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Flapjack:)'s Garden

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Flapjack:)'s Garden

Flapjack:)'s Garden

Lupins are in full bloom now, have planted lots of marigolds and there's a really nice smell when walking up the path to my house. Cats dig up my garden. Recently bought small green crystals in a bottle that are supposed to keep away cats and dogs, hasn't worked yet tho:(


Unidentified bush Identified

11 April 2012 14:42:13

Thanks to everyone who commented on my Unidentified Bush problem. I googled each name and then noticed that the Virburnum that Blarney suggested has the same flower,leaf shape and size as the bush. Also Thanks to Rachl because when I googled Camellia I saw an image of a familiar plant.

My granfather has a camellia and for years I thought it was some sort of mutated hydrangea, so thanks Rachel

P.S. My 'E' 'H' and 'V' keys are not working properly so if there are a few letters missing don't mind me.::))) 

Unidentified Bush- Anyone Know?

11 April 2012 09:03:17
My neighbour had this bush in her garden. It remained green and plain for most of the year. My neighbour was out in her garden and was going to pull it up as it never bloomed at its supposed time (christmastime) but I convinced her to keep it as I felt sorry for it.(I feel sorry for plants and inanimate objets sometimes), this was in october. And around novemebr/december it came out in beautiful white flowers for the first time. The flowers were mostly at the top but thinned out towards the bottom, but I think thiw was only beacause of the sun. I asked my neighbour and she has forgotten its name. Any one know what it is, Sorry I have no pics but I didn't think it a good idea to creeparound my neighbours garden at 9 o clock in the morning haha:)
Blarney Castle Blarney Castle 11 April 2012 09:17:55

hmmm, this is a good game. I'm going to throw a couple of guesses out there ----- viburnum of sorts, sarcococca????

We are going to need more information! Leaf shape? Really a photo is the only way to go. :)


Rachel Rachel 11 April 2012 10:22:32

I wonder is it a Rhododendron or Camellia. Is it evergreen?

Flapjack, you remind me of my son, Sammy. For years grey was his favourite colour because he felt sorry for it.

xxx xxx 11 April 2012 10:42:46

Hi Flapjack.........I would hazzard a guess at sarcococca...the fowers usually last untill Feburary and have a heavy sort or "lily of the valley" scent to them.......if she is getting rid I suggest you grab it.... 

HeadGardener HeadGardener 11 April 2012 11:42:06

Hard to tell what it is from that description Flapjack, if it is Saracocca you would most definitly smell it's scent as its lovely. Try asking your neighbour if you can take a photo and post it on here for identification. I would agree with blarney that it might be viburnum tinus or with Rachel that it might be a viburnum but again without more detail it's hard to tell.

JoanG JoanG 11 April 2012 12:50:28

Hi Flapjack, as the others say it's hard to identify without a photo but if you can't get one, let us know what size the bush is and about how old (if you know) and/or what size the leaves are, then we might be able to help.  Sarcococca has tiny white flowers and the leaves are about an inch long; viburnum tinus grows larger with a rounded head of flowers.

Forget-Me-Not problem?

10 April 2012 20:11:53
I planted my forget-me-nots last year in march/april as soon as I was sure all of the frost had gone until next year. I minded their bed, watered them, placed them in an appropriate bed, and weeded them. I didn't let Luna or Leprachaun (our two most mischevious cats) near them and they still never popped up. They are perennial so shouldn't they have come up by now. its' so frustrating, I dont want to start any projects near their bed but I still eel as though it's a waste of space.
Flapjack:) Flapjack:) 10 April 2012 20:12:37

I meant feel not eel:)))

Rachel Rachel 10 April 2012 20:13:34

Oh dear. That is very disappointing.

Moya Moya 10 April 2012 20:53:10

Oh dear Flapjack. Sometimes this happens. When you do nothing they seed themselves and come up fine but when you do loads of work - nothing!!

I've seen them in Homebase - well reduced. You might pick some up cheap in a garden centre and plant some in there and just let go of the others.

Ladybird Ladybird 10 April 2012 21:28:55

That's disappointing Flapjack, l planted some last year and they're thriving, see pic no.3 in March photos and they got no special treatment. I think it was Myrtle who gave them to me.

andyf7 andyf7 10 April 2012 21:59:49

they are usually a tough plant as i have some myself. think you were just unlucky this

time, just try again and good luck. 

Flapjack:) Flapjack:) 11 April 2012 08:48:07

Thanks guys, I will leave them to their own devices in future.


Flapjack:) Flapjack:) 11 April 2012 08:48:56

I'll be in Carlow soon and there is a homebase there so thanks Moya.

My Gardening Season (No greenhouse)

10 April 2012 08:55:52

My garden is never really active in the winter. When I was small we used to have snowdrops but not anymore. That's why I haven't been journaling (no greenhouse).(I did give some of my plants to Wellie to put in her greenhouse, so thanks wellie) But the spring and summer are back. I'm going to start my "wildflower" section again this year and I always love planting stuff in pots. My fennel is back and as feathery as ever (fennel tea anyone), but my cat, Luna lay on all my chives and they are all ruined. I also noticed my pot parsley has been looking a bit squished lately so I think she has something to do with that too. While we were weeding the other day I put my favourite garden gnome on the wall but a wind came and now he's my favourite legless garden gnome. The weather has been so unpredictable here in Tynock. Rain for 3 days, Then so sunshiney I needed sunglasses, and then to top it all of, it started snowing.!!!. Same anywhere else??

I love kittys crabapple. There's a lane near our house with lots of crabapple trees and we make crabapple jam/jelly wwith them each year. I would like one in the garden, but the only tree that will fit is a small weeping willow. My uncle has a site over in in the neighbouring town, Rathvilly but I usually use that for veggies:))

fran m fran m 10 April 2012 12:54:23

Poor old 'legless' ;-))

Monkells Monkells 10 April 2012 18:19:09

Oh dear!!! A legless Darby!! I only have one of those little plastic greenhouses and a set of shelves that I keep for seedlings at the frech doors from our dining room. Both are full of seeds and now tiny little plants :-)  Yeah - Dont you just love the Spring ?:-)


Michelle finn Michelle finn 10 April 2012 19:54:50

only since i got the tunnel that i can do stuff, relyed on the greenhouses from lidl and aldi until one bad windy april put end to them and all my seeds, havent looked back

andyf7 andyf7 10 April 2012 21:23:35

well you have plenty of plans and ideas and it all sounds really good.

I'm Back again

04 November 2011 13:07:04
Hello everybody, i'm back again, this time i wont be dragged away too quickly, I cant believe my last post was 72 days ago, how are you all? Well i'm off to the garden, see you soon:))
Jacinta D Jacinta D 04 November 2011 18:08:13

Welcome back, Flapjack. 

Dick Dick 04 November 2011 23:22:44

Good to have you back Jack. I think wellie has her internet working again.

Flapjack:) Flapjack:) 05 November 2011 10:54:14

yep she does


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