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must do better!

20 October 2013 22:53:37

Just been writing my next journal entry and mansged to wipe it out. So start again. My husband has bought me a tablet, so I might actually remember to write more often.  Where have the last two and half years gone. My garden is now more sheltered as the beech hedge has grown well. Hopefully no more horizontal plants from the wind. Planted a bramley apple, now need to get two more apple trees to help with pollination. 

I have been busy with my local flower and garden club in Nenagh (chairperson now). I have set up a facebook page (nenagh flower garden club). I have also set up a web page. www.myinfo.ie/nenagh-flower-garden-club. Please feel free to check it out.

Visted India and Nepal which was great, but missed out on sowing veg seeds for 2013. Back into the swing though for 2014.

Clara Clara 20 October 2013 23:09:31

Welcome back Bridggette ....things have been happening with some journals but it always gets put right from Craig who you get in touch with ...Would love a few photos of the more grow up garden  now and the lovely holiday of India and Nepal....

Bridgette Bridgette 20 October 2013 23:24:55

Thanks Clara. Photos to follow for sure.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 21 October 2013 07:02:18

Welcome back, Bridgette.

Rachel Rachel 21 October 2013 07:41:24

I hope we will hear lots from you with the new tablet.

Scrubber Scrubber 21 October 2013 14:56:49

And well done on taking the chair! Hope the club prospers!

Geraldine Geraldine 21 October 2013 22:16:25

Yes the club is doing well -I can vouch for that.See you nexy week Bridgette.By the way 'Spade' will have geraniums( cranesbill) next month to give away.He said they were pink and blue but did not say what varieties.Anyone interested should contact him.He lives near Cashel. I am busy potting up all the Hostas I got from him on Sun.I'm bringing some to the plant and cake sale at Nenagh Flower Club on Wed 30th.


03 April 2011 12:59:56
During the course of digging the new veg & flower beds over the last three years we have managed to dig out quite a lot of stones & rocks which we are gradually trying to re-use, however it seems the pile never gets any smaller it appears to grow & grow!
Dick Dick 03 April 2011 14:13:59

Bridgette, I had the same experience over the years, since 1977. My then next door neighbour was looking for stones to fill a soak hole and he was allowed to take away as much as he wanted. I made a number of concrete paths and the stones came in handy. A few years ago, I needed some stones for a soak hole, again I had the stones but the number again grew. recently I made a rockery and I made use of the stones. When I was young my father told me of a man who believed that stones grow. You can consume that with a crystal of sodium chloride:)

Cloncaw Cloncaw 03 April 2011 14:18:44

Good luck with the new veg and flower beds, we dug out lots of boulders that have been used to make flower beds. Stones always come in useful Johnny used to bury them but not anymore thank goodness.

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 03 April 2011 14:32:53

Those rocks look like Tipperary Sandstone - we paid a lot of money to get rocks like those to make our entrance gates :-)

Rachel Rachel 03 April 2011 14:56:06

Yes, you have handsome rocks.

rosburke rosburke 03 April 2011 21:38:30

I know how you feel!!!!

First Rhubarb

03 April 2011 12:32:41

Pulled my first rhubarb and made a lovely crumble. I have never had home grown before and I was amazed at the taste, and it went really well with the homemade ice cream.

I also used the leaves to make an insecticide.

Gravelgarden Gravelgarden 03 April 2011 13:33:58

how did you make the insecticide?

Cloncaw Cloncaw 03 April 2011 14:11:03

It's so delicious straight from the garden pulled some the other week but think it's on the menu for later feel like a treat.

Dick Dick 03 April 2011 14:19:16

I also have had good rhubarb recently. I made jam from it and it is delicious. I also would like to know how you would make the insecticide.

mcdonald mcdonald 03 April 2011 20:04:47

I used our rhubarb the other day it was lovely.  can you tell us how to make the insecticide please.

rosburke rosburke 03 April 2011 21:42:18

Waiting to here how you made the insecticide also. Dick could you post your recipe for the rhubarb jam. Had rhubarb and custard last night, but  I have loads left and need to use it.

ladygardener ladygardener 04 April 2011 18:12:56

I'd love to hear how you use the leaves to make an insecticide too as I've grown rhubarb but can't really cook so at least i'd have a use for it.

New Conifer Bed

03 April 2011 12:24:36
The new conifer bed is almost finshed it just needs some gravel to set it off. All the stone/rocks that you can see have been dug out of our garden, so you could say I am doing my bit for recycling!
Cloncaw Cloncaw 03 April 2011 14:06:44

Great bit of recycling and construction work.

Dick Dick 03 April 2011 14:23:59

Yes Bridgette, Recycling is a great idea. I know people who get rid of anything they don't want at that moment and then later on go looking for something similar. The bed looks great.

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 03 April 2011 14:26:01

There is nothing like the truly "local" stone to set off a garden. I looks great!

fran m fran m 03 April 2011 20:52:58

Looking Great

rosburke rosburke 03 April 2011 21:44:14

looks great

New Year, New Start

09 March 2011 09:14:58

I have not had much to do and say about the Garden since last September, however this year has started in earnest.

In November 2010 I had the digger man come back and dig two new large veg plots, another huge flower bed and a conifer bed, plus scrape some grass off around the geenhouse & shed ready for informal paths.

The hard frosts we experienced over the winter has broken down the new beds really well.

My wonderful husband has dug over the majority of the two veg plots as the weather has been good and unfortunately I had a bad cold and was unable to do much digging (shame!).

I am really looking forward to growing more veg this year as last year's was so successful and tasted so good. In fact I still have a few potatoes, parsnips and leeks so see us through the next couple of weeks.

The new confier bed has been dug over again and all the conifers added. I have put landscape fabric down around them all and used some of the mountain of stones dug out of the garden to edge the bed and place in the bed. I am going to get some decorative gravel to infill the remainder of the bed to finish it off. It should look really good when finished and be very low maintainance.

The snowdrops and crocus were lovely this year and are just going over, however the daffodils are  now starting to flower.

As I walk round the garden each morning I see more plants coming back to life after their very cold winter break. The rubarb which I planted last year is doing exceptionally well and I can hardly wait to try it.

unagrant unagrant 09 March 2011 09:41:56

Nothing like growing your own vegetable, it's so enjoyable to go out and pick something out of your garden and than cook it.  Enjoy the season ahead.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 09 March 2011 09:52:30

Welcome back, Bridgette. Sounds like you have been doing some serious work in your garden.

Cloncaw Cloncaw 09 March 2011 10:32:32

Good luck with all your plans your well on the way already to a successful garden year.

fran m fran m 09 March 2011 13:29:47

Best of luck.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 09 March 2011 13:45:36

Welcome back and best of luck with your veg and as Una said it is great to be able to pick your own  veg and to eat when it is so fresh. Mary

Keego Keego 09 March 2011 22:58:21

Good to hear from you - you have had a very productive Winter and are well ahead with your Veg bed all ready for planting


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