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Natural spring: how to utilise?

I am nearing completion of my new build (3 weeks away) and have found a small spring about 10 ft from the house which will naturally slope away from house. Any ideas for using this natural feature? My husband sees it as a problem which should be drained away with piping underground (up to €1,000!!), I see it as an opportunity but not sure how to approach. We have just an acre. It slopes to the back away from the house into a shook, so it can easily be drained away but such a wasted opportunity is it not? I would appreciate any ideas - I haven't really started garden planning yet, just a few ideas floating around, and since the bottom 5-6 metres are a softish bog I was hoping for a more natural water feature there (not fighting nature etc etc) I haven't seen it yet as we only discovered this today, but it is only a trickle. I am open minded - stream, pond, bog garden at bottom, using it as natural irrigation around the site...... I would appreciate help on where to go from here, so I can stop those pipes going in and do something long term. LFCarrickgorman, Baileboro, Co Cavan Posted: 12/09/2009


Any trickle of water is a great asset. It might just be a land drain and not a true spring, but the first thing is to observe how constant it is. If it is year-round so much the better, if not it can still be used.

To have natural water means that a garden pool can be dug out without using a liner, usually from an existing wet spot and you could have a pond with an associate bog garden, planted over time.

Definitely not for piping away because the wet area will be impossible to keep in lawn. Channel the water to the weet are and then away to the stream.

More at:  http://www.garden.ie/gardendesign.aspx?id=414




solar water feature

where can I buy a good solar water feature in dublin? I just want a simple one to listen to when relaxing in my garden. Thank you. 120320092, Blackrock, Co Dublin Posted: 12/03/2009


Solar water features do exist but usually as very small standalone desktop items for use indoors in a conservatory or on a small patio, because they generate such a small amount of power.

For water features, you might try the National Garden Exhibition Centre in Wicklow for advice. 01-2819890


Running cost of pump for stream

Hello gerry, i have a split-level garden at the back of my house with ten foot in the difference of the two. I have plans for a patio with a stream for the top section cascading down into a pond in the bottom garden but was wondering what are the costs of running such a set up ,are these pumps heavy on electricity as I have to pump the water 12 feet up vertically from the pond and a further 12 feet across to the starting point of the stream. BACKYARD backyard, crossabeg, Co Wexford Posted: 23/06/2008

It all depends on how much water you want to move and pond pumps are all rated as to the amount of electriicty they use. The 'head' of water you want to pump against is not that high, nor is the distance involved great.

 If you want a significant amount of water, it will cost more. Submersible pond pumps are rated from a few watts to about 2 kilowatts. 2 Kw delivers a lot of water, but if you have a back garden, you probably only need about 150  to 200 litres per minute to make a waterfall 600 mm wide.

 Such a pump would be rated at about 200 watts or one-fifth of a kilowatt, and at current price of about 15 cent per Kw, it would cost 3 cent per hour to run, or about €5 per week round the clock.



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