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The Gathering

13 January 2014 11:00:13

Oh dear, it has been a while.....

So glad Joanne persuaded me to go to the gathering yesterday as I felt bad with my absence on Garden .ie.

I really enjoyed myself and loved meeting everyone there. The food and venue was my highlight and of course travelling home with friends in a car full of plants!

well done to Hazel and all who organised the get together.

Hazel, I was saying to Nuala, you should visit me for lunch and see my garden when you make it down to Clare in May with Nuala.

ps, I will try to be on garden.ie more---- new year resolution!!!

Happy Gardening to all you lovely people.x

Conrad Conrad 13 January 2014 11:56:10

It was great to see you again Biddy, I hope you enjoy all your books.

ClaireE ClaireE 13 January 2014 12:38:44

Happy gardening in 2014 Biddy, and lovely to see you yesterday!

Hoeys Hoeys 13 January 2014 13:14:21

glad you enjoyed the day. great to see you.

Kate & Graham Kate & Graham 13 January 2014 13:14:27

yes great to see you again Biddy 

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 13 January 2014 13:22:38

Thanks Biddy - that's a very kind invitation!

Keego Keego 13 January 2014 14:05:09

Biddy great to meet you again yesterday

Joann Joann 13 January 2014 14:27:23

yes Biddy I agree, it was great to meet you yesterday, we all had a great laugh, will meet up again soon

Jacinta D Jacinta D 13 January 2014 15:12:27

I think it was in Kate & Grahams garden that I met you first, Biddy, if I'm not mistaken. The variegated honeysuckle you gave me then is still looking good. It really deserves to be planted out.

Lovely to see you again.

Myrtle Myrtle 13 January 2014 17:20:13

Too good a day to miss!

PeterW PeterW 13 January 2014 19:18:58

A great day, and always worth going

JoanG JoanG 13 January 2014 21:04:26

Sorry we didn't get talking this time Biddy, glad you enjoyed the day.

Biddy Biddy 14 January 2014 15:55:13

Yes JoanG hope to chat next time, it was Jacinta at Kate and Grahams garden when we first met. Was lovely to meet ye all. I really can't wait to pot up my plants but I really am so looking forward to Spring!!


Dick Dick 01 February 2014 16:04:39

To day is St. Brigid's Day. Some may call it Biddy's Day. Happy feast day, Biddy.


not only for growing food

13 March 2013 23:27:19

just love having tunnels, no more running out to save the clothes from the showers!!

oh and you can harevst two crops in a year!

was a wonderful day in West Clare! 

Michelle finn Michelle finn 13 March 2013 23:39:39

now thats what you call multitasking biddy LOL love it 

Deborah Deborah 13 March 2013 23:56:39

Love it Biddy!

PeterW PeterW 14 March 2013 00:03:23

Haha great idea

Jacinta D Jacinta D 14 March 2013 07:57:02


TinaJ TinaJ 14 March 2013 08:02:48

Great minds think alike ,i put the clothes horse in my green house

Jackie Jackie 14 March 2013 08:23:01

Very novel lol 

sallysarah sallysarah 14 March 2013 08:40:36

I'm thinking 'hanging out in the polytunnel' how laid back is that!!!!!  Brought a smile to my face - great photo, Biddy!!!! We had a wonderful day here in Westport yesterday - sowed my sweet pea seeds.

Dahlia Dahlia 14 March 2013 09:03:52

God, Biddy but that looks classy, lol.

Rachel Rachel 14 March 2013 09:15:34

lol :D

Keego Keego 14 March 2013 23:30:12

Ha Ha Biddy that is a great picture

Joann Joann 15 March 2013 22:53:44

good one Bids, better chance of them drying than outside in Irish weather

Joann Joann 13 January 2014 10:56:20

great day all right Biddy, just to let you know that the only ones who will see your new entry on this journal will be those of us who previously commented on it.  If you want all who were there yesterday to see it then post it as a new journal, I'm just saying like..........

Biddy Biddy 15 December 2015 20:05:25

Hi all, it's been awhile since my last confession! I am finally coming to the end of degree which means I will finally get my life back and may even be more active here. I would love to go to Johnstown as I missed lasr years outing and I don;t main which day it is on.








Joann Joann 16 December 2015 18:25:46

Hiya Biddy, you will have to post a comment on Hazels journal regarding Johnstown for everyone else to see it, looking forward to catching up

Voo doo lilly

18 July 2012 23:42:12

This is the lovely voo doo lilly I got down in Terra Nova last year, I keep it indoors as It  would not survive our summer and winters here. well I am not taken any chances any way. so happy with it, with its animal print  stem....


fran m fran m 18 July 2012 23:48:27

Looking good ;-))

Biddy Biddy 18 July 2012 23:54:38

Thanks Fran,have you come across this plant before,

Jacinta D Jacinta D 19 July 2012 05:48:48

It's a beautiful plant, Biddy, and perfectly hardy.

fran m fran m 19 July 2012 07:23:33

Biidy, other than what I have seen on the site here,

'I know nothing' ;-))

Rachel Rachel 19 July 2012 11:07:50

Looks like Sauromatum to me. It is hardy. Plant it out!

MaryJoe MaryJoe 19 July 2012 13:36:07

Yes Saurmatum venosum but with a terrible smell when in flower ...was weeding yesterday (the sun was shining for a change) when I got a terrible smell ..thought it was dog poo (though I don't have a dog anymore) anyhow on closer inspection it was the voodoo lily!  I also got it from Deborah

Jacinta D Jacinta D 19 July 2012 13:37:33

Ha ha did Deborah not warn you?  :)

I had one a couple of years ago and I must say I ddn't get that awful scent from it. Lucky me!

Biddy Biddy 20 July 2012 00:06:13

thanks guy, after the lovely day today, think they call sunshine, big yellow spot in sky.. beautiful. I just might plant out.

Joann Joann 04 August 2012 00:15:49

Hello Bids, 

I won one of those at a limerick garden plants group meeting in May and it was donated by Deborah, mine is outside still in its pot and thriving away despite the crap weather!  I had it in the glasshouse when I first got it and it flowered but the smell really was like poo and it drove Buffy the dog mad, she kept trying to jump up onto the table to get at it, it was putrid smelling so get it out of your house for gods sake.........

Biddy Biddy 04 August 2012 10:10:55

thanks Joann, but I am afraaid of the wind as it will snap the stems.. so until it starts to smell will leave where it is. great to see you back and look forward to seeing you soon.


Michael 1 Michael 1 18 January 2013 22:58:10

It looks great Biddy your doing a great job there .


110 days later

17 July 2012 22:40:16

hi all, its been 110days since I was 'ere, last comment was scorchio back in march......................................................................................................

now all it is rain as ye all know, my veg are doing very sadly, all nutrients are washed away out to the Shannon. flowers and newly planted shrubs and trees are beng knocked about in the wind and there feet are wet constantly....

anyway we had a lovely day at kate and Grahams garden on Sunday and the day shone. thanks again Kate and Graham

was good to meet with fellow gardeneres and I promise I will be here more often and need to upload pictures of my soggy garden. so long for a ltl.e while.


Clara Clara 17 July 2012 22:44:13

Good to hear from you Biddy and now you will enjoy this site more as you have meet some members.  Hopefully your vegs will make a come back.

Michelle finn Michelle finn 17 July 2012 22:45:20

glad you are coming back, must look up your old journals 

Kate & Graham Kate & Graham 17 July 2012 22:46:27

Welcome back Biddy... it was our pleasure to have you and your dad visit us on Sunday

Myrtle Myrtle 17 July 2012 22:51:37

It does make a difference as Clare said when you have met some members on the site. I missed a lovely get together at Kate and Grahams by all accounts !

fran m fran m 17 July 2012 23:03:47

Welcome back ;-))

Moya Moya 17 July 2012 23:20:22

Biddy, sorry I missed meeting you at Kate and Graham's.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 18 July 2012 05:51:45

Looking forward to more regular journals from you, Biddy. Great to meet you and your Dad in Kate's.

xxx xxx 18 July 2012 08:47:15

Lovely to have met you, your dad and Nuala at Kate & Graham's and thank you again for the lovely selection of plants

Scrubber Scrubber 18 July 2012 12:46:18

Welcome back Biddy. Most peoples veg have suffered the same  fate so we can all moan together!

MartinB MartinB 18 July 2012 21:25:52

Sorry Biddy did not know that you were gone, but welcome back anyway. I have been keeping the show going in your abscence


29 March 2012 22:02:41

I have never seen such a beautiful spell of weather, got so much done! between sowing seeds indoors, planted onions and cabbages outside, so many lines of

 clothes dried, can finally see the floor of my wash room!!!!!!

was out all day until 8.30pm and so tired now.. will post photos later. enjoy Blarney tomorrow everyone, pity I have to work, always next time.

Hoeys Hoeys 29 March 2012 22:05:05

ah have a break now... its so good to have the weather like today.

Spideog Spideog 29 March 2012 22:37:11

Had to laugh at your journal title - I love The Fast Show!

Weather's been fantastic for gardening, but I agree it's soo tiring! I think sometimes we can do too much because we're worried about the inevitable turn in the weather - but let's not dwell on that but enjoy the good weather while we have it! Supposed to be nice tomorrow, too - hooray! ;D

Joann Joann 30 March 2012 00:07:42

Biddy tell the truth, you are only doing loads of gardening and washing cos I am coming to visit over the Easter holidays............ 

Shame you not coming to Blarney but you will meet us on another outing


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