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Fruit bushes

I have an old (Not sure how old) red currant bush which produced about 2kg fruit this yr. It has been here since we moved in 2 yr ago. It sits right against the wooden fence in a very close to a gooseberry bush which it completely overpowers (you can hardly see the gooseberry bush) I wanted to move it to different position and prune it along with my other bushes which i have planted last yr. As a novice I planted my black currants raspberries blackberries and gooseberries too close to the fence and to each other. Real mess. When is the best time to move them and how should I choose their location? Should i prune last yr bushes as well? My garden is South West facing and I have few trees as well (Apple, pear, cherry and plum) 040920163, Kilnaleck , Co Cavan Posted: 17/09/2017

Fruit can be successfully moved or raise new plants from cuttings and give 2 metres apart if possible.

Best time to move is November and prune fairly hard to balance the loss of roots. 


Red Currants

I am looking to plant some red currant bushes. 1) Will they successfully grow in this climate? (Best time to plant). 2) How do they fair in cooler weather (will they die off?). 3)When could one benefit the harvest? 4) Would they be (similar) to a rose bush & take over the garden? (Do they need to be controlled (incl underground)? 040820164, Tower, Co Cork Posted: 04/08/2016

Red currants are easy to grow. More information in Know-how at: http://www.garden.ie/howtogrow.aspx?id=998

  How to plant potted fruit bushes

How to plant potted fruit bushes

I purchased an assortment of fruit bushes from a supermarket and am not entirely sure which is the best way to plant them in the ground? They come in pots and are grown with small bamboo stakes surrounding them, I do not know if I need to plant them with the same small stakes or else add larger stakes. Attached is a picture of the exact bushes that I purchased. Madra, Abbeyfeale, Co Limerick Posted: 12/04/2015

Dig the soil, take out a hole and plant to the depth of the pot . Water well after planting and during any dry spell in the coming weeks. The red currants and gooseberry bush need to be spaced 1.5m apart, and the blackberry, which needs the support of a fence or wires on a wall, needs about 3 metres of wall or fence length.


caterpillars on redcurrant bushes

What can I use to get rid of caterpillars that are eating all the leaves of my redcurrant bushes, preferably an organic solution? 130620103, DROMCOLLOGHER, Co Limerick Posted: 13/06/2010


Red currant is related to gooseberry and this is gooseberry sawfly and the caterpillars will soon pupate and disappear.


caterpillar problem

i have strawberry and redcurrent plants, alot of the leaves are folded over at the edges with what looks like silk. i examined a leave and a small bug which looks like a green caterpillar just under a cm in size was within the folded leaf. i took off a few of the affected leaves. what should i do with the rest? ceaser, , Posted: 30/07/2009


These are tortrix moth caterpillars, and usually cause very little damage, not worth doing anything about.


fruit buds not open yet

I bought some gooseberries, rasberries, blackcurrant and redcurrant bare roots from lidl, only the redcurrants have leafs. the others have buds but there not open? Some of the blackcurrant buds are opening but it looks very brown and dry is that ok? is it not very late for the buds? will they survive? ceaser, , Posted: 17/05/2009


It sounds like only the redcurrants have survived. leave tehm be, no feeding, and see what happens... but they seem dead.



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