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New Green House.

29 August 2015 12:47:19

Hi Guys,

It's been a while since I was on the site but have been following all your journals when I can.

It's been a bit of a wash out of a summer unfortunately so I'm glad i bought a greenhouse. It's been on my wish list for a good few years now so I can't wait to get stuck in.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 29 August 2015 13:13:37

Hiya Goldilocks. Great to see you on again. That's a great size lean-to. I hope you have many happy years, and even more happy plants in it. Love the style.

Dick Dick 29 August 2015 15:28:16

Enjoy your greenhouse Gouldilox. Now you can choose plants for it.

fran m fran m 29 August 2015 16:48:02

Super job, enjoy.

GOULDILOX GOULDILOX 29 August 2015 17:50:59

Thanks guys - heading in there now:)

Jackie Jackie 29 August 2015 19:00:53

What a lovely greenhouse. I love the shape. You will have hours of fun in there. I got mine in January and it's the best thing ever especially on wet days like this. Enjoy it. 

Michele Maria Michele Maria 29 August 2015 20:24:40

That is a very attractive greenhouse. Wishing you happy gardening in it come hale rain or shine.

JoanG JoanG 29 August 2015 21:48:58

Welcome back Siobhan.  Your greenhouse looks super, may it give you many years of enjoyment. 

Happy Christmas.

24 December 2014 11:34:22

Wishing all Gardeners a very Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year in 2015. 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 24 December 2014 12:17:06

Many Happy Returns, Siobhan. :)

Rachel Rachel 24 December 2014 14:02:22

Happy Christmas, Siobhan.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 24 December 2014 15:58:28

Have a great Christmas.

accsean accsean 24 December 2014 17:12:54

Wishing you the same.

New Feeding Station...

22 November 2014 11:53:14

I invested in the Bird feeding station from Aldi this week.  Very good value at only €19.99. I found a nice spot in the garden for it where I can watch them from the sitting room window. I'm really enjoying them coming and going. 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 22 November 2014 12:04:54

Great stuff, Siobhan. And I see you have that wider one that gives protection from Squirrels.

GOULDILOX GOULDILOX 22 November 2014 12:15:43

thanks Jacinta - yea that's my favourite one.

Periwinkle Periwinkle 22 November 2014 15:57:04

You will have plenty of entertainment with all the birds that will use that feeding station.Enjoy!

andyf7 andyf7 22 November 2014 22:06:52

great buy and love that 2nd pic, happy feeding for them and amusment for you watching the antics. 

Jackie Jackie 23 November 2014 08:15:37

It's great  I was just looking at one yesterday and having seen that I think I might just have to pop up and get it. 

My only concern with the seeds etc is they fall on the flower beds and I'm worried it might attract mice or even, God forbid rats!!!!! Should I be cleaning up?? 

GOULDILOX GOULDILOX 23 November 2014 10:31:17

Jackie, I hope they won't attract mice and God no rats.....

Hopefully, the birds will be hungry enough not to leave any seeds on the flower beds!!!

I think you should go on down to your local Aldi and pick one up - it's so entertaining watching them. 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 23 November 2014 12:19:56

Siobhan, have you taken those fat balls out of the netting? It has been known for birds to get their claws tangled in them when they've been eaten and the nets are blowing around the garden. I've never seen that happening myself. But it's a precaution I take now after hearing it.

GOULDILOX GOULDILOX 23 November 2014 13:41:18

Thanks Jacinta - that's good advice and very logical .....something i hadn't thought of.

Jackie Jackie 24 November 2014 06:49:42

Good advice Jacinta as I saw one in the garden yesterday!!

Siobhan I was going to head down today. Lots of seeds taking root under my feeders yesterday. So I scraped them all up and I put down a black bag to catch what falls. Can't be doing with rodents!!!!!! 

JoanG JoanG 24 November 2014 23:57:29

Lovely feeder and good value too, will give you lots of enjoyment watching the birds over the winter.  If you're keen you can participate in Birdwatch Ireland's garden bird survey which starts next week (www.birdwatchireland.ie). Jackie, I find that pigeons come and eat the seed that falls from the feeders, so little risk of rodents :-)

Jackie Jackie 25 November 2014 07:13:23

Thank you Joan. Yes our pigeons are busy too. Mind you the blag bag is helping also. Gosh they are a messy lot lol. 

Winter Clematis.

08 November 2014 09:34:09

Haven't been doing much in the garden in the last few weeks other than the odd bit of cutting back. not much colour except for this winter clematis which always does well at this time of year. It has lovely little white flowers which are just about to open.

I was amazed and delighted to find this late Dahlia just opened as I thought they were all finished performing for the year.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 08 November 2014 09:52:06

Nice to have a clematis for this time of year, Siobhen. Can you tell us the name please?

GOULDILOX GOULDILOX 08 November 2014 11:13:13

Hey Jackie, it's called Clematis Winter Beauty - I bought it in Johnstown Garden Center a few years ago and it's a real little winner for me.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 08 November 2014 11:19:42

Thanks, Siobhan. Jacinta here. Change of profile name. I might be looking out for that one. Very little winter interest in my garden.

PeterW PeterW 08 November 2014 19:12:54

Just googled it there, looks like it will have fantastic flowers nice buy. And yup still mild enough for the dahlias to give a few more flowers providing you get some sunny days. I hope to dig the rest of mine up tomorrow.

roofy roofy 08 November 2014 19:34:56

Gidday Siobhon,like the Clematis & the Dahlia is a bonus for you.

andyf7 andyf7 08 November 2014 20:44:48

white flowers are the ideal winter colour. 

Im glad its only your .ie profile you have changed JD,! dont tamper with perfection!! :-))

JoanG JoanG 08 November 2014 21:44:09

The white flowers look lovely on web images and evergreen foliage is another bonus.  It looks very pretty.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 09 November 2014 07:19:39

LOL Andy. So sweet of you!!! :)

Bringing a bit of the garden inside .

04 October 2014 13:25:59

No weather for gardening today - it's bucketing down here in Kerry - looks like it's not going to stop either.

So i went off for a bit of retail therapy. I bought these two lovely mats for the hallway. they suit my green walls and only €9.99 each.

It's true what they say that "God makes rainy days so gardeners can do the house work." so here goes.... lol

I also put up a September Album to remind me of the lovely Indian Summer we did have.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 04 October 2014 14:38:18

Lovely unusual mats. I've never seen my house tidier after yesterdays rain. But I'm about to change all that. Good day here today, thank God.

Elizabeth7 Elizabeth7 04 October 2014 17:18:54

Yes most unusual,,super day here.

Scrubber Scrubber 04 October 2014 18:25:45

Mats? Poor old Scrubber is hugely baffled but thats not unusual!

GOULDILOX GOULDILOX 04 October 2014 19:06:12

Peter  - I'll just have to take a photo of them on the floor for you - i'm not at home right now - they're photographic pictures - very realistic .... all will be revealed....lol

andyf7 andyf7 04 October 2014 20:30:07

rain and housework are the perfect match or Mats in this case! 

roofy roofy 04 October 2014 20:35:03

Great album Siobhan love all that colour,therapy on a rainy day sounds good.

JoanG JoanG 05 October 2014 00:05:23

Lovely album Siobhan, you have great colour in your garden and, as you say, it was a beautiful September.

GOULDILOX GOULDILOX 06 October 2014 09:06:40

For Peter (Scrubber)

I have edited the mat photo so you know what i mean now ;)


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