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What to do NOW: March 26 - April 1

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Trees, Shrubs and Roses

  • There are still a couple of weeks left for planting root-balled evergreens, as most kinds will be coming into growth.
  • Water young trees and shrubs, as necessary, until they are settled in and making active growth. 
  • The new growth on bush roses and repeat-flowering climbers should be sprayed against blackspot disease.
  • Magnolias can be planted now in flower as the roots are active about the same time. These are all sold in pots nowadays but a small palnt could be moved now too.

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  • Perennial flowers in pots can be planted at any time but it is practically too late for lifting and dividing perennials now, or at least only with lots of watering.
  • Hardy annual flowers such as calendula and candytuft can be sown now and will flower in late summer.
  • Dahlias and gladiolus can be planted directly outdoors from the middle of the month.
  • It is late for sowing bedding flowers because they will flower very late ... buy plants in May.

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  • Lawn feeding can be carried out now as grass growth begins, particularly if the grass is yellow and thin, but not in a rainy or cold spell.
  • Mow regularly from now on.
  • Use lawn mosskiller if there is heavy moss growth and feed the grass afterwards to boost it.
  • Dead moss can be raked out but this is laboursome and not essential. 
  • Sow lawn seed as soon as conditions are suitable.
  • Old, thin lawns can be over-sown with some fresh seed on the patchy areas in damp weather. A good shower of heavy rain helps to wash down the seeds and get them in contact with soil.
  • Do not feed or use lawn weedkillers on wildflower areas.

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Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs

Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs

  • Take advantage of any chance to sow vegetable seeds if the ground is right ... most kinds can be sown from now on.
  • Control weed seedlings between vegetables as soon as they come up by hoeing on a bright dry breezy day. It is easier to get rid of weed seedlings when they are still small.
  • Onion sets can be put in now.
  • Potatoes can be planted.
  • Apply some potash to fruit trees or a fruit fertilizer to improve growth and yield but not rich compost or manure when tends to promote soft growth and diseases.
  • Spray apple and pear trees against scab diseases if the trees are of susceptible varieties and had scab last year.

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Greenhouse and House Plants

Greenhouse and House Plants

  • Feed and water heavily all greenhouse plants, and repeat every week or two weeks to boost fast growth.
  • Sow sweet corn and runner bean seeds  in the next two weeks for planting out at the end of May.
  • There is still time to sow seeds of sweet peppers and chilli peppers.
  • Check all greenhouse plants for greenflies and other pests now.
  • Plant out greenhouse tomato plants, purchased or home-grown.

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