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Pruning fruit trees

Can I prune or cut back blueberry bushes and a fig tree ? They are getting very untidy. jackg, Capamore, Co Limerick Posted: 16/10/2012


Blueberry bushes are pruned much like blackcurrant bushes, that is, removing some of the older shoots each year close to ground level and allowing the new branches to carry the fruit. A process of regular annual pruning between October and March will keep the bushes to a manageable size.

A fig tree can be pruned in spring, taking out whatever shoots are deemed superfluous. A fig is gnerally wall-trained in this country for best results and older shoots can be shortened or removed if not needed for tying in. 


  what is this tree?

what is this tree?

This plant is about 5ft high and I think it has white bell-shaped flowers in spring but not 100% on that; I hope the photo is evidence enough! It's also now being squeezed on both sides. jacb, Gorey, Co Wexford Posted: 25/09/2011


This looks like a high bush blueberry plant, which can grow to that size. It needs acid soil which you have in Wexford. It could be moved when the leaves have fallen.


yellow leaves on blueberry bushes

I have two blueberry bushes, same variety, planted in large containers in ericaceous compost. Most of the leaves on both plants have turned yellow and some have gone brown at tips. I was wondering if problem was the windy weather we'd had or could it be soil or watered related? parker, dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 16/06/2011


They probably dried out at some stage, and even though watered again, the damage was done.

Blueberries are a bogland plant that likes to be moist and even watering is essential.



The flowers on my blueberry plant have all fallen off,will this mean that they will not fruit. Hazel, , Co Dublin Posted: 07/05/2011


The front part of the flower, which is white, falls off but the back part which forms the fruit must remain in position,

If these have been lost, the plant may be suffering poor growing conditions.


orchard fruit trees

Could you recommend fruit trees to put into an orchard, other than Apple, Pear, Plum, Cherry, which are already growing? Willgilbert, Dublin, Co Dublin Posted: 29/03/2011


If you mean only tree fruits, there are not many other possibilities.

Peaches, nectarines and apricots are at best marginal outdoors, perhaps with heat of a sunny wall.

Medlars and figs are possibilities. Figs need a warm wall. Mulberry is possible.

Hazelnuts are an orchard tree and walnuts, which need a frew good summers in a row to do much.

There are lots of possibilities in soft fruit ... cane fruits, currants, strawberries, blueberries. 

  Blueberry planting

Blueberry planting

I bought Bluberry..and later i read that for this plant need acid soil..in my area is more lime soil I think ..Will be good to buy bigger pot and plant in acid soil? INGRID15, Kinnegad, Co Westmeath Posted: 24/01/2010


Yes, you are quite right, the soil in Westmeath is limy and blueberry needs acidic soil. Use a large pot, starting with 15 litre and potting up to 30 litre or more. Use lime-free ericaceous compost and acidic soil, if available, and make sure to keep the plants watered in summer.

Feed once every three weeks from April to September with a lime-free ericaceous plant food, such as for rhododendrons.

As an alternative, on limy soil, you could make a raised bed, with or without supporting sides, about 20cm high with ericaceous compost and/or acidic soil or leaf mould, about one metre with bushes one metre apart.


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