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TerriShoos's Garden

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TerriShoos's Garden

TerriShoos's Garden

A year on from my first entry I'm amazed and delighted at how everything has changed. This time last year it was all plans and drawings and ideas, but now the piles of soil are a productive polytunnel and deep beds, and the remaining topsoil heap is vanishing fast into all the beds. The blank lawns have sprouted a pond, young shrubberies, a wildflower meadow and lots more trees and hedges. The front border is beginning to be less low-maintenance and more high-interest. The daffs we brought from our old house and the others that we've bought are springing up all over the garden and will be a picture this spring. Best of all the birds and animals which used to live all around us are foraging amongst the beds and stones and making good use of the trees and pond. 

It's been hard work and difficult with my knee replacement last April, but so, so satisfying. Bring on the year, we can't wait to see it all bloom! 



Grub's up!

10 December 2017 12:16:51

We like to leave the seedheads on the stalks until well into the winter for the finches. In these cold days there are dozens of them all over the feeders and the borders, ferreting around for scraps. Now that so few flowers are out it's lovely to watch them. We had a little snow at dawn this morning after a night of heavy rain, and the poor things couldn't get at their breakfast soon enough. I took the photos a week or so ago, I'm sure others have much more dramatic snowy photos so I'll leave them to the Northern contingent!

Jacinta D Jacinta D 10 December 2017 18:38:21

I love that first photo, Terri.

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 10 December 2017 23:02:57

My goodness! The birds have stripped the berries in my garden already!

Seeing the light

30 November 2017 08:46:20

After depressing weeks of gloom and grey, the light these last few sparkling days has been just glorious. We stand at the windows and goggle at the beauty of the sunsets, and looking out on several months of very hard work, it's been worth every last backache. 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 30 November 2017 11:44:46

Looking fab, Terri. It takes a lot of hard graft for a winter garden to looks so well.

fraoch fraoch 30 November 2017 21:08:02

Great photos, Terri. Gorgeous rose.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 30 November 2017 22:48:44

Yourself and Alan have done some amount of work over the last few months and the garden is looking fantastic. The last week has been beautiful despite the cold, but I suppose we cannot expect it to be much warmer in November. Gorgeous photo of the rose against the blue sky.

Jackie Jackie 01 December 2017 07:41:23

Great work and fantastic photos. It’s been a beautiful week of blue skies and plenty of sunshine. Yes it’s cold but give me this anyday over wind and rain!! 

Joann Joann 01 December 2017 14:37:41

well done, looks great Terri

JoanG JoanG 01 December 2017 19:41:31

We have had some beautiful winter days this week and the light couldn't look better than in your garden, Terri; gorgeous photos. 

sallysarah sallysarah 02 December 2017 08:22:41

Lovely days but cold here.   Nice to have it after all that rain.   Lovely pictures Terri.

PeterW PeterW 03 December 2017 08:49:26

Looks fantastic Terri and great work by yourself and Alan

The Memory Trees

24 November 2017 09:12:07

Sadly we now have two trees in the garden planted in memory of young people. Josh's Betula Jacquemontii is doing well, and the most recent is a Prunus Subhirtella Autumnalis planted for our friends' daughter Eimer, who died in a tragic accident two weeks ago. I have a lovely memory of Eimear as a very tiny tot. She thought my English accent was the funniest thing she'd ever heard, and every time I spoke to her she literally fell over laughing. When I went to photograph the tree, I noticed that its first blossoms had opened. She could brighten a dark room when she walked into it, so we thought a tree in her name to brighten dark winter days would perhaps give her poor parents a tiny bit of confort.

We were very sad too to hear of the death of Matt O'Connell of the Doolin Garden after a long hard battle with cancer. We spent a happy afternoon some years ago admiring his gorgeous garden and chatting plants with him, and came home with some lovely plants which have been divided and dotted about in the garden, with some slips going to other .iers too. 

Gardens have a lot of purposes, but ours contains a lot of memories of people we've known and loved, however fleetingly: Mum's rock garden, Dad's forsythias, Alan's dad's terrace Matt's plants and the Memory Trees. I like the feeling of continuity, of a bit of people going on in those memories. 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 24 November 2017 18:31:33


TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 24 November 2017 20:31:47

What a lovely journal. I think alll gardens are memory gardens!

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 24 November 2017 23:29:34

Lovely joirnal and agree gardens hold lots of memories often only known to the gardener.

PeterW PeterW 25 November 2017 10:15:29

Lovely journal and I like the memory trees, I too go around the garden and think of people who gave me plants and the memories I have with these people.

The Beckhams have arrived!

24 November 2017 08:49:05

We wanted to accentuate the new Forest Garden and contrast with the broadleaves with a couple of Irish yews. The variety is Taxus Baccata 'David' and I really love the way their vertical shapes pick up the vertical rocks. One is skinny and the other is burlier so I thought we'd christen them David and Victoria. No offence intended!

It's wonderful to see crocuses and narcissi popping up already in the new garden. All the plants seem to have settled well, and G.Rozanne has come into bloom despite being divided up, trimmed back and replanted. You can't keep a good geranium down! We've planted a lot of native primroses along the banks of the raised beds below the beech/hornbeam hedge along with bronze bugle and white woodland geraniums.  

To say that we can't wait to see it all come to life in spring is an understatement. Never mind Christmas, we're gagging for spring here!!


TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 24 November 2017 20:29:36

They look totally awsome!

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 24 November 2017 23:31:40

Looking forward to seeing it during the Spring.

I can't believe it!

12 November 2017 15:08:03

Months after I gave up putting up journals because the site refused to upload albums, I've just gone to upload and it's exactly the same! Obviously Gerry, Craig et al have lost interest altogether. How sad. It was so great to be able to keep all the collections of memories from our gardens. Anyway here are a couple more of today's photos. 

Jackie Jackie 12 November 2017 16:10:31

It’s been updated as we type. Should know more in a few weeks. There’s s journal from Craig further down ;) 

Fleurette Fleurette 12 November 2017 22:25:17

Terri, is that creature borrowed from Blue Planet?  

Jackie, will you send me a “telegram” when it becomes possible to upload an album?  

Elizabeth7 Elizabeth7 13 November 2017 18:22:47

The updating is taking a very long time!!


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