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House Plants : Light Requirements

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Indoor Plants

I was wondering what would be a suitable plant for my Kitchen. I'm thinking of the fumes etc that are generated in a normal kitchen and the effect these might have on a plant. The window is westnorthwest facing so only gets sun in late afternoon/evening. Temperature fluctuates between 12C and 20C but very rarely goes below 12C. DonFoley, Maynooth, Co Kildare Posted: 18/01/2017

The normal 'fumes' of a kitchen are harmless to plants, though grease can descend, but these are vegetable oils.

Given the limited light, a peace lily might suit nicely ...long-lasting and long flowering with good leaves.

  Plant name?

Plant name?

I am just wondering that what is this plant ? It has orange colour stem and last year it had orange colour flowers. How to care that plant? sualeha, Ennis, Co Clare Posted: 13/10/2016

It is a begonia. Just nicely moist and in reasonably good light, and frost-free.

  Philodendron Xanadu

Philodendron Xanadu

I have a young philodendron xanadu plant which is not doing so well. Some of the leaves are a bit yellow at the edges and distorted. I fed it and watered it and gave it a slow release fertilizer tablet. I had it indoors but put it outside in a shady sheltered spot in the garden for the summer. I moved it into the glass house but perhaps it will be too sunny there. Any advice? Thanks. Jetstar, navan, Co Meath Posted: 27/07/2011


Philodendron is strictly an indoor plant in this country. It needs good light, not direct sunshine, and to be kept just moist in the growing season and slighlty dry in winter.

The drawn leaves indicate that it was not getting enough light and you may have over-fed it too and caused the withering of leaves.


house plant for dusty environment

My office is in a very dusty environment, is there a house plant which would help? magsk, Tralee, Co Kerry Posted: 20/06/2011


Plants do not really deal with dust, it just gathers on the leaves.

But if you have any plant, it helps to improve the air by absorbing pollutants and by giving off water vapour.

Try a kentia or peace lily.



Bathrooms - palm will not survive

Any suggestions for large plants for Bathrooms. The room is quite big and bare looking. Indoor Palm looks great but the leaves keep going grey and dying. I assume this is caused by steam? Any other indoor plants I have come across are too small. Rachel8000, , Co Meath Posted: 24/03/2011


Peace lily can be got as big plants and it is very robust.

  Problem with indoor plant

Problem with indoor plant

I have attached photo of plant that I have for about 7 or 8 years. It was replanted into a much bigger pot about 18 months ago, and since that, the leaves are getting brown patches and sometimes the full leaf goes brown and dies. It is not in direct sunlight. I water it (and feed it in summer) when the top of the soil feels dry. Is there anything I can do with it at this stage? Marianne, Dundalk, Co Louth Posted: 28/02/2011


This dracaena can survive with less than full sunshine but it needs good bright, indirect light. Lack of adequate light with too much or too little water and feeding can cause withering of leaves.

Give it more light, not too hot, perhaps an east or west-facing window, and just keep it barely moist and do not feed until you see some new growth.


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