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Christmas lights

13 December 2012 19:19:42

I love this time of the year especially when we put the lights up in the garden,  I usually put them on the arches, pergola and summerhouse.  The garden takes on a magical and sparkling appearance that looks even better on a good frosty night.  Sadly we have no berries on the holly this year, and my husband could not find any, even on an old reliable holly bush at the top of a hill close to our house.  I bought a lovely poinsettia in Tesco, I always love to have them in the house at Christmas,  I managed to save last year's poinsettia up until May.  This is a record for me as I am hopeless with houseplants, I think I kill them with kindness i.e. too much water. I may not get back to the website until after Christmas therefore, I would like to wish you all a Very Happy and Peaceful time with your families this Christmas.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 13 December 2012 19:30:20

Many Happy Return, Brenmar. Great result keeping a poinsettia going until May.

fraoch fraoch 13 December 2012 20:17:13

Many happy returns to you too!

ladygardener ladygardener 14 December 2012 08:47:54

The lights sound lovely Happy Christmas to you too.

big bank holiday tidy up

01 November 2012 14:57:32

Bank Holiday monday was a lovely gardening day here in Leitrim.  We decided to clear and tidy up part of the  front garden.  We had a contoneaster horizontalis which  we had grown tired of. We decided to remove it as it was beginning to obliterate the stone wall at the front of our house and block the view of the road as you drove out our front gate.  The stone wall now looks much better.  We then tidied up the front bed that ran along the full length of the wall, sadly we had to remove a peris forest flame that was growing through and spoiling the shape of a lovely smoke bush (cotinus coggygria).  I have a few more large peris forest flame elsewhere in the garden, so I felt it was worth the compromise (cruel to be kind) of  removing it and showing off the smoke bush to its full potential.  We still have quite a bit of work yet to do, but the thing is, we have made a start.

Scrubber Scrubber 01 November 2012 18:17:40

 Its not cruel. Its exercising exquisite tatse and admirable selectivity-Thats what i tell myself as I hack out something that has outstayed its welcome!!!! Cotoneaster h can be lovely but can dominate to the point where it HAS TO GO. Have no regrets!

Myrtle Myrtle 01 November 2012 19:11:24

A lot achieved.

fran m fran m 01 November 2012 19:20:23

Well done, every little bit done is a little less to do ..................... oh just stay quite Fran ;-))

Another Try

11 October 2012 19:18:55

My success with roses has not been very good do date.  I love roses and therefore I have decided to try and grow some more in the hope of better success.  I bought four in Lidl on Tuesday, Rosa Rugosa Alba, Dearest, Peer Gynt, and another rosa rugosa, they were great value @ €2.25 each.  I notice from your journals and photographs that some of you are fantastic rose growers, I hope to pick up tips from you all as I go along.  It definitely is not rose growing weather here in Lovely Leitrim today, what a wash out.

andyf7 andyf7 11 October 2012 20:06:55

brutal day all round, but those roses will be a bonus for the garden next season. Dick is

a dab hand at the roses, he is Mr. rose.

fran m fran m 11 October 2012 20:11:50

R. Rugosa is an easy one, but spreads by underground suckering. That's all I can add, good luck.

PeterW PeterW 11 October 2012 20:31:17

I tried and failed with roses earlier this year except for a climbing one which i got in Aldi which did fantastic but other than that no good, so i def can't help

Rachel Rachel 11 October 2012 20:41:23

You will have no problem to get Rosa rugosa to grow. All the best.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 11 October 2012 21:45:05

Best of luck with the roses. I'm probably the worst rose grower on the site. Bought 8-10 different ones last year. All covered with blackspot.

BRENMAR BRENMAR 12 October 2012 09:42:27

Thanks everyone, I will post pictures of my success, or lack of it, next summer.  I did not know that rosa rugosa could spread by underground suckering, so already I have learned something, thanks for that Fran M.

ladygardener ladygardener 12 October 2012 19:36:05

I went mad buying roses in Lidl last year.  They gave me a tremendous amount of enjoyment.  Some were not as described on the tin but turned out to be beautiful anyway.   I bought 4 more over the last few days as you say they're great value. 

JoanG JoanG 12 October 2012 22:02:29

Agree with all the comments above; also, don't despair of roses too soon, as I've found they often need three or four years after planting to start showing really well.  Persevere and they will reward you; that said, this was a terrible year with the rain causing so much blackspot. 

The lengths we go to

05 October 2012 19:06:54

Today was a lovely sunny day down here in Lovely Leitrim.  My husband is busy extending his greenhouse to accommodate my new red grapevine.  As is the norm for us, it will consist of as much recycled materials as possible.  We had great success with a green grapevine this year and I bought the red grapevine in the hope that is will grow as well.  The problem was that there was not enough room for the two of them in the old greenhouse, so we had to extend it.  I also bought a fig tree at the same time as the grapevine and I would welcome advice from someone who has one, on the best location to plant it, and what kind of soil and container it should be planted in. I believe they grow quite big and need root restriction.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 05 October 2012 19:29:03

I'm sure Ladygardener will give you lots of tips about your fig.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 05 October 2012 20:34:34

Ann (Ladygardener) has lovely figs as I have tasted them. Best of luck with the grapevine and the fig. Mary

Hoeys Hoeys 05 October 2012 23:14:54

you are so lucky to grow grapes...

Rachel Rachel 06 October 2012 00:35:17

Fig foliage is beautiful too.

New photographs

03 October 2012 20:09:42

I uploaded a few photographs of the garden taken back in August.  We got lots of light in the garden this year as a result of cutting down our trees, however, as a result of all the rain this year, I think the garden lacks of bit of lustre.   My husband was so busy chopping all the wood and removing tree stumps, other jobs had to wait.  Hopefully next year the ongoing projects will show results and I will have more varied and colourful borders. 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 03 October 2012 20:37:36

Your garden will thank you tenfold for all the extra light you are now providing it with now.

JoanG JoanG 03 October 2012 21:16:52

Have just looked at your photos; what a lovely garden and looks fairly large so you must really work hard to have it looking so well. 

ladygardener ladygardener 03 October 2012 22:35:28

It's looking great.  I sympathise with your husband I hate taking out tree stumps.

ladygardener ladygardener 03 October 2012 22:38:54

i just had a look at your photos, you have some stunning areas

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 03 October 2012 23:02:59

Lovely photos of your garden, your summerhouse is to die for. Mary

Rachel Rachel 03 October 2012 23:41:13

Your photos are beautiful. A very well kept garden.

sallysarah sallysarah 04 October 2012 08:21:37

Your garden looks lovely - lots of nooks and crannies.  Your summerhouse is great!!

corktony corktony 04 October 2012 10:20:04

What a great garden

Love the shape and backing to seated area

BRENMAR BRENMAR 04 October 2012 12:35:26

The summerhouse is my favourite place, My husband built it for me, we recycled most of it, the doors used to divide my kitchen and diningroom.  It is so peaceful down there, perfect for painting or reading.  I painted the outside after I took that photograph,  it now looks a lot better.


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