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Martin getting muddy

02 January 2017 00:24:03

Martin gets stuck into a spot of 'light' gardening on New Years Eve.... 

Martin Getting Muddy

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 02 January 2017 01:04:44

Wow! That's an understatement! What a great video! Just a question - if you didn't have the field beside you to dispose of the sludge is there another way? Can it be composted? My pond is not as large as yours but probably needs a similar clean-up this year.

Deborah Deborah 02 January 2017 01:22:11

Hi Hazel! Yes, it would be brilliant for the compost heap, but we were aware that even though we were really careful to go through all the sludge for hibernating frogs we still could have missed a few and if we had thrown that stuff on our compost heap the frogs wouldn't have been able to make an escap, so instead we piled it in an undisturberd spot to give any that were overlooked a chance to get away.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 02 January 2017 06:54:19

That's a great video, Deborah. One of our ponds could do with a serious clear-out too. But unfortunately all the sludge would have to be thrown onto the grass in front of the patio doors so I'm left with a major dilemma. We also have fish in this pond and I've learned from experience that they don't transfer well to other ponds. I wouldn't be able to tackle that job myself just yet, and not sure if Steve's back would be up to it either.

Jackie Jackie 02 January 2017 09:09:20

What an amazing video. fair play to Martin to get stuck in there and great camera work.  My husband was watching with me and has great respect for Martin getting in amongst all that debris but said if that had been me commenting while he was pulling up that plant...................well let's just say Martin has great patience lol. 

Im so glad you rescued those little frogs and I'm sure they will benefit now that the pond has been cleared of all the debris. Well done to you both. 

MartinB MartinB 02 January 2017 10:45:21

Hi guys. Jacinta you could lay polythene on the ground. If you pump out most of the water then the fish can easily be put into a bucket and put back in the pond when you are finished. For this type of job you need to wear thermal clothes as the fabric in cotton clothes collapses when wet.  

Jacinta D Jacinta D 02 January 2017 11:06:16

Thanks, Martin. Must root out the thermals, but when the weather warms up a bit. I can't see Steve actually doing it. But the pond in question is a lot smaller than yours so I reckon I'll tackle it myself. You're a great man to get that job done. Hope the whiskey went down well. :) 

MartinB MartinB 02 January 2017 12:03:07

I think that I overdone it with the whiskey Jacinta !


Jacinta D Jacinta D 02 January 2017 13:09:37

LOL Happy New Year.

Joann Joann 02 January 2017 13:41:06

Deborah you are such a slave driver, and then pretending you did a bit of work by showing us your dirty sleeves, I am not convinced!!!

Poor Martin, you really are a saint, that running commentary while you worked.....I would have thrown her in to the muck ha ha. 

As for the comparison to the milk tray man, I laughed out loud, then laughed again when my small girl LilyRose thought Deborahs name was Zebra

PeterW PeterW 02 January 2017 20:26:25

I really enjoyed the video and I was inspired to do more in the garden so headed back out there today for a couple of hours and delighted with my little progress. Well done Martin and Deborah. As always would love more videos

JoanG JoanG 02 January 2017 20:59:46

That video made my day!  'Saint' is definitely the word to describe Martin, enough said. Whenever I get daft notions of including a pond in my garden, I'll remember this video, so thanks to you both. 

Tulip bargains...

29 December 2016 23:04:16

1500 tulip bulbs bought on impulse in mid December are still waiting to be planted....

Joann Joann 29 December 2016 23:50:00

You are always the great one for the bargains! 1500 WOW!!! I would offer to plant them for you but I... em... ah... oh ya I am washing my hair or something

Deborah Deborah 29 December 2016 23:52:29

What say you about a tin of Batiste and a nice cuppa in exchange for a couple of hours of back breaking work instead?

Joann Joann 30 December 2016 00:42:44

I say no thanks.......

fran m fran m 31 December 2016 08:47:50

Ahhh come on Debroah, only 1500........ your slipping LOL

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 02 January 2017 00:33:00

Some bargain! 

Busy times!

05 June 2016 22:07:13

It's all go at the moment. Every day the list of jobs in the garden seems to grow longer and longer! Between garden visitors we managed to get quite a bit done today including a bit of a pond cleanup that had been on the agenda for a week or two.....   

Martin Clearing Pond

Jacinta D Jacinta D 06 June 2016 01:54:56

Good job, Martin. It's such a satisfying job. Do you have fish in this pond, Deborah? I find the only safe pond for fish is in the pond up close to the house, where we can keep an eye on the local heron.

PeterW PeterW 06 June 2016 21:35:27

That's a big pond to be cleaning but very clever idea with the ladder.

Ballyhoura Garden Experience

02 April 2016 09:15:26

On Thursday evening we launched a new gardening trail, the only one to exist in Co. Limerick. It is small but perfectly proportioned for a day out. We have designed and packaged it as 'Five beautiful destinations in one day' and the brochure depicts, with the aid of the little pink Ballyhoura beetle, the journey and distance between each of the destinations. So why not grab a few friends and head to Limerick for a great garden escape!

fran m fran m 02 April 2016 09:50:38

That's one for the future alright, best of luck to you all.

See you soon ;)

JanetS JanetS 02 April 2016 13:30:10

Where can I get a brochure, Deborah?

Deborah Deborah 02 April 2016 15:25:52

Hi Janet, you can see all the details on facebook :)

BrunoCork BrunoCork 02 April 2016 19:25:26

Very tempting! Well done to who ever came up with the travel times/layout.

fraoch fraoch 02 April 2016 20:25:37

Great initiative, best of luck with that!

Myrtle Myrtle 02 April 2016 20:45:32

Great idea!

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 10 April 2016 20:19:13

That's a great idea, Deborah! I wish you every success!

Roanmore lad Roanmore lad 06 June 2016 11:55:57

Well done to all involved.

Gardening Classes & events at Terra Nova

25 February 2016 09:59:00

I'm very excited to have my new 2016 brochures. As you can see there's plenty going on in our garden this year. We are just about to launch a new garden trail - the Ballyhoura Garden Experience. This will be a lovely compact trail, everything within a 30 minute drive and well worth your while to visit Co. Limerick in the coming months! I'll keep you posted as soon as we are ready to go with that. 

fran m fran m 25 February 2016 12:29:37

No doubt our paths will cross on one of the days at least ;)

Mary B Mary B 25 February 2016 20:34:29

That's a very attractive brochure Deborah, and so much going on! Best of luck with your gardening year :)

Myrtle Myrtle 25 February 2016 20:35:02

Well done Deborah! hope we have a good summer to make it all a success

JoanG JoanG 25 February 2016 22:52:23

Best wishes for all your events and classes this year Deborah; the brochure looks very tempting indeed. 


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