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Desert Rose Roots

16 August 2016 03:36:31

I  have been working on developing some interesting roots from the Desert Roses 

Check my news photos for some interesting looking ones.

I find that the large roots can be developed by differetn methods.

After the plant has been established you can start to lift the plant it from  the dirt and start exposing the roots. This can be done until the unique root has been formed to your liking.

Another way is to grow the plant in a small container for 6-12 months. Then remove the plant and you will have some every interesting roots. The photo labeled Donut was done in the way. Also the one labled recurve. The large root displayed in twister had been growing in an old cast iron pot for about five years. It grew throught the pot and rooted itself. I just removed the pot to expose the large roots.

I have started some Desert Rose using seeds. I will give you all an update in a few months

Jacinta D Jacinta D 16 August 2016 03:46:35

Very interesting. :)

Jacky Quirke Jacky Quirke 16 August 2016 19:36:57

Gorgeous flowers, well done to you on all th ehard work, your reward is a beauty

JoanG JoanG 16 August 2016 23:09:09

Something new for those of us on this side of the world, thanks. 

Jackie Jackie 17 August 2016 07:42:29


Nite Flower

16 July 2016 04:48:13

Last night the Desert Orchid bloomed. Very interesting.

The plant has four blossoms. Well only two bloomed last night, I guess the other two will bloom some time later or fall off the plant.

Here are some pics

fran m fran m 16 July 2016 06:18:37


Jacinta D Jacinta D 16 July 2016 15:54:43

Looks like a type of Rhipsalis?

JoanG JoanG 16 July 2016 21:45:02

Wow, amazing plant.  I hope the pollinators came to visit on its one night of opening. 

What to do in the Rain?

07 July 2016 04:22:16

Well it's been raining every day for the past 10 days. Afternoon showers or heavy afternoon rains, so we can get some things done in the AM.

I had ordered some pots for the bonsai so I to a ride over a pick them up. Also bought a few different shapes. We have at least a half a dozen pottery makers within a 1 km radius so it is not difficult to find what you are looking for, and the prices are reasonable. The larger pots I used in the bonsai cost me about $2.00 each.

Then we were off to get some plants. Villia a nearby small town is know for it plants. The entire grounds surroung the mid 18th centurey church are covered with plants for sale. I should have brought my camera. Well next time.

We finally found some intresting plants to pot. Six nice palnts for bonsai and a hanging basket. Cost about $15.00. Very reasonable.

You can see the results in my most recent photo album. The rocks came from our yard.

Hope you enjoy the pix.


Jacinta D Jacinta D 07 July 2016 04:26:43

Great album, Phil. Sounds like great prices too.

Jackie Jackie 07 July 2016 07:16:48

Phil I am fascinated with your album and those wonderful plants and pots. So different to how we grow our plants but so interesting and what a lovely selection too. I feel your pain with the rain. We are in our SUMMER months now, or at last that's what the calendar says. Unfortunately in good old Ireland we get four seasons in one day. So it's pot luck what you get. At the moment it's more like Winter some days. I hope your rain isn't doing too much damage. 

Elizabeth7 Elizabeth7 07 July 2016 10:39:00

Most interesting array of pots thanks for sharing with us.

Dick Dick 07 July 2016 17:38:26

I presume, Phil, that you get no cold weather, just the wet and the dry. So you can have your plants outside all of the time and no need for a greenhouse.

Jacky Quirke Jacky Quirke 07 July 2016 17:40:43

Hi Phil, i was delighted to see these, as i was given some bonsai seeds awhile back, i went and bought the bag of perlite, and now am stuck as to what type pots, potting, caring for etc etc, so maybe you will be able to help me 

A Rainy Day

22 June 2016 04:09:44

A lazy afternoon, the sun was blazing and the temp was on the rise then from the east some loud bangs… at first I thought it was some of the farmer shooting off some fireworks as a celebration…but then another and another… the sky turned from blue to black in minutes..the dark clouds rolled over the horizon and the countryside turned an eerie shade of yellow… then grey… then black as the ace of spades… the lightening came dancing down from the sky and found some of the open rice paddies to fry… it was spectacular… the bright flashed lighted up the darkness of the black sky… mother nature was putting on a pre-4th of July fireworks show of her own…then the rain came… not a slow drizzle… but it was as if she had opened the spout of a huge faucet in the clouds… buckets and buckets of water made their way down to the ground… the streets became floored… the water backed up into the older homes… even the more upscale homes  were not spared… the water filled the streets… then the houses.. the rain pelted the walls as if it had been fired from a large gun… the water made its way through the walls as if they were made of paper Mache…any small blemish in the wall began to leak water… soon the water was running down the walls of some of the better homes here in the city were greed for the almighty Peso  is second to none…the lack of quality in construction reared its evil head like a snake about to drop upon its prey…a new high rise complex of some renound  was in the last stage of construction… now the real estate developer had a bright idea…they could get more money for the units if the building had an underground garage for parking… so some genius decided to excavate below the almost completed building… well needless to say that was a bad idea… the rain in all its glory washed away a temp seawall and bingo… the building came tumbling down …well the sky is clearing … more rain is forecast... so I’m sure there will be more exciting events in the near future… until then…. Oh wait... hot news  flash… flash flooding in the south Philippines… many killed and 100,000 evacuated… roads washed away… buildings tumble… mud slides…schools close… government putting emergency disaster plan in place…rain rain go away come back another day…

Jacinta D Jacinta D 22 June 2016 04:47:51

Gosh, that must have been a bit scary. Hope all is well.

Jackie Jackie 22 June 2016 07:32:13

We see these stories on the news but really we don't grasp their intensity. It's only when we read descriptions like this that it really brings it home to us.  Stay safe and hopefully no more damage will be done. 

Rainy Season Has arrived

21 June 2016 05:27:17

After 6 months of little or no rain, the storms are rolling in.

Last night we had over 6 inches of rain... now that's what I call a rain.

The rain over the llast few days has brought out some wild as well as not so wild flowers. 

Please see my latest photo album.


Jacinta D Jacinta D 21 June 2016 12:10:17

Great album, Phil. Gosh, 6 months without rain!  I just can't imagine what that would be like.

Jacky Quirke Jacky Quirke 21 June 2016 14:39:59

Love the last photo, is it frangipane, i think they are so pretty

PhilGarden PhilGarden 22 June 2016 03:34:11

yes 6 months with no rain was bad.. the cracks in the back yard were so big I had to be careful as to aviod them for I might have fallen in.. LOL


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