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What to do NOW: June 11 - June 17

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Trees, Shrubs and Roses

  • Young trees and shrubs should be checked for signs of drought, even if the weather is damp.
  • Sometimes newly planted trees and shrubs take off immediately, but it often happens that they do not get a great start, are slow to root out and are then very vulnerable to drought.
  • These trees do not die right away but fail to make enough reserves in summer to survive the following winter and die at that point.
  • Control weeds and grass around the base of youg trees to double the growth rate.
  • Continue to spray roses against blackspot disease, especially in the damper parts of the country, after wet weather.

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  • While the worst snail attacks are now over, they can still cause serious damage during a few wet days, especially a warm wet night.
  • Feed all containers if they have not had slow-release fertilizer pellets added to the compost. The compost will only have enough feeding for a few weeks after planting.
  • Watch for greenflies on bedding plants and container plants.
  • Patio plants such as petunias, osteospermums and marguerites are widely available in garden centres and can be planted out now.

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  • Reduce mowing as the rush of early summer growth peaks.
  • If grass is pale and tired-looking, apply a dressing of high nitrogen lawn fertilizer. Ideally this should go on when rain is on the way and the ground is already damp after previous rain. Otherwise there is a chance of scorching.
  • Keep lawn edges trimmed for a neat line to borders.
  • Apply lawn weedkiller in good growing weather if needs be.
  • Sow seeds of wallflowers for planting out in autumn.

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Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs

Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs

  • Continue to make repeat sowings of fast-maturing vegetables, especially salads that go over quickly.
  • Thin out and transplant vegetables that have reached suitable size, and control weeds early.
  • During any wet period, spray apple trees for apple scab. 
  • Spray potatoes for blight - spray warnings are given on radio.
  • Feed sweet corn and other tender vegetables to make them grow rapidly.
  • Sow seeds of swede turnips for winter use.

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Greenhouse and House Plants

Greenhouse and House Plants

  • Continue to feed greenhouse plants and water freely to maintain strong growth.
  • Use a shading material if the greenhouse gets too hot.
  • Check greenhouse plants for scale insects, greenflies and red spider mites, all of which can build up very rapidly at the time of year with soft growth on most plants.
  • Remove excess shoots of a grapevine every couple of weeks to keep it under control and tie in new shoots that are needed for extension growth.

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