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Gooseberry Bush

Yesterday I had a lovely gooseberry bush laden with fruit. I wanted to pick them but it was wet and misty so I waited. Today, only 2 berries left. the tree has been stripped completely overnight!! there are no intruders, its a fortress but I have a visiting fox! Could he be the culprit? if so why did he not steal the next bush which has sweeter berries? And the raspberries? Amazing. 30sheebeen, innishannon, Co Cork Posted: 15/07/2016

Foxes over take fruit and it is possible that this one took the gooseberries.


pruning gooseberry bushes

I have a gooseberry bush that i have' nt pruned this year as pruned wrong last year and got very little fruit. Is it too late and how do i prune it ? Morning2, Raheny, Co Dublin Posted: 25/02/2015

it can be pruned before the leaves break. Take out all crossing branches and those growing towards the centre of the bush. Thin out the remainder by about half their number and shorten what is left to about 7 to 10cm. There should be five to seven main stems and the shortened fruiting shoots off those.

 More at:  http://www.garden.ie/howtogrow.aspx?id=356



I have two year gooseberries ,still no fruit how long do they take to fruit macstone, cappoquin, Co Waterford Posted: 13/01/2012


Gooseberries take a couple of years to fruit depending on the age and size of the plant at planting time.

Do not prune too hard,, just choosing five or six main branches and shortening the side shoots in summer or winter.


red gooseberry plant

i have just bought a red gooseberry plant and have repotted it into a bigger pot rather than putting it straight into the ground as in the next month or 2 i will be moving and would like to take my gooseberry bush with me i have also tied it to a stake as the winds seem to be quite strong of an evening but as i have done this i would like to know would i be able to replant it as soon as ive moved or will i have to wait and if so when will i be able to replant it also with the weather that we had last year if we get that kind of weather this year what should i do with my gooseberry plant/bush as it should have full sun half shade obviously the winter would be different but im just worried that it might die before it has a chance to grow. snowfrill, balla, Co Mayo Posted: 07/08/2011


Gooseberry is very tough, wind and frost resistant.

It can be kept in a pot for a year or so, but does much better in the open soil.


gooseberry plant

I have a gooseberry plant which i feel is making very poor growth. It is approx 1ft high after being in the ground for two years. have now started to give it a feed. Do gooseberries make slow growth? OSullivan, Kilmacthomas, Co Waterford Posted: 25/04/2011


Gooseberry bushes should grow by up to 30cm or so a year. The plant is either too shaded, in poor soil, too dry or too much competition from other plants or weeds.


problem with gooseberry saw fly

can you recommend treatment for above and any future prevention advice ernielusby, Oranmore, Co Galway Posted: 23/04/2011


Sawfly damage looks worse than it is and the bush will soon leaf up again. The fruit is useable.

If attacks are persistent each year, use a short-term insecticide such as Plant Rescue Bug Killer Fruit and Veg 



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