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Jackie's Garden

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Jackie's Garden

Jackie's Garden

These pictures were taken in our old house, we moved out  in Dec 2012 to a house that has a garden about 6 times the size of this one. I absolutely LOVED this garden. It was the size of a stamp but it had everything in it. I loved all the colour. I love hanging baskets, lots of colour in the garden. I would grow anything and get great enjoyment from it. It was so compact too. We had two pergola's.....I had lots of different clematis growing up them. I love Clematis Montana Rubens...as its a wonderful clematis for coverage and it grows so fast. I will have to get some for my new garden. Its a daunting prospect trying to figure out what to do and I worry I wont get the same pleasure that I did with my old compact little garden. But time will tell!



24 November 2017 07:43:58

Now me and houseplants do not go hand in hand. Yes I am very lucky in the garden and can grow almost anything, be it from seeds, cuttings etc. But when it comes to indoors.......well that’s a totally different story. 

A few months back Tesco were selling Orchids for €6. Not a flower that I would be keen on. But Liga posted pictures on FB and I thought I’d give them a go. So bought 6 different varieties and Liga gave me some advice. 

Hmmmmm all the flowers fell off!! One or two definitely looked bedraggled. But then the other day I spotted this one in the sitting room which had flowers on it!!! Wow!! Totally neglected (well to be honest I lost interest in the green leaves)!! 

But really surprised to see this happen. Now it’s only one plant. Nothing to get too excited about but a start! So I’ll give the others a few more weeks and if they don’t perform, they are out!! 

Im certain the photos will not be right way up but here goes! 

Jackie Jackie 24 November 2017 07:45:02

Very annoying. Because before I posted them they were showing right side up!!! Anyway sorry for the creak in your neck! 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 24 November 2017 08:15:41

I've never had any luck with orchids either. If they flower again, it's purely by chance. That's great, Jackie.

And now I have a creak in my creak. LOL.

TerriShoos TerriShoos 24 November 2017 09:16:26

That always happens. Photos flipping (and dead houseplants for that matter). Hope it's one of the things fixed on the new improved site. I was always useless with indoor plants but a guy at work recommended Houseplant Focus and it's brilliant. I have even managed to resuscitate a shop reject with it!

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 24 November 2017 23:34:14

Looking great and the flowers last for months.

Mixed up weather!

17 November 2017 08:39:30

Its cold and frosty here this morning and what a fabulous day we had yesterday. Bright blue skies and sunshine. And warmth in the sun too. 

Trying to organise the garden when the weather can't quite make up its mind can be a real headache. A few days ago I padded out my Tree Fern and then covered it in fleece to tide it over the Winter. It has really grown so well this year and I want to make sure it survives. 

I would love nothing more than heading out there and chopping everything back, but I'm being careful for a change!! 

So when I can I'm taking a small area at a time and doing some cutting back. The bending just kills me so its little by little. I tidied up the greenhouse bed and the pathway that runs up to it. It's looking so much better. I also cut out a load of Geranium that I got from a lady up the road. No name for theGeranium but it's a bit of a traveller. So instead I planted up G Ann Folkard in its place at the base of the pergola. 

It looks like it's another fine day so I may tackle a little bit more. I also got some new shelving for the greenhouse so that needs to be sorted with some help from himself!! Sounds like a weekend job! 

Still some colour too in the garden. This little Geum is still flowering away since Spring. And I noticed new buds on my Californian Mallow which I grew from seed last year too. 

Have a great weekend whatever you do !!

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 17 November 2017 16:56:12

The Tree Fern is well covered up and should have no problem getting through the winter months. Geranium 'Ann Folkard' one of my favourite geraniums, a beauty. Gardening at this time of year with the weather is little by little. Weather here changed from a sunny frosty morning to a cold grey day. Great to have new shelving for your greenhouse and I am sure you will have no problem filling it.

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 17 November 2017 19:03:49

Thanks Jackie - I love the way you wish us all a good weekend! I'm progressing the latest project - but it will be under wraps till it is finished LOL

Jackie Jackie 17 November 2017 19:14:54

Mary the day turned rather drab here too .....and very cold!!  Yes no problem filling the shelves ha.....Im using the older ones, which are the shelving from the cheap greenhouses I bought originally, as a makedo 'coldframe' and covering them up with some bubble wrap...seems to be working ok at the moment!

Hazel really looking forward to see that finished project!

Scrubber Scrubber 19 November 2017 23:22:08

Isnt Hazel a teasing gardener? We are having a funny weather mixture here as well jackie. That Geum is a beautiful shade.

She never ceases to amaze!!!

14 November 2017 07:41:42

I'm talking of course about Mother Nature..........

Just when you think you've seen it all, something else to astound you. I'm constantly in awe of what lives and survives in my garden. I'm not an expert, I get by with a bit of weeding here, mulching there and the odd prayer that it will survive. But I don't go with the rules, well I'm not too sure of them if I'm really honest, but I plod along and see what happens. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, but when I weigh it all up, it seems it works better than I thought. 

Here we are in the middle of November...WINTER....I believe and still there are some gems from the Summer 

Campanuala 'Elizabeth' which I bought in Bloom this year is not going anywhere just yet. This is her third time to reappear this year!! 

This Salvia 'Neon' has been flowering away since I got it last year in B&Q. I planted it up in early Summer. I never took it in in the Winter and it's still flowering. 

Lavetera 'Barnsley' another one that just keeps giving. It's been chopped back here and there as it was getting a bit unruly but still producing flowers. 

So much still going on and all to do with the beauty of nature!!

Amazing this gardening lark!! 

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 14 November 2017 09:27:55

Three Beautiful plants,Jackie. Your garden must be so sheltered for plants to be looking so good at this time of year. I love the Salvia, gorgeous candy pink colour. If I grew a Mallow here in my garden it would be blown down at this stage  of the year. 

Elizabeth7 Elizabeth7 14 November 2017 16:33:14

I agree. Apart from the garden I know that whenever i am out walking Meg  it is seldom i don't see something amazing. Could be Mr and Mrs Swan with her 8 kids who are nearly teenagers now, the seal bobbing around in the bay, the hooded crows dropping the periwinkles to crack the shell and so on. That Lady can turn up trumps though not forgetting she can have a very bad temper too at times.

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 14 November 2017 16:49:34

Such beauties for November! My campanula Elizabeth stopped flowering in October but I have several salvias still flowering away!

JoanG JoanG 14 November 2017 22:16:07

Three beauties there Jackie and you are so right.  I reckon we have the best of both worlds in our gardening climate in this country.  In a mild autumn/winter, many plants can surprise us by how long they hold on or by putting out surprise new blooms; yet we do have proper seasons compared to warmer countries and can enjoy each for what it offers. 


Jackie Jackie 14 November 2017 22:45:15

Thank you ladies. 

Mary I wouldn’t say it’s that sheltered , not when the wind is howling through. But I do seem to have plants that last for ages. Even today I noticed buds appearing again on some Californian Mallow that I grew from seed last year. Andmy Cismos are still flowering g away albeit with fewer flowers now. 

Elizabeth that sounds like an idyllic walk with Meg.

Hazel I love Salvia and like you still flowering away. Plus lots of babies as they propagate so easily.

 Joan we complain about our weather on a daily basis but I would take this any day over some of the catastrophies  you read about in other countries. We really are blessed 

Time never stands still!!

14 November 2017 07:10:05

I'm just finding the time is running away with itself and I'm chasing after it!! 

So much going on at the moment it's hard to find time to do everything and before you know it it's nearly a month since I posted!!! 

Not much really done in the garden over the past while. I've been looking after my granddaughters so that is taking priority. But I've had a day here and there where I've cut back lots and found lots!! It's hard to know what to leave as the place looks great when tidied but bare also.  I've tucked up my Tree Fern for the Winter now and hopefully that should help it get through if we get that cold snap they've been forecasting.

I love finding the buried treasures under the old perennials that need cutting back .  Hellebores are starting to flower, primroses are appearing, wallflowers, and I see foliage of the Spring bulbs appearing too.  Great sight!! 


I've taken in some Dahlia, a few favourites and some in pots. Some Salvia that havent reached the planting stage yet, more purchases waiting to be housed!! Also Begonia that where exceptional during the Summer months  

I had an hour to spare yesterday and I bubblewrapped half of the greenhouse.  It's hard to do it when everything is in there, but I did it and that's another job ticked off the everlasting list! 


Hope you are all till enjoying your gardens  and this site. I can't wait to see what the new one brings  


Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 14 November 2017 09:38:35

The glasshouse are getting a little stuffed at this time of year, but better safe than sorry to bring plants in. Great to see buds on spring flowering shrubs and the primulas are enjoying this weather. Your Tree Fern has been doing so well for you that not wrapping it up would be a huge risk. Enjoy looking after your granddaughters and there is always the weekends to do a few hours in the garden.

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 14 November 2017 16:45:01

That's a really juicy helebore in the last photo! I did a little bit of leaf clearing but there is still a huge amount to do. I'm trying to be disciplined and shred each day's worth of cut-back perenials but the temptation is to keep chopping away once I get started! - Saw the reply to your comment from Craig - that's a bit worrying isn't it?

JoanG JoanG 14 November 2017 22:08:51

Don't worry Jackie, plenty of jobs on the list still to do here too, but we'll get there.  It was so mild today, I got half my tulips planted this afternoon.  The Aeoniums are in the greenhouse now also the Cannas except for my big one which is trying to put out another flower!  Nature is amazing at times. 

A bit of colour in the garden yet!

26 October 2017 08:14:48

Today looks like it might be mild but dull. My aim is to get out and sort out the back garden as its gone wild!! 

I'm trying to keep my Cosmos going a bit longer as I want them to form seeds, but then I think they look untidy!! 

Amazing to see some colour now at the end of October. I'm expecting frosty days and yet it's so mild. Incredible. 

So here are another few beauties. This first photo is Hellebore HGC Maestro which I bought in Johnstown last year. Really lovely markings on the back of each flower. 

Second photo is my Chrysanthemum beppei Bronze. This is a Dealz plant, in a pot, thrown aside, but still flowers every year. I really must plant that out. 

Lastly my Salvia 'Embers Wish' and Parahebe 'Avalanche' which I think look good beside each other. Both have just grown so well this year. The Parahebe was chopped right back and regrown and has some more beautiful flowers. 

Im hoping today to find a few more beauties and will post them up soon. Well that's the plan. I bought some plants last week while in JGC with Margie  and then on Tuesday I had to go to Naas and popped int B&Q and found some bargains .  But that's another journal lol 

Hope you all have a great day! 

LindaB LindaB 26 October 2017 12:11:52

It is great seeing so much colour in the garden at this time of year, we will probably have good colour until first frosts, it is amazing to see what still goes on!

fraoch fraoch 26 October 2017 19:37:53

I have Chrysanthemum like that too that thrive on neglect. It's great you have so much colour still .

JoanG JoanG 26 October 2017 19:40:53

I had to laugh when I read your journal Jackie, as I pulled up my cosmos today after getting annoyed at their untidyness; now I can see some nice plants behind them.  Lovely photos, your plants are still going strong. 

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 26 October 2017 19:46:15

Oh dear! between the gone-over Jap Anemones and early Asters I really need to be doing a bit of REAL gardening soon LOL

Jackie Jackie 26 October 2017 19:56:39

Haha well I finally got to cut the grass today and I have to say with all the leaves it looks a bit better after its HOOVER lol but the borders are bursting and really need a tidy up! But that will have to wait as I have my three granddaughters for the day tomorrow.......bliss....so the garden will be put back a day or so for now!! lol All in good time and the weather is holding up which is a bonus!

MargieD MargieD 27 October 2017 19:32:12

I love the way you have still so much blooming in your garden. You always have something to brighen the day. That Hellebore is so delicate looking and the Chrysanthemum is the perfect colour for this week matching all the pumkins out on doorstep displays! Enjpy the weekend, weather forecast is good.


Scrubber Scrubber 28 October 2017 22:44:37

Lovely lovely plants. that hellebore is wonderfully early isnt it? Colur of the mums beautiful.

Scrubber Scrubber 28 October 2017 22:44:38

Lovely lovely plants. that hellebore is wonderfully early isnt it? Colur of the mums beautiful.

Jackie Jackie 29 October 2017 08:44:38

Thanks Margie and Peter. I'm hoping today, Sunday, I can get out for an hour or so, well I do have an extra hour don't I ;). Weather is great and I see it could reach 12C on Halloween............now I have to say I love a good frosty cold Halloween, balmy doesn't work.......well maybe for us gardeners.....have a good one everyone ;) 

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 29 October 2017 09:09:11

Three beautiful plants and the salvias seem to go on forever. We were cutting down hellebore orientalis yesterday and the flower buds are well developed.

Michele Maria Michele Maria 30 October 2017 14:06:03

You did well to find such gems.



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