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Roses : Weeds, Pests and Diseases

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New Rose bed

After 35 years gardening I'm planning to make my first rose garden. I'm thinking of having a row of standards down the centre of a narrowing bed (1m wide by 10m), under- planted with other varities. Any suggestions on what to buy. I'm a complete rose novice! Greatdown Gardner, Mullingar, Co Westmeath Posted: 26/08/2016

Choose just a couple of varieties that you like, not a dolly mixture!

Choose the varieties showing least leaf disease now as these are more healthy and avoid spraying.  

Standards need good support of a stake.


Rose Mildew

I have 2 roses in a half barrel facing south. One is Dorothy Perkins and covered in mildew. It is growing slowly I have sprayed with Rose clear but no good? The other rose is perfect growing better. What can I use on the mildew? Ita Magnolia, Cahir, Co Tipperary Posted: 17/05/2016

Roses do not grow well in a tub and are prone to disease, spraying cannot counteract this fully.

Best to plant them out in the open soil or make a hole in paving to give them free root run. 


Is there a home preventative for rose blackspot?

Do any readers know of a home cure or preventative for blackspot on roses. I have been using a proprietary brand but this year the blackspot has been very bad. My New Dawn has now lost all its leaves. Many of the hybrid tea roses look pretty sparse and even roses which have never had blackspot show some evidence. Probably because of the cost I have not been spraying frequently enough but I did think that once the dry weather came we should be safe. Maybe the wet August played a part. A home cure/preventative might be cheap enough to do more frequently as I need 8 litres of spray to cover all my rose beds Bloom68, , Co Wicklow Posted: 09/09/2014

There is no reliably effective 'home-cure' for rose blackspot ... or the shop-products would never be sold.

The available sprays are only preventive in their mode of action, and must be applied before the disease hits, from spring, or else grow only disease resistant varieties. 


  White powder on new rose leaves

White powder on new rose leaves

My rose bush's new leaves have what looks like a white powder on them. See attached picture. Can you please advise what this is and how I might correct it? Geoff 1, dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 22/05/2012


This is rose mildew disease, which disfigures and weakens the bush.

It looks like the rose is growing by a wall and the soil would be dry and this encourages mildew, as does too rich feeding and too much organic material.

Water the rose in a dry time and increase potash feeding to harden the growth.

It is likely that spraying with a rose fungicide such as Roseclear or Multirose will be needed. While this is not essential, considerable disfigurement of the foliage and reduced flowering will result without spraying.




rose cuttings

I have a yellow rose for about 25 to 30years which has produced lots of beautiful scented flowers every year. This year it did flower but not quite as much but now one large branch with leaves have turned a copper colour very quickly and the rest of it seems to be starting to go the same way. Could it be dying off altogether. I would hate to lose this plant. Is there a successful way of taking a cutting from it if it cannot be saved. glwaev, Ratoath, Co Meath Posted: 04/09/2011


It may not have flowered so well due to dull weather, but it is possible that it may have a root disease.

Take some cuttings now, either indoor ad covered with a plastic bag or outdoors as it is a good time now to root rose cuttings outdoors.

This is described at: http://www.garden.ie/gardeningskills.aspx?id=556



Something is eating my roses!

Please help. I have roses in containers in a tunnel an there is something eating the leaves it like you would take a snap out of an apple! What could it be? I know its not a snail! itahannon, listowel, Co Kerry Posted: 24/07/2011


Those pieces are beign taken by leaf-cutter bees which use them to make a nest. The damage is slight and no control is necessary.


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