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Conference Pear problems

What causes hard woody bits in pear fruit? How to avoid? 220320151, Rathmins, Co Dublin Posted: 10/10/2015

Pears contain stone cells, that feel gritty.

It is part of the taste/mouth feel of the fruit.

They are less obvious if the fruit is picked as soon as ready, and it allowed to soften reasonably before eating. 



A young pear try that I purchased in Spring and planted up immediately always had droopy foliage. I assumed that was a varietal habit. However, in recent days it has developed black and brown marks on the foliage and the droop has become more prounced. I am concerned it might be fireblight as it is planted among 25 more apple, pear, plum and cherry trees. Is my diagnosis correct (see attached photo)? Will it spread? Shoud I remove the tree and burn it? The variety is William Bon Chretrien. MikeG, Galway, Co Galway Posted: 11/08/2015

There is fire blight in the country but it is not all that common. It usually only affects one or two twigs initially and it is not highly infective in Irish conditions..

It could be a root rot disease in the root ball that never allowed it to leaf out fully, and has got worse.

It's a relatively new plant and the garden centre might take a view on it.

It is unlikely to survive, 


Spraying Pear trees

I have a number of pear trees in my garden which last year showed signs of pear scab and a blackening of the leaves. I have looked in various places for a suitable spray but have been unable to locate one. I note Jeyes Fluid is recommended in some circumstances but only when trees are dormant. Is it too late to spray for this year? If not what should I use and where can I get it? (I have tried a number of garden centers but they only had insecticides). PaulaC, Dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 17/06/2015

Look for a systemic fungicide and failing that use Roseclear.


Saving an old fruit tree

A builder next door has dug up part of my border, in which there is a 250+ year old pear tree growing. He appears to have cut through half the roots to one side of the main tree trunk. What can I do to ensure the tree will not die. It still provides fruit regularly every year? 300320152, , Posted: 30/03/2015

There is nothing to be done. The tree will recover more than likely. Its stability might have been compromised, if half its root plate is gone.



Am I right in saying that pears won't fruit in Galway? Or it dependable on the spring ie frost timing re budding Also should I prune my pear tree now as its gone a bit wild? Spring68, Tynagh, Co Galway Posted: 12/08/2013


Pears are less likely to crop reliably west of a line from Cork to Belfast. But that is not to say they will not. Pears flower earlier than apples and run the risk of frost or poor activity by pollinating insects.

You can summer prune a pear tree, cutting excess shoots back to about finger-length over a period of a few weeks to reduce vigour.

  pear tree

pear tree

A few years back there was loads of pears on a pear tree but last year there was only one and this year none. There has been loads of flowers every year. Can you please help me as what I should do with it? Spring68, Tynagh, Co Galway Posted: 17/07/2013


Pears are not reliable this far north and worse in the west than in the east of Ireland. Much depends on the weather in spring as they flower early but cold weather can dissuade bees too. If it set lots of fruit in the past, there must be enough pollen available but getting it to the flowers is another issue.

Feed in spring with a handful of potash per square metre to the spread of the branches. 


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