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Advice please on Hydrangea

12 June 2017 23:04:30

One of my favourite Hydeangea 'Anthony Bullivent' is not looking good at the moment. The leaves started to shrivel so I taught it may be on just one branch that was crossing another but it appears to be spreading. The branches seem to have life in them so  what i'm wondering is should i just cut the dead growth on the end or remove part/or all of the branch, it seems to be producing new growth at ground level. I have it about 5 years and have never pruned it. 

Dick Dick 12 June 2017 23:24:42

Sorry Bernie, I'm afraid I cannot help. Perhaps Gerry may help. If you have healthy stems , this would be a good time to propagate new ones. i have been doing it and find this month a good time. Perhaps the problem could be in the soil.

PCON PCON 12 June 2017 23:35:12

Looks like a serious fungus attack to me, or maybe a weed killer or other chemical spilt on it. Cut away all the diseased tissue, and then give a fertiliser, containing iron, and keep it well watered if we get some dry weather. It will probably recover. Dick's suggestion would give some insurance, but make sure to use a healthy bit.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 13 June 2017 08:12:46

I would cut out anything that is dead and give it a feed to help it recover. It is good that it is growing new shoots from the base and as Dick suggested, take some cuttings. You may not get any flowers this year, but if you can keep it growing it should be fine next year. I was in a garden in the Wichlow area a few weeks ago and the hydranges had been hit by frost.

Bernie (Yellow Rose) Bernie (Yellow Rose) 14 June 2017 19:42:35

Thanks for the advice  I have given it a good feed and  fresh compost. Thanks for the reminder Dick to propagate new ones, I never know when is the right time to do this. Yes Pcon I was afraid it might be some kind of fungus as there was no chemicals or weedkiller used. I don't mind sacrificing flowers for one year Mary so long as I can keep it alive. I taught at first it was hit by frost. 

PCON PCON 14 June 2017 20:52:02

Frost would never cause that much damage to a hydrangea, even in Roscommon, whic h is a cold a area in Winter. 

Identity please

29 June 2016 18:40:03

Can anyone help me with a name on this plant please? 

accsean accsean 29 June 2016 21:25:45

Evening Bernie, it looks like some type of Lamium. The other alternative is an Aucuba otherwise known as spotted Laurel.

Fleurette Fleurette 29 June 2016 22:18:36

Its got to be the laurel, as Sean says. You'll know by the smell of the leaves if you crush one. Very strong.

Dick Dick 29 June 2016 22:45:26

Sorry Bernie, no luck.

Kate & Graham Kate & Graham 29 June 2016 23:07:43

Hi Bernie, is it maybe nicranda (shoo fly plant)

BrunoCork BrunoCork 30 June 2016 18:18:41

Phytolacca americana 'Variegata'

Helleborus Orientalis

23 January 2016 19:08:26

If anyone is interested in Helleborus, Lidl have them in next Thursday 28th, I got some last year and they did really well for just  €3.99.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 23 January 2016 19:58:32

I also bought some last year Bernie and was thrilled with them. Will definitely have a look on Thursday.

Myrtle Myrtle 23 January 2016 20:02:22

Now its starting....I have got to be strong, Ive got to be strong! Lol

JoanG JoanG 23 January 2016 20:15:10

Ooh ... can I resist?  I bought a couple the year before last; one disappeared and the other is thriving.  Anyone thinking of buying should get there early!

PeterW PeterW 23 January 2016 20:17:41

Happy Days, I have bought these aswell before and are doing very well so great bargain plants. Will have a look and hopefully some different ones from last year.

fran m fran m 23 January 2016 20:44:24


Periwinkle Periwinkle 23 January 2016 22:31:04

Now if I had not bought any in Johnstown????????

Bernie (Yellow Rose) Bernie (Yellow Rose) 23 January 2016 22:36:51

Thanks everyone for your comments, Myrtle LOL. 

Jackie Jackie 24 January 2016 08:41:39

Ooooh.............well maybe I could have a little look. Did get some over the past two years and they are doing great. Never know they could have some new ones, different one, right?! Sure no harm in checking it out now is there ;) 

SandraR SandraR 24 January 2016 21:25:27

Thanks for the heads up , will have to have a sneak peek too. So much for New Year Resolutions !

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 24 January 2016 22:49:05

Dorothy - you can always fit in a few more !

I got last years ones too. They were all doubles and are all doing well. Almost all my helebores originated in Lidl and they have always been very good plants!

Johnstown Get-Together

12 January 2016 13:31:39

Just to add to what everyone has already said and thank you to all concerned for a lovely day, it was great to meet again. Thanks to  Hazel for organising it, her wonderful helpers doing the Kris kindle and raffle. Moya for the lovely Kris Kindle which i came away with.  Brian Jackie & Joan G for the plants you gave me and the lovely company at our table from Donegal, Dublin, Monaghan and Laois Oh ! not forgetting Peter.. poet Laureate himself. 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 12 January 2016 16:54:03

That's a fab photo, Bernie.

Jackie Jackie 12 January 2016 18:51:43

Bernie it was great meeting up with you again and thank you too for the lovely plants! look forward to maybe seeing you at some other get together throughout the year!

JoanG JoanG 12 January 2016 20:43:14

It was lovely to see you again Bernie and I hope we'll see you again before next year's event! 

Scrubber Scrubber 13 January 2016 00:28:05

I always consider Elizabeth our true poet laureate. Scrubber just knows one or two poets who kindly contributed this year!

Scrubber Scrubber 13 January 2016 00:28:07

I always consider Elizabeth our true poet laureate. Scrubber just knows one or two poets who kindly contributed this year!

fran m fran m 13 January 2016 07:23:02

Super day as said by all ;)

TerriShoos TerriShoos 13 January 2016 10:22:16

We didn't get a chance to chat much but great to see you and Eilish. I'm definitely organising a Western get-together at Woodville this year!!

Jacinta D Jacinta D 13 January 2016 16:33:26

You can call it Western Union. :)

Plants for Johnstown

07 January 2016 14:36:27

Happy New Year to all @ Garden.ie.  Just a few plants for Sat..

 Persicaria ( Red Dragon) x1 Moya

Lychnis Coronaria (pink) x1

Foeniculum Vulgare (bronze) x1 Hazel

Ophiopogon Nigerscens x1   Jackie

Pelargonium Sidoides x2 Jackie

Hesperantha Major x1 Doreen

Aeonium x1

2 small Echeveria (Pearl of Nuremburg)


Jackie Jackie 07 January 2016 16:01:53

Hi Bernie could I take the  Ophiopogon Nigerscens please and one of the Pelergonium Sidoides 

 Thank You and see you Ssturday :) 



Jacinta D Jacinta D 07 January 2016 20:44:49

Ordinarily I would ask for that lovely Aeonium. But I'm trying desparately to curtail my indoor plants at the moment. I've no more space as I took lots from outdoors inside. I think they are secretly trying to push ME outside. :)


Bernie (Yellow Rose) Bernie (Yellow Rose) 07 January 2016 20:53:00

Your welcome Jackie, see you on Sat.

Bernie (Yellow Rose) Bernie (Yellow Rose) 07 January 2016 21:00:16

Jacinta if you change your mind when you move some outside again let me know.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 07 January 2016 21:07:05

I'm sure you'll have a taker for it on Saturday, Bernie. It would no doubt be better off with a more-deserving member. :) But I would hate to see it unwanted, and unloved. So if you are left with it, I'll offer it a good home. :)

Moya Moya 07 January 2016 21:07:31

Bernie, could I possibly have the Persicaria? Thanks a million.

Bernie (Yellow Rose) Bernie (Yellow Rose) 07 January 2016 21:24:00

Its your Moya, see you Sat.

Have just sent you a PM Jacinta. 

Doreen Doreen 07 January 2016 22:05:48

Hi Bernie could I have the hesperantha major please

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 07 January 2016 23:10:38

I'd love the Foeniculum Vulgare please Bernie please!

Jackie Jackie 08 January 2016 19:52:29

Thank you Bernie, see you tomorrow!


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