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Home at last

08 June 2013 12:29:38

I'm home after Bloom, and it's sunny and the dogs are home and surprisingly the garden isn't too overgrown. all is right with the world again!

I had a wonderful time at Bloom this year and the garden got  a great reaction from the public. I met some really lovely people including Clare and Joan who popped over to see us. I'l stick some photo's up later, it's just so nice to be at home with a computer,,,,, imagine a month with no computer, or TV, twas like living in a flowery cave.

ladygardener ladygardener 08 June 2013 17:17:15

A flowery cave sounds lovely Erika, I look forward to seeing the photos.

andyf7 andyf7 08 June 2013 21:04:22

gad it went well for you, and get those pics up soon :-).

JoanG JoanG 10 June 2013 00:11:39

It was lovely to meet you Erika and your garden at Bloom was a delight, so beautifully designed and planted.  Take a well deserved rest now and enjoy your own garden.

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 10 June 2013 15:37:38

sorry - I seem to have missed something .... which was your garden at Bloom please?

erikalovesiris erikalovesiris 10 June 2013 21:44:40

it was the CF garden Hazel.

thanks for the lovely comments Joan, lookin forward to a bit of a break now! so tired and achey!

waitin for photos from nick's iphone still, but i have a couple from facebook

Clara Clara 10 June 2013 22:15:45

Well done on your Silver medal as Joan and I said you deserved a gold one , I loved your garden and was so nice to get photos of it and also to be invited into it . Thank you will send you a pm   message soon.


TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 10 June 2013 23:54:33

That was a lovely garden - if I'd know you were involved I'd have gone up to you! Congratulations on the award too - and all for a very good cause!

gardening or horticultural courses?

09 May 2013 13:46:06

I'm thinking of doing a course in horticulture, there seem to be lots on the internet, but I duno which is best, is an online one good? or part time?

does anyone have any advice? thanks


Elizabeth7 Elizabeth7 09 May 2013 13:56:26

Erika my immediate reaction is to try and do a practical course but one that has a good input of theory too. Another possible approach would be to act as a volunteer in a good horticultural business. You could do this part time and it is amazing how much you learn. I did it and it is true to say it changed my life! PM me if you like and I will tell you where I applied .

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 09 May 2013 15:48:48

Kildalton collge was running a horticultural course which a friend of mine attended and she later went on to do a masters in Waterford IT. 

Last time I was in the Botanic Gardens there was a flyer for a course on a Thursday night and on Saturday for a full day. The course ran for a number of weeks

Being close to Kildalton it maybe worthwhile making enquiries.

erikalovesiris erikalovesiris 09 May 2013 22:55:11

thanks a mill for your advice guys, hopefully I will find something that suits.


25 April 2013 22:31:25

Is anyone thinking of going to Bloom this year? I'm doing a showgarden there this year, be a nice chance to meet some garden.iers, I always mean to go to the get togethers but haven't managed to yet. Let me know coz I'l be there everyday all day!

andyf7 andyf7 25 April 2013 22:43:29

what are you doing?

Periwinkle Periwinkle 25 April 2013 22:47:04

Are you in the Super Gardens competition? Did you see tonight's programme? RTE1 8.30pm. 

Dont think I'll get to the show this year, but all the best with your garden. Will look forward to pictures of it.

erikalovesiris erikalovesiris 25 April 2013 22:49:18

a garden in aid of Cystic Fibrosis Ireland, we'l be starting the build soon

erikalovesiris erikalovesiris 25 April 2013 22:52:46

thanks Periwinkle, will put up pics after the show. Nah I'm not a supergardener, just a normal gardener! they keep the winner of that very hush hush, we don't know until they arrive on site.

the new wall

29 October 2012 18:12:11

I think I started her in July, I didnt really think about how big it was gona get , it just keeps on growing and growing!

Sruthain Sruthain 29 October 2012 18:35:03

That is some nice quality stonework Erika and your garden pictures are good too.

Scrubber Scrubber 29 October 2012 19:55:11

Oh well done! A lovely krinkle krankle effect if thats what its called? I love the way it meanders.

RolfPeter RolfPeter 29 October 2012 22:09:45

Not only a new wall - a beautiful garden is brought into being.

Conrad Conrad 01 November 2012 14:26:56

I love a good wall and that's a good wall!

erikalovesiris erikalovesiris 01 November 2012 20:51:42

Thanks so much guys, that means a lot, sometimes I build things and wonder if they look anyway good. You wouldn't believe the amount of walls that have gone up, and are then torn down!

puppy and wall

26 September 2012 21:01:33

Last week I got a new puppy, Oscar, he's so adorable, and he's my fourth dog. I think thats probably enough dogs, considering his brother and sister decided to crush a beautiful hosta on me today, feckers, hope it recovers and comes up again next year.

Have been busy building a new wall in the garden, it's huge, well it seems huge, because its taken me so long to build. Its right at the top of the garden so every stone and all the sand has to be barrowed up, and I dont have a mixer. It's a great distraction from all the things I should be at.

Will put up photos tomorrow.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 26 September 2012 21:11:15

Oooooooh, can I take him home with me. Adorable.

erikalovesiris erikalovesiris 26 September 2012 21:18:54

Thanks Jacinta! We got him from a family who didn't want him anymore, he's only ten weeks old so they had him all of two weeks! The dad said that the kids were bored of him. Their loss!

ladygardener ladygardener 27 September 2012 12:44:06

Ah Erika he's goergous, I'm sure he won't eat any hostas.  I'm looking forward to seeing your wall; I remember you had nice stone work


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