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TerriShoos's Garden

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TerriShoos's Garden

TerriShoos's Garden

A year on from my first entry I'm amazed and delighted at how everything has changed. This time last year it was all plans and drawings and ideas, but now the piles of soil are a productive polytunnel and deep beds, and the remaining topsoil heap is vanishing fast into all the beds. The blank lawns have sprouted a pond, young shrubberies, a wildflower meadow and lots more trees and hedges. The front border is beginning to be less low-maintenance and more high-interest. The daffs we brought from our old house and the others that we've bought are springing up all over the garden and will be a picture this spring. Best of all the birds and animals which used to live all around us are foraging amongst the beds and stones and making good use of the trees and pond. 

It's been hard work and difficult with my knee replacement last April, but so, so satisfying. Bring on the year, we can't wait to see it all bloom! 



It's an ill bit of sand that blows no good!

08 June 2017 09:20:02

While we were on the beach with the grandkids in Scotland, Alan got sand in his camera, and the manufacturers have told us it's banjaxed and not worth repairing. So yesterday we treated ourselves to a new camera. I really love doing close-ups, but we didn't want to burden ourselves with a big SLR, so we got a nice little Canon digital and spent a happy hour yesterday in the rain playing with it. We used Oscar as a model yesterday evening for some close-up shots and I have to say he was most unimpressed. Plants are generally much happier to sit still and be photographed!

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 08 June 2017 11:10:51

Nice to treat yourselves now and again and what gorgeous photos. You have a wonderful selection of roses. The weather has now been kind to them over the last week or so.

Jackie Jackie 08 June 2017 19:24:29

Lovely photos. No harm treating yourselves at times !! 

Rossion Rossion 09 June 2017 05:59:17

Gorgeous colours- I love foxglove


JoanG JoanG 09 June 2017 10:40:08

Lovely flowers and great photos Terri, you've got the hang of the new camera very quickly! And the colours look true too; my Canon often fails to capture pink properly. Enjoy! 

Fleurette Fleurette 09 June 2017 22:40:53

Its good to able to take decent close-ups.  Love the foxglove.  

Meanwhile, back in Blanchardstown....

06 June 2017 15:48:53

... Jackie has probably forgotten our visit, so far back  in the mists of time was it. But we flew off to Scotland that night and when we got back our Internet had failed completely and we have been a week out of the ether. Having said many times that it's a nuisance and I'd rather live without it, I am now admitting that no, I can't! We have got a new provider who has upgraded us from 1.8mg to 89mg so now we can live stream, whatever that is. 

But I digress from Jackie's wonderful garden and even more wonderful hospitality. No photos I've seen really do justice to this lovely garden. It was a perfect place to sit and chat and while away a sunny morning, drinking coffee and wandering round to look at the myriad of glorious flowers. It's a garden that throws the rule books out the window, it's full of exuberance and fun and colour and is obviously created with such love and passion that it shines. And Jackie provided a delicious lunch and some slips and cuttings too! What more could you ask... 

TerriShoos TerriShoos 06 June 2017 15:56:19

Oh how I wish Craig or somebody would sort out this ****** photo issue! Every time I put up a photo that I've rotated, it roatates it back again.... it's infuriating and really makes me feel like abandoning the websit and sticking to the Facebook page. Grrrr!

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 06 June 2017 18:33:01

A fantastic album of Jackie's garden and so much colour. It is amazing how much she has achieved in such a short time. I am sure yourself and Alan had a very nice time in Scotland.

PeterW PeterW 06 June 2017 20:21:58

great photos of a stunning garden Terri. A garden I hope to one day call to and enjoy aswell. Yes the photo issue is very frustrating

Fleurette Fleurette 06 June 2017 22:13:45

A haven of colour and exuberance!  I remember Jackie putting up a journal a few years ago, taken from an upstairs window, of a plain garden with the borders along the walls, grass in the middle.  The garden was beginning to take shape.  She was so happy about the point she had reached.   But Jackie was seeing something that had not yet quite emerged, just as we gardeners do.  We look ahead.  We are positive and trusting.  And the pictures prove that Jackie has indeed achieved the realisstion of her dreams: a  garden that not only gives utmost pleasure, but additionally is a place to sit and enjoy on a lovely afternoon.

JoanG JoanG 06 June 2017 22:23:44

A great album Terri, even sideways.  Jackie has created a wonderful garden, and brought us all along on her journey to make it what it is today.  We've enjoyed every step of the way ... and will go on enjoying.  I too hope to visit some day. 

Hope you and Alan had a super time in Scotland. 

PCON PCON 06 June 2017 22:54:12

Don't rotate them, Terri. Take them all in landscape mode, especially if you are using an iPhone. You can crop them if necessary. I think that will contain the problem.

Fleurette Fleurette 06 June 2017 23:05:30

I have to agree with PCON on this one.  He "sorted me out". Take pictures landscape, but also the correct way up with button to the right.  

Jackie Jackie 07 June 2017 07:02:28

Terri you are way too kind. I had a lovely day too and thoroughly enjoyed both Alan and Annette and of course  your company and we couldn't have had better weather too. Wall to wall blue sky that day. I love the garden and as you say always evolving!! 

You are all more than welcome to call as I love to talk gardening and show my little piece of heaven!

Thanks again Terri for the plants and I hope  you and Alan had a great holiday with the children in Scotland too. 

fran m fran m 07 June 2017 07:45:43

Super photos of a great garden. What Jackie has done sincemoving to this house is really fantastic. Credit where it's due Jackie, a total transformation on an epic scale.

Well done ;)

Jackie Jackie 07 June 2017 18:47:16

Thank you Fran.....Ive learned from the best being here!!

May the fourth...

04 May 2017 10:34:57

....be with you! Isn't the May weather glorious? Apart from all the watering - and thank God our well taps into a strong spring. The garden is really starting to bloom despite the dry soil. 

We have a love-hate relationship with this Spanish gorse. It's very well-behaved, doesn't self-seed and apart from one brief spasm in May is as boring as mud. We've gradually taken it out everywhere else and just these two bushes are left. Their days are numbered because the earth wall of the forest garden house will be there, so we're enjoying the flowers now. 

The silene was a slip from Nuala Shanahan at a Johnstown some years ago, its own slips are all over the garden and it's gorgeous. 

Open Arms is just a lovely neat climber. It's buds are the most wonderful deep rose, and the flowers are a honey-pink fading to white. Scented too! It's a bit susceptible to bug attack, but you can't win èm all. 

Lovin' this gorgeous season!

LindaB LindaB 04 May 2017 10:46:39

Your garden looks amazing but especially in the second photo!

Jacinta D Jacinta D 04 May 2017 11:07:20

I absolutely love Gorse. I was amazed how rampant it is in the hedgerows around Sligo last weekend. It's such a gorgeous deep shade of yellow.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 04 May 2017 11:31:43

Just spotted your album, Terri. Things are certainly looking shipshape in the Terri Garden.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 04 May 2017 13:20:42

Lovely summer album and fantastic rose.

Scrubber Scrubber 04 May 2017 19:17:53

When furze is out of bloom, kissing is out of fashion. The kids in school used to titter at this old saying. The scent of Furze is I think my favourite of all-rich coconut.I am sure there are loads of other gorse bushes around so you wont be without it,

Dick Dick 04 May 2017 19:32:15

Great colour Terri. Number 3 looks great. There is sun all over but I think the wetern half has got the best. Plenty of sun here but a bit cool compared with the early days of the week.

JoanG JoanG 05 May 2017 21:49:32

Lovely views of your garden Terri.  I love the pond garden too. 

Jackie Jackie 06 May 2017 08:53:59

Great album Terri. I too love the 2nd photo in your album, a view we don't see that often. Gorgeous. 

Terri's Happy Place

02 May 2017 10:13:06

Now, I don't like to moan but the old potting shed just didn't cut the mustard. It was grand at first, but its only window faced north, so you had to work with the door open for light, and if a west wind was blowing it blew stuff about and was chilly to boot. Then we had to have a water filtration system and that took up a big chunk of space. Then we got a shredder and leaf-blower and they had to be kept in Alan's studio because there wasn't room. Then I got really into growing plants from seeds and cuttings and the polytunnel staging started to burst at the seams. Then the filtration system sprung a leak and it all had to be dismantled and suddenly there was no space for me at all at all. 

Our friend Padraig said he had some old double-glazed windows. And we had some greenhouse panes sitting outside for years. So one basic shed later and I have an absolutely gorgeous propagation area, with great light, lots of staging and workspace, and the cold frames can go on the front once the guttering is finished and the waterbutts connected. 

I am one happy, happy bunny. 

Jackie Jackie 02 May 2017 11:08:00

This is just super. What a great idea and a fantastic job too. Oh you will never be seen again lol. It's great to have your own space and do whst you want. Enjoy Terri;) 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 02 May 2017 11:11:16

That looks super, Terri. And the windows make all the difference indeed. I would have claustrophobia working in a windowless area. It looks so inviting.

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 07 May 2017 00:39:33

And with such a pretty workplace you couldn't possible make room for a shredder ..... LOL

Perverting the pensioners!

02 May 2017 09:59:10

So off we went to Ennis to hear Mary Reynolds give a talk and see her film about the Chelsea garden she did back in the day. And of course we bought her new book. Well, talk about a can of worms... more like a whole compost bin! I don't think we are quite as extreme as Mary in our views about gardeners and their gardens, but we have always seen our garden as a collaboratin between us and all the life in it, from the soil organisms upward, asnd we don't mind nature creeping in and taking over bits. 

But there we were sitting having coffee on the front bench Saturday morning trying, as we have for the last six years, not to see that Godawful expanse of useless tarmac (we always use the other entrance and of all the visitors we've had, nobody has ever parked their car on this side). It's just a wind trap, ugly as sin and an offence to Nature. So I got a bit of squared paper and started doodling with ideas for a forest garden. As you do over a cup of coffee.... 

And Himself gets that new-project gleam in his eye that makes me say, 'I want my staging finished first! And my guttering and waterbutts up on the new shed! And you're a pensioner and too old for digging that much tarmac!'  'Hmmm....' saith he thoughtfully, 'it's a thin enough layer. I could do it in bits. And you'd leave the bits where the paths will go...'

Now, on the first night we were in the house four hares came and sat in the garden and we said, 'Ah, the cailleachs have come to bless us!' So on Saturday night a big hare came and sat right in the middle of the drive. We looked at each other. 'Well, that's that. The hares say we should do it.' And yesterday a pheasant came and walked right across the garden. I guess the wild neighbours think it's a good idea. We'll remember that when Himself is in traction!

Jacinta D Jacinta D 02 May 2017 10:16:09

Ha ha let's hope it won't come to that, Terri.

Love the look of the plan. So when all the other jobs are finished then we all have something to look forward to. 

Elizabeth7 Elizabeth7 02 May 2017 10:44:42

Oh Terri stop him at all costs!!  Himself is a creative gentleman and that would be a soul destroying job. That is apart from the traction.!

Any hope you could manage to get a man with a machine to rip though even a part of it so you could start your plan?

I would love to hear Mary R talk, I love her attitude to gardening though agree it could be a big extreme.

Jackie Jackie 02 May 2017 11:03:14

Oh Terri I love it. Always evolving and planning. That's our motto here too lol

Now I do agree with Elizabeth a little bit too. Jimmy thinks he's Superman at times but sometimes, rarely I might add, I do have to say to him 'you know you are not as young as you used to be'!!! I hope Alan is thinking of getting some manual labour to give him  a dig out, pardon the pun!! It might be a thin layer but it's what's underneath that layer could take him by surprise. But I'm sure he knows best. Can't wait to see it in motion. Plenty of photos too ;) 

Geranimojess Geranimojess 02 May 2017 20:50:14

Stop him at all costs...I thought the same and now I'm paying the price and once the backaches begin no amount of Lotions / Creams will reverse the damage done...I always had that same gleam in my eye when Jean would suggest an idea for the Garden and many a time I'd have begun the Job before she'd even finish the sentence...not any more...nowadays I look out the window hoping for a spit of rain so as I wont have to mow the lawn...

Tell Jimmy to enjoy his Health while he has it...I ignored that same advice several years ago...

TerriShoos TerriShoos 04 May 2017 10:13:39

Words of good sense. I also thought I was invincible in my youth and have paid for it in surgery, osteopaths and chiropractors ever since. We won't be doing anything until much later in the summer so by then wifely persuasion will prevail... with cake. 

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 07 May 2017 00:37:17

sounds like a very exciting project - for a "man with a digger" generally to be found by discreet enquiries among the locals .... but of course you are long enough there to be considered "locals" yourselves!!!!


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