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pruning summer fruiting raspberries

I have a bed of summer,mixed, and autumn fruiterer. Each year I prune my summer plants. I find there are berries unripe new on new green shoots. my question to you DO I REALLY HAVE SUMMER FRUITING RASBERRIES shorty, dundalk, Co Louth Posted: 17/09/2017

Summer-fruiting raspberries often produce flowers on young shoots in a good growing summer, after being pruned after fruiting.

There is not a clearcut split, just more heavily one way or the other.

Autumn fruiting kinds fruit in late summer and autumn, pruned in spring.



No fruit on loganberries

Loganberries planted in good soil and growing very well on 4ft south-facing wall for 3 years producing abundant growth and flowers but not one fruit. I dont over-feed them. Have no problem with raspberries. hugha, Kilcoole, Co Wicklow Posted: 12/06/2017

Loganberries can be slow to fruit, but that seems too long. Perhaps just too rich.

They carry fruit on the previous year's shoots, so this year's new shoots should flower next year.

  Raspberry leaf curl

Raspberry leaf curl

My raspberry canes are thriving but I've noticed some of the leaves on a few canes have begun to dry with a brown colour. Is it due to lower than normal rainfall or bad maintenance? I can water them from my rainwater butts if necessary. marcopolo, Clondalkin, Co Dublin Posted: 06/04/2017

That looks  like weedkiller damage and it will grow out of it.


Soft Fruits

We have a new house and new garden, half acre. Most of it is in lawn but I have a few special areas - like the Vivaldi Garden and the Via Augustino!! We will plant some fruit trees on Sunday next but we would also like to plant some soft fruits. Could you please advise me on what soft fruits I should go for? Gussy, Ennis, Co Clare Posted: 24/11/2016

Strawberries, raspberries, tayberries, red currants, blackcurrants and gooseberries are all easy to grow.

  Autumn bliss Raspberries crumbly

Autumn bliss Raspberries crumbly

I have Autumn bliss Raspberries growing on a west facing wall which I fed with chicken pellets in the Spring. The crop is plentiful and the leaves appear healthy but the fruit is very crumbly with white bits on the inside. Is this normal? Cahy, Corofin, Co Galway Posted: 12/10/2015

This is over-vigorous growth, caused by damp summer and too much chicken pellets.

It is still usable, though more awkward to pick. 



Raspberry transplanting

I want to lift this year's raspberry canes to give to friends. I would normally do this in January, having cut the plants from about 1.5 metres to 0.5m. What's the ideal month to lift them? The old canes have finished fruiting now, but I noticed some new fruit on one or two new green shoots with more small green berries already forming. I thought they'd have to be one or other of either early or late fruiting. I have nettles and blackberry brambles well rooted. I want to dig and spray. Which should I do first? marcopolo, Clondalkin, Co Dublin Posted: 08/08/2015

It is not uncommon in a damp summer to get late fruit on raspberries as the canes flourish.

Like offset spawn in November.

Dig out brambles and spray nettles on a dry day with Roundup. 


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