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How can I prevent my unripe plums on the tree from being attacked by wasps as they are in full flight at the moment and the plums are not near ripe. lucia, dunshaughlin, Co Meath Posted: 10/08/2017

There is no simple solution. Try sugar water traps to catch wasps or use bionet or fleece as a barrier, over some branches at least, but it is difficult to seal the gaps.

  Little holes on Plum Tree leaves.

Little holes on Plum Tree leaves.

I would be delighted if you could enlighten me as to what is causing the tiny holes on the leaves of my Victoria Plum trees and of course what would rectify the problem. See photo. Curious, Headford, Co Galway Posted: 19/07/2017

This is called shot-hole, caused by spores of fungi, also can cause brown rot of plum and blossom wilt.

Not much you can do. Bury any rotten fruit and reduce shelter if it is a very sheltered area. 

  Ageing plum trees

Ageing plum trees

I have 3 plum trees, 2 oulins and 1 opal. All were laden with fruit til 3 years ago when the Opal stopped. Then the gages stopped the following year. All are completely healthy with no disease. To my horror I read the fruiting life span is 20 to 25 years which is roughly how old they are. They are medium size in height grown on St Julien rootstock. I decided to take drastic action and hard prune them last summer and now young shoots are appearing on the pruned large branches. Will these trees ever fruit again, say next year or am I wasting my time and have them removed? 051020091, Dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 19/04/2017

Old fruit trees often take a rest after a heavy crop.

The cutting back and feeding will boost new growth but it will probably take 3 years.

Shorten back the new long whippy shoots by about half in July/August.



The magpies are eating my plums even though they are not yet ripe. Should I bring them in to ripen on the windowsill, or just take my chances? Alshock, , Co Clare Posted: 11/08/2016

Immature plums will not ripen of the tree, only shrivel.

Net the tree or part of it. 


Plum & Cherry Pollination

Received a present of 2 fruit trees planted on 13/3/2016. 1 Plum Prunus domestica 'Rythgestetter' and 1 Sweet Cherry, Prunus avium 'Burlat'. Blossoms on Cherry but no sign of life on plum. Will these pollinate each other ? Hugh P, Dungarvan, Co Waterford Posted: 02/06/2016

These sound like Lidl or Aldi plants, varieties of German origin with which we are not familiar under irish conditions. Young trees often take a few years to flower and plum will not pollinate cherry.
Wait and see what happens... they will be ornamental at worst!


Frost resistant plum and damson trees

I have Damson and Victoria Plum trees planted in County Monaghan . Both are Prunus domestica variety and are 8 years old. Last year was the first year that I had fruit , none before that and none this year. I'm told it was the late frost this year. Is there a more suitable variety that's not so prone to early or late frost? Culloville, Skerries, Co Dublin Posted: 14/07/2015

Plum trees often crop poorly until established and it is not necessarily all down to their early flowering and frost.
A crop in one year can exhaust the tree and it takes an extra year to build up again. They tend to settle down as they mature and 'Victoria' is by far the best variety for Irish gardens, although it is quite old.
Have no grass or weeds within at least 1 metre of the stem radius. Feed with potash in spring each year.
Damsons do their own thing! 


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