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Courgette flowers - No Pollen

My courgette plants are producing male and female flowers but the male flowers produce absolutely no pollen whatsoever. I even checked them at 6am this morning and not a hint of pollen on them. They are in a greenhouse so I was hoping to hand pollinate but with the male flowers not producing any pollen what am I doing wrong? DRed, Ballylinan, Co Laois Posted: 12/05/2016

Sometimes the early flowers do not mature properly if the weather is cold and dull and the next lot should be normal.

  Nectarine Plant Problems

Nectarine Plant Problems

I have grown a nectarine plant from seed and up until a couple of days ago it was fine, now however it appears as if it is dying. all the leaves have wilted. What could possibly have caused this? It isn't overwatered (or underwatered) in my opinion, and is on a southfacing window. I have noticed sticky beads on the top leaves that look like water droplets but nothing else. I did repot it about a fortnight ago, could this be the cause. I was really proud of having grown this plant. Is there any hope for it? johnny_gardener, Bandon, Co Cork Posted: 15/04/2016

It may have dried out or was too wet and the roots rotted. 

Move it to a bright but not sunny spot and only water when the top of the compost is slightly dry.

If the stem is loose in the pot, vine weevil grubs might be involved. 



peach leaf curl

What do we use for outdoor peach trees to prevent peach leaf curl now that liquid copper is not available? Bloom68, , Co Wicklow Posted: 11/07/2013

Bordeaux mixture is still available and contains copper sulphate.


Peach Tree kept indoors too long!

I received a Dwarf Peach Tree called " Terrace Garnet " as a present. For a variety of reasons I accidentally kept it indoors ( I do not have a green house ) in my kitchen. It has now got blossoms on at least half of it's buds and I can see that pollination has taken place in a few cases. I need to put it out into my garden either in a pot or in the ground but I am afraid that I will kill it. Can you help? Thank you. Patm, Dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 15/02/2012


The peach is responding to the warmth of the house, and it needs to be in a greenhouse really.

Peaches can be grown outdoors but they generally fruit very little if at all, and tend to get peach leaf curl disease. A warm sunny wall helps.

It needs to be hardened off by putting it outside by day for a week or so before planting out.

  Diseased Almond tree

Diseased Almond tree

She has this almond tree which is struggling and she wonders if it is because her soil seems to be mostly acidic. jacb, Gorey, Co Wexford Posted: 18/08/2011


This is peach leave curl disease, a disease of peaches, almonds, which is why peaches are really only successful in a greenhouse in this wet climate.

Spraying is possible with liquid copper, but hardly worthwhile.


Peach Leaf Curl

I have a new Peach Tree in my garden that is suffering from "The Curl" I have read up about it on Gardners World Website but all treatments both natural and chemical are for Jan/Feb. Is there anything I can do now apart from removing the leaves and burning them? Monkells, Kells, Co Meath Posted: 29/05/2011


Peach trees and the related decorative almond both suffer badly from peach leaf curl in this damp climate.

Cool damp summers encourage peach leaf curl and adversely affect ripening so that peach is really a greenhouse crop in Ireland, or at best a wall-trained tree.

You can spray with copper-based sprays now to reduce the spread of infection but spraying is not really a practical remedy.

Removing leaves can help but this too reduces the tree's vigour.



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