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We're still renting so our garden mostly consists of large pots embedded in the soil and a few scattered seeds.

I love to rescue plants and most of our plants have travelled around Ireland with us and each have a story.


My cactus flowers... for one day.

17 October 2009 16:28:35

A couple of weeks ago my cactus flowered. The stalk took about a week to grow but the flower only lasted a day, the next day it had drooped and before long the stalk broke off. I'm so glad I took this photo. I'm also glad I tried experimenting with letting it dry out a bit then deluging it with water.

I've yet to see how some of the others might flower, a couple of them do the small purple flowers but I'm now hoping for some drama from the ones that have yet to give me a show.

Ternie Ternie 17 October 2009 16:33:48

I know such cacti, flowers just for 1 day (white one, I bet). I have similar one, with deep pink flowers. It doesn't flower every year. Your cactus with small purple flowers is mamillaria, am I right? Very nice either.

Myrtle Myrtle 17 October 2009 16:44:05

Lovely big flower for small plant, pity it only lasts a day.

Gismo1981 Gismo1981 17 October 2009 17:38:09

very pretty indeed, nice picture. pity it only lasted one day though. 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 17 October 2009 18:01:23

Better for a day instead of a YEAR! Then one might begin to wonder about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But they ARE beautiful.

Rachel Rachel 18 October 2009 00:09:07

Wasn't that worth waiting for!

Mairin Mairin 21 October 2009 09:29:23

I never had any cactus but on seeing those flowers, I might.

I've been away, but I haven't forgotten.

15 October 2009 11:53:32

I've been away from this site, things at work have been getting busy but I managed to fit in holidays to Italy and Amsterdam.

Italy wasn't solely a holiday but staying in Riva del Garda at the tip of Lake Garda in the northern Italian lakes was magical. I loved the faded elegance and grandour of the place and these gardens summed that up perfectly.

Then in Amsterdam I was marvelling at the bulbs and resisting (fairly successfully with the help of friends) from buying all of them.

But while I've been away I haven't forgotten and have a few photos to share later on (my cactus flowered). I was reminded to come back after picking up the magazine for the train ride back from Dublin last night. It was Gismo's profile on the inside cover and remembering how friendly everyone was when I joined back in August that encouraged me to come straight back on this morning.

Myrtle Myrtle 15 October 2009 12:13:49

welcome back seems like you had a great time. Did you come back inspired to replicate what you saw in your own garden?

Rachel Rachel 15 October 2009 12:34:08

Welcome back. Sounds like a great holiday. Looking forward to hearing what bulbs you did get.

Gismo1981 Gismo1981 15 October 2009 12:41:39

welcome back, looking forward to seeing your photographs and also what bulbs you got :O)

Jacinta D Jacinta D 15 October 2009 18:25:07

Hi Amy. Hope you had a ball.

DirtAmy DirtAmy 17 October 2009 16:34:39

Thanks guys. I just picked up a few tulips for pots. And one day... one day my garden will be like that (I wish, in Galway!).

A frequent dilemma - to pot up or plant out?

07 August 2009 13:13:16

When I acquire a new plant I frequently face the choice between potting it so we can take it with us or planting it out where it would look lovely and thrive better but may have to stay behind. So I was delighted to discover four seperate plants to my new rose that was cheap at the supermarket. Currently I've potted all four and will decide later which to plant out and where.

The top right of the photo also just about shows my new catnip, that's a definite plant-out. Even the local semi-feral cat deserves her fix of cat cannabis!

Gismo1981 Gismo1981 07 August 2009 15:58:03

when are you planning on moving, its hard trying to mind them all in pots and keep them watered. But you obviously love to tinker at them like the rest of us on this sit :O)

Jools O Jools O 11 August 2009 08:54:21

I have to say, Amy, that I was so happy when we finally bought our own house and I could do anything I wanted with it. And got to stop lugging pots with me everywhere. But now I find I can't get the ground dug fast enough and have loads of things sitting around in pots (the vine weevils probably eyeing the potted plants greedily). The roses look lovely, by the way.

The ferns go outside... and die!

05 August 2009 12:48:06

I decided it was time the ferns from our bedroom windowsill went outside. At which point one of them promptly curled up and died!

In general I'm trying to get all our plants outside (except the lemon trees, avocado trees, plams, cactuses/cacti and other house plants) because when we eventually get our own place that's where they'll live. And it saves on watering!

Gismo1981 Gismo1981 05 August 2009 14:24:17

probably the shock of the weather lol !!! some plants are so temperamental :O)


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