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mind those fingers out there...

09 July 2011 23:13:14
wasnt it a good day today to be out gardening    got lots of weeding done  after all the rain...    deadheaded the roses and removed all the mushy rose buds   did they get a hammering    all was good until i tried to deadhead my finger as well.....   I thought my secauters wasnt as sharp as it used to be and was going to do something about it......    its not that blunt   i take it   back   ouch.. lots of blood and bandage     but    i ll live
Lìga Lìga 09 July 2011 23:20:19

Oh,good that fingers still in same place,,,get well soon Mary!!!

ladygardener ladygardener 09 July 2011 23:45:42

Where's the photo? :-)))).  I'm going to grow Comfrey after watching last night's gardener's world and apparently that's the best thing to have on hand after those gardening accidents.

andyf7 andyf7 09 July 2011 23:46:25

jeez be careful, gardening is meant to be fun! hope you are ok. 

andyf7 andyf7 09 July 2011 23:56:04

when it comes to the fingers even the bluntest can do the damage, hope your better soon.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 10 July 2011 06:54:28

Oooh! Nasty! Hope the finger is ok.

boots boots 10 July 2011 08:57:41

Oh not good,look after them,you got a lot done.

rosburke rosburke 11 July 2011 22:16:17

that is like something i would do, be careful

Mary123 Mary123 11 July 2011 23:18:49

my scalped finger is healing  away       thank you very much   I woud have taken a photo   but    there would have been blood all over the lens... ha ha   as regards loading up the photo   i have nt a clue how to           i ll have to nab one of my daughters to teach me how.....AGAIN..


25 June 2011 21:14:36
is anybody sick of the rain and the cold wind that has been blowing around us..    last week  I spotted my new rhodos drooping   inspite of alot of rain in recent times   but it was a reminder that that cold wind is drying out the ground as fast as the rain is falling ...  at least the weeds are growing well and at speed!
Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 25 June 2011 21:47:30

I have welcomed the rain as the soil had been so very dry. Now, I have had enough of it and the ground has also. 

On the other hand, today was a pleasant day; it stayed dry all day and was very warm. We visited two gardens and enjoyed ourselves very much.


Cloncaw Cloncaw 25 June 2011 22:33:32

It's amazing how dry the ground is inspite of the rain and the rain does make it much easier to remove the weeds.

Mary123 Mary123 27 June 2011 22:21:28

true enough, yesterday was gorgeous  maybe giving out about the rain had the desired effect..  regarding the weeds  I spotted quite a few of those 'sallys'  after sprouting  oround the place  where ever they came from...  I ve enough of those springing up in the kerry garden .. 

Mars Mars 27 June 2011 22:30:54

 I don't mind the rain so much but looking at the flowers being battered by it.......

Here's hoping for a warm July. Have to buy in some colour tomorrow. 

Mars Mars 27 June 2011 22:34:43

your garden is lovely, did the tour, always looking for ideas.

Mary123 Mary123 27 June 2011 23:01:46

Thank you  mars,    I must put up some new photos this week  with the help of my daughter eve... I still havent mastered  'uploading photos' !!

making the best of a fine weekend in the garden

13 April 2011 12:57:01
Last weekend was a great chance to be out and pottering around .  We got old manure from our neighbouring farmer and spread it around the hedging and roses.   We cleared around the bottom of the front garden which has a mix of very tall useless pine trees with leafing branches at the top and sycamore .  Now we're looking at that area and pondering what is the best thing to plant in front of the leggy pines   to reduce the sound of traffic passing and to make it more pleasant to the eye. 
ladygardener ladygardener 13 April 2011 15:20:47

Rhododendrons would be fabulous under the pines but the quicker and cheaper option for screening would be laurel.  You could also go for Acuba Japonica if you wanted something a bit neater and more colourful depends on budget really and how patient you are.

Mary123 Mary123 13 April 2011 22:53:00

I was pondering along the same lines . The rhodos would give fabulous colour around now  and would draw your eye down the garden, hadnt thought of a. japonica  must look into that one .The laurel idea gives you faster results alright .  We've tossed that hedge around abit!!


07 April 2011 09:25:13

I was checking my 'Just Joey'  roses the other day as some of them didnt leaf so well and look pale . To my surprise they were full of greenfly even in the curl of the leaves .So everything got sprayed !  I had put well rotted manure around them as well a few weeks ago  but a few of them have very pale leaves  so I ve tried some  rose food as well .  Any suggestions




















07 April 2011 09:18:39


went about  buying hedging for my back garden today and after much pricing and thinking about which type  we decided on taxus baccata .  Our local garden centre  said it was a native plant and should withstand the very cold weather we experienced in the past two winters.  So, we bought 25  plants for 60 euro ..   hopefully it will  survive better that the griselinia hedging that once again got a hammering in the area this year..

Drumanagh Drumanagh 07 April 2011 10:49:23

How tall are the plants? That seems like a good price for Yew.

Hosta Hosta 07 April 2011 11:21:23

Hi Mary and welcome to the site.  I'm sure that you will enjoy it and get plenty of information and ideas.  Its nice to have another member from this neck of the woods.

ladygardener ladygardener 07 April 2011 20:48:07

Good luck with the hedge it's a lovely selection and you seem to have got it for a good price

Cloncaw Cloncaw 07 April 2011 23:04:10

Hope you enjoy the site Mary you'll find it great for ideas and advice hope your hedge does well for you and that the roses recover.

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 08 April 2011 01:47:35

Only problem with Taxus Baccata is that I hear it is very poisonous to cattle. I was considering it for our hedge but decided against it as we have farmland next door!

Mary123 Mary123 13 April 2011 12:42:40

Hi, everyone ,  sorry I didnt get back sooner but the computer wasnt doing what it was told !!   The yew hedging is 2' high but are good strong  plants  compared to some that I saw .  I hope to get my pictures up shortly once my daughter spares me some time and shows me how !so you can see for your selves .  Picking this type of hedging works for me as the back garden is totally enclosed and I have no fear of cattle ever getting in  thankfully.   Thank you for your comments looking forward  to  picking up tips  and sharing info along the way


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