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What to do NOW: September 10 - September 16

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Trees, Shrubs and Roses

  • If bindweed was a problem in shrub areas, untangle some of the stems and place them on the soil surface where they can be sprayed with Roundup without getting spray on the shrubs.
  • Roundup is very effective at this time of year as the chemical is taken down into the underground root system. 
  • Very often young trees lose their leaves very late as they continue to grow late in the year to build up strength.
  • Shrub roses and ramblers could now be pruned by removing some of the shoots that flowered.

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  • Buy spring bulbs and plant them as soon as possible - the fresher they are going into the ground, the better they will flower.
  • Pot up thirty to fifty crocus corms in a broad shallow bowl for a terrific spring display. 
  • There is a last chance to take cuttings of tender plants such as geraniums,  marguerites, fuchsias and argyranthemums to carry over winter.
  • Continue feeding and watering baskets and other containers on a regular basis.

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  • There is often a surge of grass growth during early September.
  • Continue mowing regularly and apply an autumn lawn feed.
  • Prepare now for sowing new lawn areas, or re-sowing this month or next.
  • Keep edges neat around beds and borders.
  • Apply sulphate of iron moss killer at any time if moss was a problem last winter, but it is important to feed the grass so that it can compete with moss. 

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Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs

  • Do not let weeds go to seed now, especially chickweed that specialist of the moist autumn days, to avoid building up trouble for years to come.
  • Raspberry and tayberry canes that have finished fruiting could be pruned out and the new canes tied into position.
  • Finish off any remaining summer pruning of over-vigorous apples and pears, shortening the long whippy shoots to about finger length.
  • Plant out new strawberry runners while the gorund is in good condition, and prepare for planting other fruits later in autumn.
  • Control all weeds and dig the soil deeply, ensuring that it is a sunny site with deep well-drained soil.

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Greenhouse and House Plants

  • Grey mould disease tends to attack many kinds of greenhouse plants as the nights get cooler and the air stays damp. Good hygiene by removing all old and dead plant material is the best way to avoid it.
  • Tidy up the greenhouse now and do not over-water or splash water about.
  • Continue to train and side-shoot tomatoes and cucumbers. Allow only existing fruit to develop. Remove small green tomatoes and unwanted flowers and trusses. 
  • Take cuttings of evergreen shrubs, such as camellia and rhododendron, and root them in pots of compost with sand added. Some bottom heat in a propagator  is an advantage in rooting these plants.

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