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Plant Fair Fota

06 April 2013 11:59:36

Looking forward to the Rare Plant Fair on Sunday, April 21st in Fota - date cleared in the diary and plenty of space in my border for new additions ;)

Jacinta D Jacinta D 06 April 2013 14:24:19

Ha ha lucky you with a bit of free space. :)

Scrubber Scrubber 06 April 2013 18:41:35

Welcome to the site though Im a bit late! Yes fota should be interesting.But Aldi and lidl and Band Q and Homebases will also be a big help in furnishing garden a bit more cheaply! That said of course Go for The Plant fair! all sorts of goodies!

Jackie Jackie 06 April 2013 18:59:43

Enjoy the Plant Fair...oh I wish I lived near all these places LOL

Yes Peter those stores do have great value thankfully and you can pick up some great treats ;)

fraoch fraoch 06 April 2013 19:56:36

I'll be away unfortunately. Still it'll save me spending loads of money!

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 06 April 2013 21:42:37

It's in the diary! Elizabeth II has a birthday about then so we'll have a nice sisters day out!

Blueberry Ice-cream

01 August 2012 23:40:02


300g (10½ oz) fresh blueberries

30ml (2tbsp) caster sugar

Grated zest and juice of 1 unwaxed lemon (this confused me a bit so I googled – apparently most lemons sold in supermarkets are waxed, they just need a scrub with washing up liquid and a rinse then you are good to go)

300ml (½ pt) double cream

500g (1lb 2oz) natural bio milk yoghurt

30ml (2tbsp) icing sugar


Place the blueberries in a pan with the caster sugar, lemon zest and juice. Bring to the boil, then simmer for 4 to 5 minutes.


Remove from the heat and press through a fine sieve into a bowl, to make a glossy purple coulis. Leave to cool.


Place the cream in a large bowl and with an electric or hand whisk, lightly whip until just starting to thicken.


Using a metal spoon, fold in the yogurt and icing sugar until well combined and smooth, then stir in the blueberry coulis


Transfer to a freezer proof container with a lid. Place in freezer for 4 to 5 hours until frozen. Remove every hour and break up the ice crystals with a fork.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 02 August 2012 04:59:33

Oh, now that sounds totally irrestible. Gotta copy that down. Thanks, Maureen. We'll keep you. Hee hee.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 02 August 2012 10:12:57

Many thanks for the receipt, blueberries on the bushes not ripe yet, but a good crop. Mary

On the Mend !!

29 July 2012 22:23:53

My first venture into keeping Orchids didn't get off to a great start but after following Rachels advice (thanks again) my Phalaenopsis has turned a corner and is looking decidedly healthier. I've recently added to "The Family” ;)

Jacinta D Jacinta D 29 July 2012 22:26:35

Great photo. 

I don't see the 'Fifty Shades of Grey' trilogy on your shelf. :)

Moya Moya 29 July 2012 22:27:58

Ha Ha Jacinta. It's not on the shelf - its place is on the bedside locker!

Jacinta D Jacinta D 29 July 2012 22:28:59

:)  So YOU'RE reading it too, Moya?  lol

Moya Moya 29 July 2012 22:35:38

Ha Ha, Not yet Jacinta but planning to - hols coming up.....

DaisyJane DaisyJane 29 July 2012 22:44:26

I've resisted the urge to read it so far, too busy gardening ;)

Rachel Rachel 29 July 2012 23:01:17

Nice phals, no grey in sight!

andyf7 andyf7 30 July 2012 00:18:38

well done on bringing it back to a healthy life.

Ailing Orchid - Advice Needed

16 June 2012 23:52:15


I bought this Orchid about a month ago, it was thriving up until a few days ago at which stage the leaves began to droop and the plant started to lean to the side.

Any advice on what may have gone wrong and any tips how best to look after orchids??

andyf7 andyf7 16 June 2012 23:58:07

sorry but i dont know, but liga and rachel are very well up on these plants.

Rachel Rachel 16 June 2012 23:59:16

You will need to give a bit more information, DaisyJane. I see the orchid is on a wondowsill. What direction does the window face. How often do you water it and how?

DaisyJane DaisyJane 17 June 2012 10:23:56

Thank you both for responding so promptly.

Rachel the window is east facing so it gets sun in the morning. It is frosted glass so I wonder is it getting enough light through that.

In terms of the watering I try not to overwater - maybe once a week. On someones advice I have been spraying the leaves with water - is this correct? 

Rachel Rachel 17 June 2012 11:02:34

Hi Daisy,

Limp leaves are generally a sign of overwatering OR underwatering. If the roots rot from overwatering then the plant starts to display symptoms of being underwatered as it doesn't have sufficient roots to take thewater it needs.Take a look at the roots - are they firm and white?

Your watering frequency sounds right. But you mustn't let the orchid sit in water  so it's best to bring it to the sink and pour copious amounts through (and watch them spill out the bottom), drain well and put it back.

There isn't a radiator under that window sill is there? If so and it comes on then the plant may need more frequent watering.

Misting is good but be very careful not to allow water into the crown otherwise the plant will rot. Wipe away from the crown with some tissue after misting.

I love this helps as it is a beautiful plant and it would be a shame to loose it.

DaisyJane DaisyJane 18 June 2012 20:48:45

Thank you for all the tips Rachel, very helpful.

The roots don't look as healthy as you described above, none of them are white and most are withered rather then firm.

I have moved the orchid to a brighter spot in case it was starved of light and I will follow your advice in terms of watering and see if there is any improvement.

Heres hoping it's not beyond saving ;)

Marfield House, Gorey

23 April 2012 22:12:37
I recently spent some time in Marlfield House, Gorey and luckily the rain stayed off long enough for me to explore the fantastic garden. I have attached some pictures.
Spideog Spideog 23 April 2012 22:21:50

I had a look at them - really beautiful! The peacock is so pretty and that photograph with the tulips backlit by the sun is fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

andyf7 andyf7 23 April 2012 23:54:51

very nice pics, i like 1 and 12 in particular.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 24 April 2012 14:21:42

Lucky you. Hope you had a great time, I am sure you did. Mary

mcdonald mcdonald 24 April 2012 16:18:44

Great photos, it looks a lovely place, glad you enjoyed it.


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