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What plants for South East facing bed

I have a South East facing raised bed part of the house blocks the sun from 1pm what plants can I grow in it? 220120161, Newbridge , Co Kildare Posted: 06/04/2016

Most plants will grow well in that much light, if the soil is good. A lot depends on the space available but you should be able to accomodate a few shrubs, maybe only small kinds, as a year-round abckbone with some perennial flowers to fill the ground area and provide colour, and some spring bulbs.
The actual choice of which plants to use is a matter of personal preference. Go to garden centres in each of the seasons to choose plants for that season as plants are now mostly only stocked in flower.  Some plants might tumble over the edge.


new plants in sea side area

I got my garden landscaped nearly 4 years ago, but some of the plants dont really suit the garden as they are too big....its a medium size garden, one corner of the garden is shaded and damp...what should i grow there...alot of plants died in the frost so im ready for new plants...shrubs..flowers...i need help to brighten it up. 240220112, portmarnock, Co Dublin Posted: 24/02/2011


Any garden changes as time passes and some plants will outgrow their space, or die off. Shrubs that are obviously too large should be removed and ones of more suitable size planted instead. If plants die, suitable replacements are needed.

There are plants for every situation and soil type, fewer for the more difficult conditions and more for good conditions. Choose plants that are suited to site and soil, and to your own preference. There is a list of plants in our plant directory at:  http://www.garden.ie/plantdirectory.aspx and you can search according to type, size, season and conditions.

Make an initial list of choices and then visit garden centres and choose the ones you like best.



patio border

please suggest two or three specific plants for patio border. raised bed against limestone slate wall. slabs black limestone to be topped with granite capping. size of border 13m x1m grass on other side. fpbyrne, ballycanew, Co Wexford Posted: 21/09/2010


Lot sof choice in our plant finder and the choice of plants is always led by personal preference.

But a few that might suit include: cistus, hypericum, potentilla, helianthemum and coronilla, also kniphofia, astelia, phormium, osteospermum and carex.


colourful shrubs for partial shaded area.

Please suggest colourful shrubs ( for all year round) that are suitable for a bed in partial shade, also can I put small bedding stones on this bed to stop the weeds comming up , even if I have delicate bulbs such as blue bells planted below. Ailish, Freshford , Co Kilkenny Posted: 02/09/2010


It is difficult to have colour in shade because shade lovers have more green chlorophyll in the leaves and they tend to small flowers.

You could try the following: aucuba, variegated lauristinus, golden lonicera, golden philadelphus and golden euonymus. All but the philadelphus are evergreen.

More choices at: http://www.garden.ie/plantdirectory.aspx



Low maintenance plants

After building an extension onto our house our front garden needs a complete redo. What would you suggest as low maintenance plants that look good all year around. We plan to put in a decent sized flower bed and a roll out lawn. We would need something that would screen a wall about 4.5 feet high at the back of the flowerbed and then various heights and colours. Also our backgarden is completely paved and would appreciate any suggestions as to what would look good all year round. Many thanks for your help. Marion Cusack Marzo, Dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 10/09/2008



Very few plants are the same year-round ... phormium and astelia are two.

In principle, you need to choose smallish shrubs and perennial flowers that need little maintenance. Shrubs could include potentilla, hebe, lavender, cistus, genista, santolina and yucca.

Perennial flowers such as phormium and astelia, kniphofia, libertia, dierama, shasta daisy, aster, diascia, montbretia and heuchera.

Much of this is a matter of personal preference, visit Gardens to see and visit garden centres. 

Check out our Plant finder for more suggestions. 


Shrubs for top of rockery

We have been working on a rockery in our garden and to prevent soil from drifting down onto the rockery from above we thought a line of evergreen shrubs would be ideal. Could you suggest a low growing shrub which doesn't need pruning for this area. It is a place that receives full sun. We would prefer something low growing because we don't want to block the view of the upper garden which is small. Thank you, Marilyn and James Marilyn, Fanad, Co Donegal Posted: 04/05/2008

A line of the same shrub might not look so great by a rockery because it  would tend to dominate  and  appear too rigid.

Try a mixture of small shrubs that associate well with a rock garden in a sunny position, such as lavender, rock rose, small cistus, halimium, genista and purple sage.



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