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Another gardening year begins .

14 January 2012 17:00:32

Hope all are well .Are we all prepared for another gardening year .Im hoping to go organic again this year.Mostly did a clear up and weeded out some containers Today ,also got  veg seeds for window ledge ,early carrot ,tomatoe and spring onion and pepper .I wonder is danger of snow passed.


Scrubber Scrubber 14 January 2012 17:20:08

Well done you. It was so cold here today that it wasnt pleasant to be out!

Hoeys Hoeys 14 January 2012 17:39:30

you can never predict the weather.... i guess its still can be snow in February.

Dick Dick 14 January 2012 17:51:45

Too cold to get anything worth while done outside.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 14 January 2012 18:12:51

I was actually looking at the the sky this evening thinking it looked VERY like snow. Hope I'm wrong.

fran m fran m 14 January 2012 18:47:51

Your wrong for sure Jacinta, I'm glad to say ;-))

Cloncaw Cloncaw 17 January 2012 00:00:13

Your well organised I haven't even thought about what seeds to sow here yet.

Any ideas?

20 March 2011 18:38:14

Two we eks ago I planted onion sets ,but several times Ive gone out and the bulbs are lifted and some dissappeared .Im assuming it is birds any other suspects .I covered with net but still happening .


Jacinta D Jacinta D 20 March 2011 18:39:45

Try covering it with chicken wire.

Moya Moya 20 March 2011 22:44:25

Yes, it's definitely birds. Put garden fleece over them until they have started to grow away. It will help them on as well.

Also, make sure birds have plenty of other food.

colleen colleen 21 March 2011 19:42:25

That is a great idea Moya

Moya Moya 21 March 2011 21:29:31

Hope it works for you Colleen.

I also don't leave any of the sets showing above ground.

My wormry arrived

20 March 2011 18:33:53

Got my wormry Yesterday and have to get my worms in Mr Middleton during week.



Jacinta D Jacinta D 20 March 2011 18:35:03

Keep us posted on how things go with it, Kathleen. Best of luck with it.

Dana_Dublin Dana_Dublin 20 March 2011 22:28:05

Yes I would love to hear how you get on with the wormery,

Thinking about getting one,


Did a big clear out

15 March 2011 21:40:32
I hired a skip at the weekend and did a big clearout of the shed and garden ,I did not evem know i had so much space .That is a step closer to building my raised vegetable  bed .
Jacinta D Jacinta D 15 March 2011 21:42:29

Great stuff, Colleen. It's amazing the junk that we continually hoard without even realizing it. As regards the wormery, Headgardener just got one the week before last. Contact him. He should be able to tell you all you need to know.

Annak Annak 15 March 2011 22:55:54

Its worth the expense to hire a skip, sometimes its the only way to get rid of things you dont need anymore and its great when its all cleared and you end up with loads of space.

Anyone ever had a wormer y

15 March 2011 21:34:34
I am been given a present of one from a me mber of of my GIY group ,never had one before so looking forward to it.
Periwinkle Periwinkle 15 March 2011 22:42:29

Yes, I've had a wormery for about 12 years and would highly recommend it. Especially if you got one of these newer ones that has trays that can easily be taken out. Unfortunately, our County Council didnt promote those (maybe they hadnt been invented then) and so mine is a large deep plastic barrel with a lid and a tap at the bottom for draining of the 'worm tea'. It is fine but requires lifting out the top layer of compost before reaching the really good stuff in the bottom. And I mean really good stuff!

Dana_Dublin Dana_Dublin 15 March 2011 23:07:35


Did you have any problem keeping the worms alive in winter or if you were on holidays.

I though about getting one but heard that the worms often die.

Any advice about managing it.


chilipepper chilipepper 16 March 2011 01:19:08

I have been interested in one of these for a while! would love more info also!!


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