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Deckyoshea's Garden

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Deckyoshea's Garden

Deckyoshea's Garden

Two Hostas, One Dicentra "Bleeding Heart" & One  Omphalodes Verna bought and ready for Shady Corner! Thanks Andy and Joan. Think I shoulf put a beer trap in place near the Hostas?



26 June 2017 00:04:43

I think the Yellow is my favourite . These are from last years seed sowing and the crop from current year are budding out nicely now 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 26 June 2017 07:55:03

Beautiful Dahlias. And it's doubly good when you get success from growing your own seed too.  My favourite is the third photo.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 26 June 2017 08:26:37

Very like the Honka type dahlias, gorgeous. I love all three, maybe the dark one is my favourite. I am going through a dark colour phase at present.

Jackie Jackie 26 June 2017 08:28:45

Beautiful .....and all from seed. You did well. I grew some from seed a couple of years back, got them in Lidl, and they have come back each year. These are really lovely. 

Deckyoshea Deckyoshea 26 June 2017 22:31:13

Got to cut back on the seed sowing !!! That or dig up more lawn space ...

PeterW PeterW 27 June 2017 12:14:01

I would say these are Honka Dahlias and all look great you've done well.

Hot hot hot

16 June 2017 23:16:51

Its going to be a scorcher this week end. How do I keep the greenhouse from melting . Even with door and vent open it reaches over 35 degrees ... I'll need a sprinkler system in there . Still the Tomatoes are thriving . 

I ve been busy bee keeping and last Monday week my hive number doubled from 2 to 4 .It's really bee weather now and hives will swarm given half a chance . I lost bees from 1 hive in May but a new Queen has hatched and begun the cycle again . gardening had to take a back burner for a few days but Iam catching up now with loads to plant out or pot on. 

I see there are IT issues with the sight and some unhappy members . Pity IT can't or won't do a fixit !! Maybe the personnel are not there any longer ? I hope we don't lose you and your knowledge . 

PS: My photos are probably either not going to upload or will be sideways  

Jacinta D Jacinta D 16 June 2017 23:22:26

Two out of three ain't bad, Declan. 

I'm having to dampen down the floor of the greenhouse daily at this stage. But it works.

Jackie Jackie 16 June 2017 23:35:30

I dampen  the floor as it really helps. But you can also put some sort of screening up to help keep the heat down. Since the council moved the tree out on our road my greenhouse is about to explode with the heat and that's on even cooler days!! Great to see you still enjoying the bee keeping.  

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 16 June 2017 23:44:24

With four hives you should have loads of honey. Great flower on the Yucca. 

Moya Moya 17 June 2017 23:34:56

I don't have that problem of an overhot greenhouse. Did a clinic for my 30 tomatoes today - side shooting, tieing in, removing leaves, watering, feeding and mulching. It's a lot of work isn't it?

Bees have colonised one of our hives after the original inhabitants died. It's great to see them.

Deckyoshea Deckyoshea 18 June 2017 11:12:47

Jacinta , is the middle photo of a Delphinium ? I don't remember planting this one but I do have blues and whites ... this is a purple . 

Ah Gracedieu two of these hives are possibilities but two more are just starting so it will be next year . I now have five as I got called to a local swarm yesterday  This one is going to my brother in law ( not a bee keeper ) who wants bees but no work ! 

Moya, have you any bee keepers to help with the hive ? Bees need lots of attention to defeat the Varoa mite which kills them if left untreated . They also need frames and foundation ( wax) to build on . Of course if your happy just having them doing their thing then that's ok too !! 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 18 June 2017 12:38:39

Declan, it looks like a type of Salvia.

fran m fran m 18 June 2017 14:44:35

Well done, and best of luck with the new bees Declan.

Moya Moya 18 June 2017 21:48:46

Decky, we  could do with lots of help and advice. The bees are only in the top part of the hive and it's their second year. I will pass on your comments to hubby who has decided to take charge of the beekeeping - the garden is more than enough for me.

If I were to keep bees again I would want to work with nature and not kill any queens - they are far too precious.

Deckyoshea Deckyoshea 18 June 2017 22:19:35

Moya , the bee hive is designed to keep the Queen laying in the bottom box where all the new bees hatch out . Queen can lay 1000 eggs per day necessary as a Summer bee dies after 6 weeks working . Can you post a photo of hive as there are 3-4 types in use . Unfortunately killing an older queen is often necessary as this allows the colony to produce a younger more productive one in 16 days . A hive will swarm losing half its work force if allowed to ... new queen cells are produced for this very reason . A good queen can work for 2-3 years but many  bee keepers change theirs annually .  

Moya Moya 18 June 2017 22:36:00

Thanks Decky. I won't be able to post a photo until next weekend but will do then.

Grow your own Tomato Cuttings

12 June 2017 18:50:33

When removing the lateral shoots from tomato plants I heard that these can be used to grow plants . Simply place in water and allow roots to develop before potting up. I've never tried this before . Has Dick I wonder ?? 

I remember planting these bulbs last Autumn but the names escape me ?  

Dick Dick 12 June 2017 19:25:26

That is very interesting Declan. I have never tried it. Normally i sow so many seeds that I have too many plants. Perhaps I may try it out some time.

PCON PCON 12 June 2017 19:27:35

You don't even have to put them in water, Decky. Just stick them in a pot of compost. I have grown tomato plants that way.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 12 June 2017 20:23:23

That flower is a lily, Declan.  As regards the tomato plants, I always plant them deep in the pot because they will root out into the compost from the stem.

Bees and plant swops

30 May 2017 22:55:53

Just home from outdoor Bee demo number 5 . Brilliant instructors and great new friendships being forged. I brought some young plants for a bee keeper tonight  to find she had brought some too ... ended up bringing home as much . Many bee keepers are Gard too I've found 

Ivor Ivor 31 May 2017 00:01:31

I used to keep bees years ago when I was a teenager in Dublin.  I went to the Dublin Beekeepers Club on St. Stephens Green on my Honda 50. We had loads of demos in various beekeepers houses.  It's a facinating hobby.  I topped out with six CDB hives and used to move them for the heather onto my uncles land on the side of the Sugar Loaf mountain in Wicklow.  Back then they had an annual Beekeeping week in Gormonston College Co, Meath held by the Irish Beekeepers Association. I kept going back every year, it was great.  I think they still run it.  If they do and you get a chance to go, GO GO.  Unfortunatly my new good lady wife didn't fancy having six bee hives in the back garden in our first house in Rathfarnham, so they went to a new home.

Dick Dick 31 May 2017 11:16:03

Well done, Decky. You are doing a great job for the environment as well as having the honey. I was thinking of the idea some years but never got down to it. My grandfather who died 1943 was a great man for the bees.

Deckyoshea Deckyoshea 31 May 2017 14:40:55

Ivor , yes they still run the bee week in Gormanston and I hope to attend one . I am sorry I didn't begin years ago . facinating , scary , brilliant  intrigueing all at the same time !! My hives are in my back lawn near my veg garden but recently I have being getting buzzed when working the veg plot . Iam going to move the hives further in this Autumn ... my wife stays away from this side of the lawns . 

Dick I think all our grandparent had an interest and I know my late Dads home place in Kilkenny had the remains of Hives in the orchards when I was growing up . I never knew any of my grandparents unfortunately . 

Dick Dick 31 May 2017 20:31:10

Decky, I was watching Nationwide this evening and it was interesting watching the work done with bees.

Fleurette Fleurette 02 June 2017 05:23:37

So happy to be able to join in the conversation on this journal.  Why?  Because for the past couple of  weeks there is a beehive in my garden!  Second one on its way.  

Its my daughter in law's.  She has been attending a local beekeepers' group for a few years, and the " leader"  is pretty sure he will get her a swarm this season.  There is quite a delectable menu for them in my place. She lives nearby, but her garden is extremely cold, windy, and really down at sea-level.  About 2-3 m above sea-level(OS Datum). My lower garden is 6m above sea level and very much more sheltered. Hives are SSE facing.  

So exciting!  

What Rain

27 May 2017 17:34:11

Todays rain was the ideal opportunity for some Potting on or is it potting up ? I appear to have overdosed on Cosmos even if they are different varieties . I still have two trays to do not to mention a tray of Stock also ..The New Dahlias from seed are showing well . 

The greenhouse was pleasant today at 17-18 degrees but yesterday's 35 degrees was too hot . Maybe I'll try Bananas next . Tomatoes starting to flower and they relish the heat at least . 4 different varieties. I never knew you could propagate Tomatoes from a strong side shoot by rooting it in a glass of water !!! 

I have Aubergines indoors and they will get a greenhouse bed when large enough .  Cucumbers are already in place as are some peas as an indoor experiment . 


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