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Apple Tree

! planted a new apple tree ( bare root) early this year. started to leaf and produced two trusses of flowers with 5 flower heads on each. When flowers went the little apple buds appeared. however checked one morning to find one complete truss gone. put a mesh on the other one in case it was birds but next morning two gone with one hanging off, eventually the other two went. what can we do to stop this happening next year as out crop is gone for this year? yvonneodo, Dunboyne, Co Meath Posted: 27/05/2017

Young apple trees usually abort any flowers for a couple of years and then slowly begin cropping as they grow bigger. 

  Prune old apple tree

Prune old apple tree

Looking for help on pruning this old apple tree. I was pruned a couple of years back back but not sure if it was done right.A lot of new [long] shoots appeared [see pic] some are bearing fruit . Any help would be appreciated 100720161, Tara, Co Meath Posted: 10/09/2016

When an old tree is hard pruned, it grows back stongly and the re-growth needs to be thinned out and some shortened back in JUly August. Do it now for this year.

Start by removing new shoots growing towards the centre and shorten or remove others if crowded.

Repeat this summer pruning each year to keep it under control and winter prune as well. 

  fungal/pest disease on apple tree

fungal/pest disease on apple tree

Can you tell if this is a fungal or pest problem on my apple tree.Some leaves are going brown, others have a mosaic pattern on them and there are holes in the apples. Can you give me advice on how to treat this problem? Berns, Dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 30/08/2016

The wool is due to woolly aphid,a form of greenflly. Use a garden insectide when the apples are gone.

Mosaic patterns are due to leaf-miner burrowing, largely harmless.

Holes in fruit is probably codling moth, apply Nemasys in June, from Mr Middleton. This is eelworm-based and there are no chemical residues.


Problem with Apple trees

We have 5 apple trees, Bramley, Golden Delicious, Coxs orange Pippin, Braeburn, Floweing Crab. There was a a very good crop of blossoms on each tree, which formed small fruits on the long stems, but progressed no further. All of these fell off the 5 trees. We had a great crop last year. Just wondering if there was any infection this year or what could be the possible reason for the lack of crop. What do we need to do to sort it out for next years crop. louisenoc, Grenagh, Co Cork Posted: 29/08/2016

Apple trees often take rest after a heavy crop, exhausted, and while they flowered, they may not have set seeds, which are necessary for fruit development.

In a heavy year, take off some fruit to reduce the load and improve the quality. Feed with general fertiliser in the good year, not farmyard manure. 


Fruit trees on north-facing slope?

Can I grow fruit trees on a north facing slope? I am in West Cork near to the sea. The land is arable and the slope is approx. 45 degrees and drains well. regards Dan O'Leary 300420161, bantry, Co Cork Posted: 30/04/2016

The West, being rainy which encourages disease is a challenge, as is proximity to the sea, because of wind, as is a north-facing site, because of less sunshine. Good drainage is a big positive factor.
Apple trees are the best bet.
Try 'Lord Lambourne', 'Discovery' and 'Bramley's Seedling', two dessert and one cooking.
Control grass for a diameter of 1.5 metres. 


apple tree

Several years ago, we transplanted an apple tree. Most of it died but part of it recovered and grew new shoots producing apples. Another part of the tree grew new shoots producing apples also. We removed this part and replanted it and put rooting powder on the roots. Will it grow again? henlen, , Co Kildare Posted: 19/01/2016

Apple trees often die back when moved as a mature tree, the plant adjusting its top growth to match lost roots. The part of the tree you have separated may take root if not too badly damaged. The rooting powder is unlikely to have any effect but apple trees are tenacious, as you already know.


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