawn - dying - small holes seen

Small lawn - dying - small holes seen

I have a tiny patch of lawn (6m2)- over the last few months it has started to die off (about 30%) in patches and there are lots of little holes in the soil. Tonight i went out the back and i see tons of slugs - small little brown slugs on the parts of the grass left. Are these the problem - is this common - how do I fix it and reseed? Thanks Photo attached showing about 5 slugs in a 10 inch square area (taken at night). robertmcc, Knocknacarra, Co Galway Posted: 16/02/2012


Slugs come out after dark to feed and the grass muct be palatable. You could use a slugkiller based on iron phosphate, which is granular and nothing that birds can eat.

Or cover the lawn with a sheet of black polythene at night and whip it off in the morning and let the birds get at the slugs... the polythene lures them into staying on the surface.


Dead worms on tarmacadam driveway

I have a one acre lawn. It was sown in September 2009. It is divided by a long tarmacadam driveway. The tarmac was done in May 2010. Since the rainy weather started I notice hundreds of dead long worms presumably earthworms on the tarmac. The crows etc eat most of them. I have not seen anything like this before and wonder is it normal or what might be going on. They would be much more useful doing their work in the ground and I hate to see them all dead. Look forward to hearing your views on this one. sudsy, Killour, The Neale ,Ballinrobe, Co Mayo Posted: 07/01/2012


It is probably as simple as the worms are moving and getting caught in the open on the tarmac.

The tarmac is still relatively fresh and it is possible that some small amounts of tar or asphalt are upsetting the earthworms on their nocturnal rambles, but not to the degree to put the crows off their food.


Problem with holes in lawn’

The problem I have is I sowed a new lawn 2 years ago but have had problems with neighbours cattle coming in on lawn ( I have no gate yet) and as a result there is a load of holes in the lawn.What would be the best way to mend this. I have been told to fill holes with topsoil in spring and add grass seed. pearsandapples, GALWAY, Co Galway Posted: 12/12/2011


When the ground is soft, hit each pock mark hard with the back of a shovel, or firm with the foot, and fill with soil. Sow some lawn seed if you wish but usually the grass will fill in from the sides.


Holes in lawn

Mowed lawn yesterday today there are some holes about 2" diameter and 4" deep with grass pulled up and left on side. A neighbour has had the same problem already with alot of damage. What might it be and how to stop it please. 19529, Barna, Co Galway Posted: 26/07/2011


This could be a fox digging for grubs or earthworms or possibly a badger, though they usually make bigger holes.

Just put in a fistful of soil and the grass will soon grow back from the sides. 



Insect eggs on lawn

Hundreds of dark grey insect eggs (<1mm) laid neatly on grass stems have appeared in patches on my lawn. I did not wish to assume they are pests without checking - but can't find definitive info. Seems early for crane flies. I do have a pond..........Any ideas? nmb1, Drogheda, Co Meath Posted: 24/06/2011


They are not crane flies or daddy-long-legs as these lay eggs in soil.

Assuming these are indee insect eggs, they are probably some harmless midge or fly. The vast majority of insect species, with only a handful of exceptions are beneficial.


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