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Summer's Day Today..11th. July.2012...!

11 July 2012 21:08:42


When I did eventuall arise from my bed and had a cuppa tea, I realised  that it actually was quite warm outside. I walked down the garden at about 11.a.m. to check on everything and it was 2 p.m. when I came back up. No brekkie, no faced washed.....I just felt so good for the first time in 3 weeks so I didn't want to waste the chance to get stuck into all the forgotten chores that should have been done. 

I weeded with gusto and feeded (should be fed) with passion and felt at one with the earth in my garden again. I used up all my old comfrey liquid feed, cleaned the containers out and cut some more fresh comfrey leaves to make 2 more barrels to get the plants through the rest of the season.

So hopefully with a few more bright days like today,I will be back in full fettle again .

Oh.....yea....We cleaned the Garden of Remembrance in preparation for Mary's Final Home-Coming. 

Hoeys Hoeys 11 July 2012 21:13:39

looks like you got alot done in one day fab sky.

fraoch fraoch 11 July 2012 21:25:18

great day's work, cath.

Moya Moya 11 July 2012 23:53:28

I'm so glad you had a day like that Cath. I've been dragging myself around mainly because of the weather but this evening was quite nice here as well if a bit cold. I had arranged to go to a play though so didn't get much gardening done.

mcdonald mcdonald 12 July 2012 12:28:32

Hi Cath, the same thing happens to me when I go out to the garden in the morning, I can go missing for hours.  Your fruit and veg. have done very well and garden nice and clean.  It was like Summer yesterday, but back to normal today.

3 Weeks Worth...

10 July 2012 21:13:01

Due to unforseen family "stuff", over the last 3 weeks I have not been a good gardener. I have been laxidaisical in weeding and watering and all things related. Then I was all ready to visit Elizabeth7's Open Garden Day last sunday for a bit of R&R and meeting G'iers, I got my first head cold and chest infection in 2 years.....How rude....!

But my veggies seem to have survived with minimal care. Thank god for the rain for outside garden. I did manage to water in the tunnel at a minimum rate though. I could not afford to lose everything through my own neglect.

So here's a few photos .... 

fraoch fraoch 10 July 2012 21:15:45

Looking good, Cath. Get well soon.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 10 July 2012 21:17:12


Hope you're fit and healthy in no time. 

Scrubber Scrubber 10 July 2012 21:24:00

Most impressive. How is it that others with family stuff dont get a tenth of that done???

Lìga Lìga 10 July 2012 21:31:48

Wow,all grow so well!Well done!

  Get well soon!!! 

andyf7 andyf7 10 July 2012 21:44:03

looking good to eat, and sometimes life intervenes in our gardening world. get well


CathCronin CathCronin 10 July 2012 21:45:26

Ah well, all the hard graft had been done ,so only small bit of care was needed recently.

Thanks Guys and Gals :) 

Moya Moya 10 July 2012 22:03:16

Can't believe you have harvested your onions already!!

All looks good there - as you say the hard graft paid off.

I too have a head cold/sinus infection and can't hear a thing. Waiting for it to clear but it is in its third week.

Hope you get well soon. LOL

I can't read journals either, but we can add them!

05 July 2012 20:34:35
So there is really no point in putting anything in here...LOL!
corktony corktony 06 July 2012 21:05:35

i could not access this journal but can now

looks like the techies are doing some good 

So....This is a test Journal!

04 July 2012 23:03:50
Could not believe seeing this last night. But today was good enough down here in Cork.....was pleasantly surprised!!!
CathCronin CathCronin 04 July 2012 23:08:16

Journal was posted obviously.....but picture is a disaster..!!!

What do they think they are doing?? 

Elizabeth7 Elizabeth7 04 July 2012 23:16:19

If you click on the pic it is grand, lovely.

CathCronin CathCronin 04 July 2012 23:19:06

OK, Elizabeth....I did.....I saw....!

Can't wait to meet you and whoever else comes on Sunday....!

Would you like some cut rhubarb? 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 05 July 2012 06:03:28

Good pic, Cath.

The Garden of Remembrance

30 June 2012 23:33:47
This is where Rita is already and Mary is getting ready to join her sister here!
andyf7 andyf7 30 June 2012 23:36:04

well, its great to have been honoured in that way.

CathCronin CathCronin 30 June 2012 23:36:15

Under the Weeping Willow and their Dad's Holly Tree is where they want to be. So Be It !

Joybells Joybells 01 July 2012 11:20:01

How fitting! Such a special place!

corktony corktony 01 July 2012 12:33:53

isn't it great that we can use plants, gardens and landscaping in many ways - the joys of planting and gradening; the satisfaction of a job well done; the visual appreciation of the joy and power of nature; and also a means of rememberance.

 not to mention gerry adams', and other's habit, of hugging trees and the sense of wellbeing that it brings.

when friends moved/bought houses, we regularly used to give a tree as a housewarming gift. have also  planted treed for birth of children. in april, i got a lovely crab apple in flower for friends who had lost a young son.

 the many facetted power of plants at work


CathCronin CathCronin 01 July 2012 13:58:34

Lovely, Tony.

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 02 July 2012 21:51:39

That is a beautiful garden of remembrance for these dear people.


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