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pleased enough with this.

20 April 2015 21:47:21

had a few idea's for this North Facing area to brighten it up a bit. 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 20 April 2015 21:49:07

Very snazzy combination, Andy. I love that Brunnera. Must keep an eye out for it. 

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 20 April 2015 21:59:30

That's a really snappy collection - enough to brighten the darkest north-facing area!

fran m fran m 20 April 2015 22:02:44

Yep that works ;)

PeterW PeterW 20 April 2015 22:07:21

That looks great Andy

Kathrin Kathrin 20 April 2015 22:12:25

Bright and beautiful. 

I should have divided mine this year but it took off too quickly and its in full flower now. Next year ..... 

Michelle finn Michelle finn 20 April 2015 22:36:26

now that is a combo to die for love it 

JoanG JoanG 20 April 2015 22:49:44

That's a great combination Andy and perfect timing to get the tulips coinciding with the new pieris foliage.

Jackie Jackie 21 April 2015 08:17:24

I love that combination Andy. Those colours work perfect together. A good eye ;) 

Hoeys Hoeys 21 April 2015 08:41:49

oh this is great colours. good choice.

deserved praise

20 April 2015 10:56:11

very interesting article in the Times today. 

fran m fran m 20 April 2015 20:34:04

I was there last year for the Tulips, fantastic, a classic garden at any time of the year.

Lìga Lìga 20 April 2015 21:08:10

ah,love Junes garden!!!

JoanG JoanG 20 April 2015 21:17:31

June has a fabulous garden, well worth a visit anytime; her tulip day this coming Sunday is to raise funds for a family member with advanced cancer.

Does this combination help.

31 March 2015 21:16:55

Does this combination help sell the primula as a regular in your plot, or is their no situation where you will have them?. 

Mary B Mary B 31 March 2015 21:31:24

Tbh I find that display a bit on the garish side and I think it detracts from an otherwise lovely view of the sea.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 31 March 2015 21:32:53

Wowsers!!!   That's gorgeous, Andy.

I have to say I will ALWAYS buy those garish primroses. I would always find a place for them. But that setting is spectacular. Love the grasses with them too.

PeterW PeterW 31 March 2015 21:46:33

Great shot Andy but too be honest I don't like those supermarket bright Primroses. I do enjoy seeing the mass planting of them around the place but just not in the garden here.

fran m fran m 31 March 2015 21:53:09

Nope, way OTT ;(

andyf7 andyf7 31 March 2015 21:53:30

Not a great pic Peter as it was taken with my phone, but thanks.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 31 March 2015 21:55:32

It seems like I'm on my own with my love for them (sad face)!!!  Poor babies!

Moya Moya 31 March 2015 21:57:39

Great pic - take a compliment Andy.

No, I do not warm to them although have the blue one here which has kind of gone wild. They wouldn't suit my garden which is on the native/wild side.

JoanG JoanG 31 March 2015 21:57:54

I agree with PeterW and also with MaryB that they jar with the sea view.  In other public places they can bring welcome cheer, such as at Sutton Cross if you've seen them there Andy. 

Elizabeth7 Elizabeth7 31 March 2015 22:14:42

I think they are grand plants.  At a time of year when Spring is only starting to see a bright display like that would raise my spirits. I don't understand when I read that they don't last; about 5 years ago I was in Cobh when the council were digging out the displays and came home with a couple of bags full. They still provide a blast of colour around the place every year. Bright, garish to some folk but I think '' Cheerfull '' is the word I would use.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 31 March 2015 22:17:21

Well said, Elizabeth. A woman after my own heart.

Fleurette Fleurette 31 March 2015 22:18:08

Well, I have enjoyed seeing this journal on an awful day with huge winds, rain, sleet and snow.  Personnally I like them pushed in here and there to brighten up dark corners, or "en bloc" on public planting. There they have a great role to play. They are cheerful, but you could not say they are calming.  But, we need to cater for all our moods! 

andyf7 andyf7 31 March 2015 22:18:42

Hi Joan, seen them their just toda,y as im a regular in that area.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 31 March 2015 22:19:51

I think they flower at a perfect time for us gardeners. Raring to go and full of Spring fever. Just enough to get the gardening juices flowing.

andyf7 andyf7 31 March 2015 23:04:40

Thank you everyone for your valued opinion, its interesting to hear your views, and my own opinion is, their is not a plant on this planet that is not valuable in the correct combination and setting, and these 'in your face' plants are a real blast of colour in the correct setting. 

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 31 March 2015 23:06:29

I'm with Elizabeth and Jacinta - their cheery colours brighten MY garden anyway!!!!

Joann Joann 31 March 2015 23:19:42

no no no, not in that setting, no way! I like all plants in the right setting and I like those primroses brightening places and public spaces but with the grasses and the sea it just looks wrong somehow to me. And yeah I do have some of them in certain places in my own garden

quiet at the Bots today.

10 March 2015 21:25:14

Had a nice ramble around the Bots today spurred on by Noel's journal, not a great deal of plant/colour interest at the moment, but a lovely quiet ramble and a nice way to spend 2 hours. 

roofy roofy 10 March 2015 21:29:53

Time well spent Andy.

TinaJ TinaJ 10 March 2015 21:30:31

Lovely photos Andy ,especially the 3rd 

You picked a great day for it

PeterW PeterW 10 March 2015 21:33:28

A love way to spend the day, those are  3 great shots andy and love the hut or house.

Mary B Mary B 10 March 2015 21:43:05

I love the crocuses too. 

A quiet ramble is such a treat, there is not enough quietness in our world.

Michelle finn Michelle finn 10 March 2015 21:43:12

that must be new, im not sure how it fits into the botanics so near to the big glasshouse dont get me wrong i like it i just dont think it works where it is, if it was away from the main glasshouse in a more woodland setting it would be fine 

fran m fran m 10 March 2015 22:00:43

Andy a great day for a visit.

JoanG JoanG 10 March 2015 22:19:18

Glad you enjoyed your visit, Andy; the Viking House is an interesting new addition.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 11 March 2015 00:16:52

Great photos Andy. Have not been for awhile.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 11 March 2015 06:07:56

I could have met you if I had known. I was in Griffith Park, just a stone's throw away from you. You had a great day for it.

Dick Dick 13 March 2015 23:28:17

Lovely photos, Andy. Great day for it. Jacinta, stone's throw? Mind the big glasshouse:)

Jacinta D Jacinta D 14 March 2015 06:17:10

LOL Dick

Malahide castle.

15 November 2014 18:38:28

Managed to get a walk around the grounds today without getting soaked! took a few pics on the phone. 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 15 November 2014 18:55:24

Beautiful. Must pay another visit very soon.

Michelle finn Michelle finn 15 November 2014 19:53:53

i love those pictures wow anything woodland i love. fabulous shots 

Michelle finn Michelle finn 15 November 2014 19:57:44

wouldnt mind printing these and framing them 

roofy roofy 15 November 2014 20:18:27

Great pics Andy.

JoanG JoanG 15 November 2014 20:24:15

Lovely shots, Andy; you were lucky to get round between the showers.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 15 November 2014 20:48:08

Woodland photos are amazing this year and colour lasting so long.

Myrtle Myrtle 15 November 2014 22:02:56

We are getting near the last chance to enjoy the autumn colour

Jackie Jackie 16 November 2014 08:34:37

Wow Andy they are fabulous. 


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