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roofy's Garden

roofy's Garden

Gidday all, summers here but not good lot of wind & the nights are still cold but all will be alright.I reckon you,ll all be battened down for your winter hope it,s a mild one for you all.

                       regards roofy.


Still abit,

20 March 2017 02:45:36

of life left in the patch before winter,plenty of rain & warm temps have extended the flowering.

I,m enjoying the pics of your spring,a great variety.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 20 March 2017 07:08:58

That's a gorgeous colour rose, Roofy. Hope your summer wasn't too wet.

Jackie Jackie 20 March 2017 07:43:00

Hey Roofy hope all is well with you. Gosh it's hard to believe you are entering Winter again soon. That time just flew by. Just looked at your album and still lots of colour. I just adore that lady in your garden and I am on the lookout for something similiar here. I thinks she is beautiful. Gorgeous rose too. Enjoy the rest of your warm days ;) 

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 20 March 2017 08:08:06

What wonderful roses you grow. The birds are so exotic to us. Am I right in thinking those beautiful yellow flowers are Sternbergia?

Dick Dick 20 March 2017 12:47:00

Such lovely roses, David.  It will be a while before my roses are in bloom.

roofy roofy 20 March 2017 18:45:41

Crocus Mary( I think).Goood luck with the lady hunting Jackie.With all the roses you have Dick you have alot to look forward too.Wet enough thanks Jacinta.

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 28 March 2017 23:12:15

Hope the Typhoon is not in your part of Aussie?

A peak

07 March 2017 04:19:10

at the patch in Autumn,not alot going on.winding down for Winter,after the Summer we,ve had the cooler weather is a huge relieve for the garden & the gardener.I wish you all a productive Summer.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 07 March 2017 07:28:16

Lovely photos, Roofy.

Sorry we've had little to contribute for your interest over the last few months.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 07 March 2017 07:51:00

What a fantastic rose. I was watching a garden programme about two weeks ago which was about garden in Australia and New Zeland, such amazing plants you can grow. The programme was Around the World in Eighty Garden and as far as I know it is available on u tube. The tree ferns in New Zeland were just outstanding and the creation of The English Garden by many people was surprising to me. 

Jackie Jackie 07 March 2017 08:24:43

Good morning Roofy. Good to see you again and that your garden is still looking great And that sky is fabulous!! We have had some really wet and miserable days these past couple of weeks. But at last now we are heading into Summer time and the days and evenings are getting longer, which is always great too. 

accsean accsean 07 March 2017 10:15:44

Good morning Roofy, good to see you on again. Lovely photos. The last month or so has been wet and cold so We are all looking forward to the weather heating up, badly needed.

Jacky Quirke Jacky Quirke 07 March 2017 16:10:36

Im guessing roofy, you are down under? or upside down, or in your case we are upside down, anyhow, love your photos, we will be looking forward to all things beautiful soon.

fraoch fraoch 07 March 2017 18:22:52

Love your sky photos particularly, Roofy. I took a gardening book out of the library once and couldn't understand why all the advice was so different. Then I discovered it was an Australian book!

roofy roofy 07 March 2017 19:27:46

Glad to hear from a few of you again.I must admit I,ve been abit slack on the site lately,just the way it goes sometimes.

With your Summer looming I look forward toyou sharing your gardens.

Geranimojess Geranimojess 08 March 2017 14:09:14

Hi Roofy...It's been a while since we last met up...how are things Downunder...looks like your Weather is brilliant compared to our's...love the Sunsets and that Orange Ball in the Sky...hope your keeping well and getting set for your Winter Hibernation...Cheers...

Mary B Mary B 09 March 2017 13:42:19

Always lovely to see your garden roofy. That pink rose in your album is orgeous.

Just a few,

20 January 2017 21:46:01

bird pics from the patch,not alot garden wise happening not since the last lot of pics.

Still plenty of vegies being picked,girls are still laying every day I think I,ve become addicted to Omelettes.

Have a good week-end my friends.

JoanG JoanG 20 January 2017 22:07:31

Always good to see your colourful birds, Roofy.  Enjoy the eggs!

PeterW PeterW 20 January 2017 22:25:02

I love omelletes too haha lovely pics Roofy

Scrubber Scrubber 21 January 2017 00:35:42

Yes Like Joan I am always delighted to see those flamboyant colours. Our little sparrows dunnocks and wrens are all browns and greys but we do have some bright ones blue tits and goldcrests and of course our robins! Love the grecian lady feeding the chucks!

Jacinta D Jacinta D 21 January 2017 07:02:50

An egg a day, or more. Sets you up for the day. Lovely photos, Roofy. :)

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 21 January 2017 08:51:46

My hens these days are producing very little eggs, a bit to cold and grey. Your photos are so colourful and sunny. Thanks for posting a little summer.

fran m fran m 21 January 2017 11:25:51

Keep them coming Roofy.


fraoch fraoch 21 January 2017 12:36:09

Always great to see the colourful birds and the ladies are lovely too, and give you eggs as well.

Gerby Gerby 21 January 2017 14:17:24

Still reaping the rewards of nature even if not plants! Enjoy the omelettes

Jackie Jackie 22 January 2017 08:54:50

Sounds and looks like heaven. The girls are keeping you fit healthy. Lucky you. Keep those beautiful photos coming to brighten our day ;) 

Mary B Mary B 23 January 2017 21:01:39

All looking look on the patch roofy :)

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 25 January 2017 23:16:39

I love that statue! I'm on the lookout for one for my garden at the moment but the particular goddess I fancy seems to be hard to find!

Summer pics

07 January 2017 03:41:31

Gidday all,

                thinking of you all at your get-together,trust it goes well for you all.

All,s well around the patch,Summer has been kind so far,nights have been abit cooler 14*not real good for the tomatoes but good for sleeping,fingers crossed that we do,nt get the 40* days time will tell.

                                                             regards roofy.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 07 January 2017 05:34:59

Summer just can't come soon enough for us (well...me anyway). Your photos are giving me the push to get out and do a bit more.

fraoch fraoch 07 January 2017 11:29:33

Great Agapanthus, Roofy! Enjoy your summer .

DeclanTipp DeclanTipp 07 January 2017 23:01:10

That's a lovely reminder of summer to come Roofy ! 


30 December 2016 05:08:39

the album should have been Summer downunder,a few coldies pushed the wrong button.

Agapanthas are putting on their show now.

Ttust your New Year celebrations go well.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 30 December 2016 06:42:09

Gorgeous photo album, Roofy. ENjoy those cold ones. I'm sure they were well-deserved. Happy New Year down under.

Jackie Jackie 30 December 2016 08:09:38

Love all the roses and the Agapanthus are looking terrific too. Sounds like you are certainly enjoying the Christmas festivities lol. Best wishes for a very Happy New Year to you and your family. 

JoanG JoanG 30 December 2016 19:30:45

Great photos, you're having a lovely summer.  Happy New Year to you and yours, Roofy. 

Scrubber Scrubber 30 December 2016 22:07:35

Happiest of new years roofy and keep those pictures coming!-at least till we get into snowdrops and daffs!!!!

fran m fran m 31 December 2016 08:46:47

Happy New Year Roofy.

Elizabeth7 Elizabeth7 31 December 2016 20:36:31

All the best for the coming year Roofy


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