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Jackie's Garden

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Jackie's Garden

Jackie's Garden

These pictures were taken in our old house, we moved out  in Dec 2012 to a house that has a garden about 6 times the size of this one. I absolutely LOVED this garden. It was the size of a stamp but it had everything in it. I loved all the colour. I love hanging baskets, lots of colour in the garden. I would grow anything and get great enjoyment from it. It was so compact too. We had two pergola's.....I had lots of different clematis growing up them. I love Reubens Montana...as its a wonderful clematis for coverage and it grows so fast. I will have to get some for my new garden. Its a daunting prospect trying to figure out what to do and I worry I wont get the same pleasure that I did with my old compact little garden. But time will tell!


Update re site

19 June 2017 23:42:35

Unfortunately my internet is not working so I'm relying on my phone at present I should be back online Wed/Thurs. so can't upload photos or journals  etc.

But after reading Frans journal and his annoyance at the constant problems with the site, i.e. Photos not loading etc , I decided to email Gerry.


I basically told him that everyone is getting annoyed at the constant problem with photos and the general issues we have. That people are leaving the site because of this and that's such a shame. And would he just let us know what is happening, if anything

Today I got the following email:


  Hi Jackie,

Many thanks for your email.

Work is being carried out on Garden.ie at the moment, and its current state is  far from good. Its technology has been superceded.

We expect to be in a better position within a few weeks, the work is much greater than anticipated.

Best regards,


Not sure if that's going to help the situation or not but I suppose we wait and see if anything changes  who knows it might!! 

So that's the update so far! 





Fleurette Fleurette 20 June 2017 00:08:30

Well done Jackie, for taking the initiative!  I do get fed-up with the vagaries of the site.  Currently, it does not seem to like me!  and as you said, I soon won't like it anymore either!  

Jacinta D Jacinta D 20 June 2017 06:31:27

Thanks, Jackie. 

fran m fran m 20 June 2017 08:56:11

Cheers Jackie, fair dues for taking the time.

Time will tell. I'm not normally pessimist, but these issues haven't just arisen recently by any means what so ever......... 

Hopefully I'm proven wrong, I really mean that.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 20 June 2017 09:29:39

Thanks Jackie for making the enquiry about the site and hopefully things are going to get better. I really hope so.

fraoch fraoch 20 June 2017 11:16:12

Well done, Jackie, hope they fix things soon.

It's getting better as the Lilies open!

14 June 2017 07:48:18

Well since the weekend that wind has eased and the rain has stopped. I don't know which was worse. Although the wind had a lot of plants bent in two!! Luckily they survived. But then the rain causes so much damage too. A lot of plants flattened and needed to be either staked or just cut back. 

But all is not lost. 

The lilies are making a great show at the minute with lots and lots more to open. I bought some after seeing Helen Dillon's garden last year and they are budding up nicely now. All going well they should be show stoppers. L. Prescott and L. Kushi Maya. Can't wait to see these in flower 

But for now here is a selection of what is in flower now!


Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 14 June 2017 07:55:32

Jackie, they are gorgeous, lovely  hot zingy summer colours. Great to see the rain and the winds gone, but they did leave so many plants flattened. It was so hard to watch the roses and the paeonies being lashed about in the winds just as they were reaching their best.

Jackie Jackie 14 June 2017 07:58:47

It's so annoying isn't it Mary. We wait all year for them and in a matter of hours they are wiped out!  Hopefully the weather will improve over the next few weeks. 

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 14 June 2017 08:39:52

Show stoppers indeed!

Jacinta D Jacinta D 14 June 2017 08:54:00

You lucky duck! None of mine have opened yet. Love the colours on yours, Jackie.

Scrubber Scrubber 14 June 2017 20:05:59

Im still waiting. Those are lovely. Those bl....y red beetles have decimated my turkscap lillies in the Scrub, It was the first time I had the red beatles and I didnt realise how dangerous they were!

fraoch fraoch 14 June 2017 20:15:16

Those are gorgeous, Jackie. I gave up on Lilies because of the beetles a few years ago, but still see the odd one on Fritillaria.

Fleurette Fleurette 15 June 2017 23:06:26

Just love lilies, and those are definitely my cup of tea!  

Photo album problems?

11 June 2017 18:50:35

Has anyone noticed a problem with putting up an album?

Ive just tried to do my May garden album and it wont give me the option to 'add photos' So I was wondering if anyone else has that problem? Im using my laptop so it shouldnt be a problem.....


Seems ok with the journals!


Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 11 June 2017 19:11:31

Had no problem this morning uploading an album from a laptop.

PCON PCON 11 June 2017 21:28:04

Have you bought a new computer recently, Jackie? I find this does not work on iPad or on windows 10.  Works ok on Windows XP. If I want to put up an album, I have to dig out my ancient Dell laptop. Journals are OK on the iPad 

Jackie Jackie 12 June 2017 08:37:32

No Peter same laptop which is Windows 7. It might just be a glitch. I havent tried since as I was busy. Use the iPad this morning so I know that won't upload. It's so annoying! 

PCON PCON 12 June 2017 13:05:01

Windows 7 is pretty ancient. Even before my old XP. I'm using windows 10, now, when not on the ipad Not supported by microsoft any more. You are lucky it still works at all Jacky. Probably riddled with viruses, but go on using it as long as you can. Sorry I can't explain why it suddenly refused to let you put up an albums. Your albums have always been great

Jackie Jackie 12 June 2017 14:31:27

Peter I think you will find that XP was released before Windows 7, which was released in 2009. So not that ancient! My laptop works perfectly well and has no viruses as I keep it up to date with the prooer anti-virus software. I don't think luck comes into the reason why it is still working. I look after my PC very well and that's why it does. I'll try again this evening and see if it's ok then 

PCON PCON 12 June 2017 16:56:35

Glad to hear it, Jackie, and thank you for correcting my error. Perhaps it is my laptop (HP Pavilion) rather than Windows 10 which prevents me putting up albums. I don't like it as much as the old Dell, which is still lying in a cupboard.

Looking good.......

07 June 2017 08:54:18

.......despite the wind and some rain! 

It's hard to imagine that it's Summertime when the wind is howling outside and the rain comes down. And then this morning wall to wall blue sky!! 

Despite all that, the garden is looking good. A little battered here and there too! 

A few shots from yesterday. 

First one you can see my Echium in full glorying in the distance. It was humming with bees yesterday. This is the back border and it's bursting now!  

Second photo is my Tetrapanex Rex which I got from Elizabeth and I just love it's exotic look  

Last photo is my North facing border, which although it's facing North gets the sunshine up until about 12pm as we are not overlooked on this side  it too is taking on a good look now  


Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 07 June 2017 09:29:32

The rainy weather has helped plants to make plenty of growth this year and your garden is so full and lush, so definitely benifiting from the inclement weather. Nice in Waterford this morning and the winds thankfully have gone.

Rossion Rossion 07 June 2017 10:02:00

Both borders look glorious! I imagine the scents are just as sweet- Beautiful garden, Jackie.

Jackie Jackie 07 June 2017 18:45:34

Mary the rainy weather has improved the garden but when will it end!!! It was a gorgeous day here until about 4.30pm and the rain came....Im looking out now and thinking its like the middle of Winter! so disappointing.

Thank you Rossion, yes the scent is amazing and particularly on a quite morning!

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 07 June 2017 21:03:11

Raining here since lunchtime and no sign of it easing, Jackie. The forecast is terrible for the coming days, but better spell of weather next week.

JoanG JoanG 07 June 2017 21:14:44

Yes, very lush planting there Jackie and it all looks great.  The first photo could be of a large country garden. 

accsean accsean 07 June 2017 21:37:25

Looking very good, Jackie. I really must get a Tetrapanex.

Jackie Jackie 07 June 2017 23:09:58

Mary the rain stopped here just after 7pm but due again in the morning it's just so disappointing isn't it!! 

Joan thank you for your lovely comments. If only it was a large country garden ha ha. Mind you it's hard to manage what I have so maybe not!!! ;) 

Sean yes they are a super plant! 

Scrubber Scrubber 07 June 2017 23:36:24

Lovely lovely borders esp that North facing one. Im a fan of Tetrapanex as well and have them at the bottom of the Scrub. The echium is mighty!

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 10 June 2017 10:01:41

All looking splendid.

Bloom 2017

04 June 2017 08:24:05

Ive been to Bloom every year since it started. And I've always enjoyed the day.........until now! 

My daughter buys me tickets every year. One for the weekday and 2 for the weekend. 

I headed there on Thursday myself and met with 2 lovely ladies, Margie and Geraldine, who were both at the Get Together in January. I had gone around myself before meeting up and I have to say I was disappointed  

I headed for the plant pavilion first and couldnt believe how 'empty' it looked  Gone are lots of stalls from previous years, lots and lots of floor space......empty....and then a big central area for the Hub which was for any gardening enquiries etc . Where was everyone? Where was that lovely floral aroma when you entered? This area was about 1/3 of the pavilion and the rest was taken over by stalls for Tourism, clothing, bags, bric a brac, fashion show!!!! 

I did get some plants but they were just your 'everyday' plants, nothing special at all. 

Then I met up with Margie and Geraldine and we later went around the Show Gardens. Yes some were nice, but again I wasn't  overwhelmed. Lots of the same colours, purple and reds/wines in all the gardens. Similiar to last year when it was all Foxgloves and Lychnis, this year it was Lupins, Alliums and Scabious. 

Then on to the Super Garden. I am never overawed with these anyway but............

Yes I like the designer on tv and I loved his planters, again the purple/wine theme here too, but it was that awful rusty SHED at the back wall....remember these are city gardens, not your acres and acres of garden. So when you look out your kitchen this hits you in the face, I thought this was just awful. There were far nicer gardens in the show.......no definite it was not a winner for me!! Dreadful

I went back yesterday with Jimmy, we sauntered around and looked at the gardens again to see if maybe I was wrong and the pavillion too.......no it didn't get the juices flowing I can tell you. 

Overall I was very disappointed. I'm not sure if I would go back again next year. This show initially was all about the garden element and that's what drew me there. But now it's family orientated, which is fine, but that's not what I want. And it's expensive enough to go there as it is and the plants available are also available in Lidl or others and are more affordable prices. Will definitely need to rethink this for next year 

Not going to bother with an album as I only took about 12 photos. 

What did you think Of your trip?

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 04 June 2017 09:22:44

I did notice the decline in nurseries last year and the increase in home/ food stalls. I did not go this year as we were just home from holidays, but my daughter-in-law went and she was delighted with her day. Watched the coverage of it on RTE and it was horrendous, repeat of the Supergarden programme and two cooks putting in a plant display around a front door. I agree with you about the winner of the Supergarden, but both the garden and the designer seemed to be very popular. 

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 04 June 2017 12:07:58

I agree with you Jackie - except for the Super Garden. I felt he showed real originality and imagination. For me I'm really tired of gardens where the main focus is hard landscaping to the detriment of the planting. When I think of Peter's garden which was a Bloom entry - the hard landscaping was excellent but it has taken his real love of flowers to bring it alive. 

I'm also debating whether I'll go next year too.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 04 June 2017 17:54:22

I can't compare notes on this years Bloom as I didn't bother going. I haven't been there in about two years, and as you say, it's an expensive day out. I must say though that I did like the winning garden from SuperGarden. He put a lot of thought into doing something completely different and injecting his personality into it, which I think the customers really appreciated. He had my vote from the beginning.

I watched coverage on the first day only. Couldn't be bothered after that.

Jemo Jemo 04 June 2017 20:10:06

...im off to the fly tying,sowing, knitting and wellie throwing fair next year....instead!

Keego Keego 04 June 2017 21:09:00

Jackie I 100% agree about the plant pavilion it was so disappointing and a lot of the regulars were not there this year again. I thought last year might be a once off. One whole side of the pavilion was taken up with "ready hedge" and as you say the whole central area was a big enquiries area very very disappointing. I have to say I Liked the gardens this year particularly the " darkness into Light" and the Despicable me. I also liked the tranquility and peace of the Mount Venus garden. Like you I have been every year since the beginnning and I have seen the show evolve from a gardening show to a lifestyle show which is fine for a day out but you will not get the unusual plants that were available from the nurseries in the early days. Best save your money and go to the rare plant sale for that. I have to say that as a sociable day out I enjoyed it but it is getting very expensive

Jackie Jackie 06 June 2017 08:13:04

Overall everyone seems a little bit disappointed I think, well gardeners in particular. 

As I've said before it's a fantastic day out for a family and worth every penny in that sense as they can stay all day with the various activities etc. But it's called 'Bloom' and that to me suggests growing, flowering etc not designer shopping, diy and travelling.......as Liga suggested on FB maybe it's time they renamed it!! Anyway I keep saying I won't go next time......as I say the tickets are bought for me.......we will see...as I did get a nice selection of plants too ;) 

PeterW PeterW 06 June 2017 15:03:29

It's a pity about Bloom as it has such potential but I suppose it's a big event and is aimed at so many more now than just gardeners and I imagine overtime it will be mostly plants that we can already get in our local garden centres rather than those special and rare ones on sale but I do hope to go back next year and try enjoy as a family day out rather than trying to focus on just plants. Show gardens unfortunately will never relate to most of us and this mass plant is all just for "show" and not practicalin the real persons garden but nice to enjoy them for what they are and maybe get one or two ideas along the way.

TerriShoos TerriShoos 06 June 2017 16:33:58

We went last year for the first time and really enjoyed it, but the plants were the least exciting thing about it. I loved the small gardens and some of the sculpture and the stands, like the IWT and Irish Garden stands, but I thought the plant village was very poor in its selection. Didn't go this year and I'm glad. A day out at Jackie's was much nicer!


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