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New Gardening Programme.

16 August 2017 14:49:25

With the weather being so miserable today I am reduced to watching daytime television. However, while watching Channel 4, during the break in that wonderful programme 'Four in a Bed', there was a promo for a new gardening television programme. On Monday next 21st August at 9 o'clock Dee Hart Dyke, a keen gardener is visiting open gardens around Britain and tries to convert her daughter Miranda (well known comedian and actress) to the joys of horticulture. It looks like a very nice produced programme and I am a person who loves to peep over the gate into other people's creations, so this should suit me down to the ground. It will be broadcast over three episodes.

I am wondering if Mr. Middleton is printing any bulb catalogue this year as I found the on-line one to small to read and just generally awkward. It is a day for going through bulb catalogues.

Jackie Jackie 16 August 2017 19:06:21

Ooooh thanks for that Mary, will definitely be tuning in to that. I too love 'looking' over the wall!

I got a catalogue from Mr Middleton in the post only last week. If you go onto their website there is an option for their newsletter and brochure. Or ring them and ask for you. Their Warehouse bulb sale is on the 2nd September, so really looking forward to going to that again this year. Spent a fortune last year but so well worth it in the end!

JoanG JoanG 16 August 2017 21:10:27

Thanks for that info Mary.  I enjoy peeping over the gate too! 

In the past, Mr Middleton catalogues have come with The Irish Times so maybe they will be doing this again. 

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 16 August 2017 22:59:58

Good to know that the catalogue is still being published, Jackie. I like looking through the pages and would rather spend my money in Ireland than ordering from the UK. We will be in Dublin on 9th, such a pity we are a week to late. 

Joan had forgotten it came with the Irish Times. The name of the TV programme is  'All Gardens Great and Small'.

Moya Moya 17 August 2017 00:46:59

Thanks for the heads up Mary.

I got the catalogue as well but it's very small. Some nice bulbs in it though. I wish I could get to their sale. Has anyone attended any of their Masterclasses?

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 17 August 2017 08:35:33

Moya, as far as I can remember, I think Keego and her sister went to a Masterclass.

Clematis purpurea plena Elegans.

14 August 2017 16:31:12

This is my favourite clematis with it's beautiful double dusky pink flowers. It flowers from June until late September and it is covered in flowers from start to finish. I have it growing on an arch which is the enterance to The Lane and it is growing with Rosa Zepherin Drouhin, a thornless rose with a fantastic scent and beautiful pink flowers.

fraoch fraoch 14 August 2017 16:57:17

Gorgeous colour!

Jacinta D Jacinta D 14 August 2017 23:45:43

Wow, that's the most gorgeous Clematis I've ever seen.

sallysarah sallysarah 15 August 2017 06:30:34

What a wonderful show that Clematis is giving.  So striking in its perfect position.  I'm in awe!!!!!!

MargieD MargieD 15 August 2017 19:41:36

That is fabulous! so many blooms and Id say the scent is beautiful.

Will keep an eye out for both of them.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 15 August 2017 20:07:12

Thanks everyone for your kind comments. After watching Gardener's World last Friday I think I will start to take cuttings of some of my clematis.

Dick Dick 15 August 2017 20:07:32

Great display, Mary. Having defeated the Rebels, I thought it would be blue, rather than red:). Or is it maroon:). Good to see that Austin is clear and now you are showing the red card which the ref declined to do so.

JoanG JoanG 15 August 2017 21:47:33

It's magnificent!  I remember Monty showing this clematis on Gardeners' World last year, apparently it's one of his favourites too.  Yours looks miles better than his did Mary! 

Scrubber Scrubber 15 August 2017 22:19:50

Its so luscious one could almost eat it!

Michele Maria Michele Maria 15 August 2017 23:02:41

Wow! That is just...WOW!

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 16 August 2017 09:22:42

Dick, only yesterday I was in a friends garden and she gave me some cuttings of a blue one, so I am looking towards the future.

Joan, I have that clematis for at least fifteen/sixteen years, so it has been in the ground a long time.

Michele and Peter, yes it is a stunner.

Lophosoria quadripinnata.

14 August 2017 15:45:10

I am not keen on growing tender plants in the garden as my garden is not mild and the soil can be very wet during the winter months. However, this spring I was given a gift of Lophosoria quadripinnata, a type of Tree Fern. I am so glad I found somewhere that is sheltered to plant it as it just looks brilliant at present. Who knows if it will survive the winter, but I will try and protect it and hope it increases in size over the coming years. Since the two bad winters we had a few years ago, I am not so adventurous in trying border line plants, but maybe this will encourage me to grow plants that I use to grow before. 

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 14 August 2017 15:54:08

Have just been reading up on this fern and saw it for sale in Kells Bay in Kerry for €40, a very generous friend, must take good care of it. 

fraoch fraoch 14 August 2017 16:56:17

Looking lovely, hope it comes through the winter. Love your third photo.

Scrubber Scrubber 14 August 2017 22:43:50

If anyone can mother it without smotherin' it you can Mary! My goodness what a price! We walked a bit of the Greenway and it was really wonderful and EVERYBODY was in wonderful humour and friendly and that was in the morning before we won!!!!

Jacinta D Jacinta D 14 August 2017 23:47:39

Oooh, very nice. That's a lovely sheltered corner you have it in.  I hope you manage to get it through the winter.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 15 August 2017 20:11:49

Jacinta and Fraoch, it is very sheltered, so should be easy to protect it. 

Peter, the Greenway is very popular and getting lots of visitors. A fantastic win for the Deise and huge confidence around that it might be the year that Liam Mc Carthy will cross the Suir. 

Dick Dick 15 August 2017 20:15:42

Lovely display, Mary. The fern seems expensive. I got a fern from Martin Begley some years ago at Johnstown. It was quite small but has grown a lot.

JoanG JoanG 15 August 2017 21:43:55

Looks like you found the perfect cosy spot to plant it, Mary,  I hope it does well for you. That is a lovely patio with beautiful planting and a gorgeous hosta. 

Moya Moya 15 August 2017 22:12:20

What a lovely area that is in your garden Mary. The green and white colour scheme is so calming and I love the seat. I think the tree fern looks very much at home there and I hope it survives the Winter.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 16 August 2017 09:31:35

Dick, that would be a bit rich for me to spend on a fern, but nice to get it as a gift.

Joan, bought that hosta at a garden in Cork which was open for Marymount Hospice last year and it has grown so well. It was named as Hosta 'Guacamole', but not sure if it is correct as the flower should be white and that has a tinge of purple.

Moya, thanks for the lovely comments about the patio.

Elizabeth's Cottage Garden.

25 July 2017 12:24:57

On Saturday last Elizabeth's delightful garden was open in aid of the Marymount Hospice. We arrived at about three and the garden was full of supporters for this worthy cause. The garden looked amazing and it was a credit to Elizabeth for all the hard work she has done over the months. It had been Spring when I had last visited Elizabeth's garden a few years ago and at that time it was covered with primulas both cultivated and native. So, it was such a surprise to see the garden change from it's delicate spring colours to a fiery Summer palate.The collection of plants that Elizabeth grows is mind boggling and her hot borders for me stole the show. Red monarda, Berberis and crocosmia contrasted with yellow daylillies and rudbeckia and backed with foliage of a wonderful Senecio petasites and the stately seed head of her Ferula.

At the bottom of the garden is a cool woodland garden which is planted with a collection of trees. My favourite was Acer griseum, the Paper-bark maple with it's beautiful peeling bark. Under the trees were many beautiful hydranges and other woodland plants. A little stream also meanders through Elizabeth's garden which is planted with numerous ferns. A collection of succulents was displayed near a sitting out area and begonias were placed on a bench in a shadier part of the garden. 

At the end of our visit it was so nice to sit and chat with a cup of coffee and the delicious cakes that were provided by the many helpers on the day. Looking forward to the next Open Day.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 25 July 2017 13:07:11

Lovely album, Mary. I remember Elizabeth's garden so well from our visit in September two years ago. It's absolutely beautiful. 

fraoch fraoch 25 July 2017 14:17:01

Great journal and photos, Mary. Lovely to meet you there and have a chat.

JoanG JoanG 25 July 2017 22:26:50

Lovely photos Mary.  Elizabeth's garden is just delighful and she is so warm and welcoming to visitors.  Isn't her Phormium 'Guardsman' fabulous? ... and so well placed! I was privileged to get a preview before the open day, it all looked so beautiful. 

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 25 July 2017 23:00:38

Great description of the Open Day! Must try and get there on the right day next time :-)

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 25 July 2017 23:26:00

Yes ladies a beautiful garden and so much more than I described. She also has a small veg garden and a compost heap. It was lovely to meet you Fraoch and hopefully we will see you again at another Open Garden in aid of Marymount. Joan, that phormium was something else, so tall, stunning.

Jackie Jackie 26 July 2017 08:00:22

Twhat a fabulous album of a fabulous garden. Oh my goodness it's just beautiful in those photos. I would really love someday to see it. Thanks for sharing those photos Mary. 

Ps....I'm still struggling to get an album up , is it hit and miss with some of you too? 

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 26 July 2017 20:18:27

Jackie, I upload the photos for albums from a laptop as I have found it impossible from the iPad. Because of our internet speed I reduce the size of the photos first. 

However even using the laptop I have encountered difficulties and of late have had to begin the process by "creating" an album and then closing the site and come back to it. I have found that if I simply create an album I do not get the prompt to "Add photos" - it may appear for a moment and then disappear. 

It all  makes for a certain amount of nuisance. 


Paddy (Mary's occasional secretary!)

Jackie Jackie 27 July 2017 15:02:42

Hi Paddy lol

Yes I've done exactly what you say. From the laptop. Created the new album, add photos appears then disappears!!  Even tried to add photos to existing albums from previous months, still no luck!!  Hopefully the new site might help!! Thanks ;) 

Michele Maria Michele Maria 30 July 2017 12:22:58

A great description of what looks like a beautiful garden. 

The Irish Garden Magazine.

20 July 2017 23:14:36

I bought The Irish Garden magazine today and was delighted to see Mary O'Connell's garden featured. Shirley Lanagin's description of the garden and all the fantastic tender plants was so well written and conveyed Mary's enthusiasm for gardening. The photos were stunning and did justice to Mary's beautiful garden with is fantastic views over the river Lee.

Congratulations to Jackie on her win with a photo of a beautiful blue poppy.

Jacinta, did you see Shirley's column in the magazine, 'Flying High' wondering what was the box garden she sees when travelling from Dublin Airport? 

Jackie Jackie 20 July 2017 23:46:19

Thanks Mary. I'm in shock as this is my second time to win a subscription this year so really delighted. Plus today I won Johnstowns  gardening competition on fb. I won a Francoa plant :) 

I saw the piece in Marys garden. Isnt it just fabulous. I've only read a small bit as I didnt get a chance to finish it but will do in the morning. 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 21 July 2017 07:04:52

Mary, I thought that I had posted an album on this garden a couple of years ago. But just scrolling back I can't seem to find it. I think it was the garden of a Hugo Byrne, who has a Beech hedge maze throughout a good portion of his garden. From above, it takes on a pattern of shamrocks. He lives not far from Homebase in Gulliver's Retail Park, which should be very visible from take-off and landing. 

I may still have the same album up on Facebook. But I had been told Hugo was a very private person so I may have removed it. Off to have a look now.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 21 July 2017 07:12:23

Hi, I'm back. Yes, Mary, there is a full album of the garden on Facebook (album called Friend of a Friend dated 6th January 2015) if you care to travel over to Facebook. Otherwise, I did a journal on that same date here with just three photos on it. But you can see the shamrocks from above that might interest you.I'd say that's the garden Shirley wrote about.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 21 July 2017 09:35:01

I was certin when I read the article that is was the garden you had visited. Must have a look at the journal you wrote in 2015. I have never spotted it when flying out of Dublin.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 21 July 2017 09:50:40

Jacinta, just read your journal and I hope the owner is still well and living in his beautiful house and garden. It would be such a pity to loose such a beautiful place in a busy and built up area. Flicking back through your journals for Janurary 2015 it is had to believe that Logan is now three and a half. By the way is the lady with the white fence still living next door to your dad?

TerriShoos TerriShoos 21 July 2017 09:51:53

Just had a look at the Irish Garden over my coffee. Wow, Mary's very modest, she should have done a lot more boasting! Congrats to Jackie too. I must look out for that garden when next we fly to Edinburgh. 

Jacinta D Jacinta D 21 July 2017 12:52:47

Logan is 2 and a half now, Mary. 

The lady with the white picket fence lives down the road from my Dad. She's still there and still growing cabbages and the like in her front garden. She has a great community spirit and organized a street party for Dad's and her road, just so that the neighbours could get to know each other a bit more. A lot of young families have moved in over the last few years so they appreciated that greatly.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 21 July 2017 15:59:44

Where do the years go, Jacinta. I do remember now that Anna was born in October and Logan the following Janurary.

Glad to hear the lady is still going strong.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 21 July 2017 19:01:36

She's not old, Mary. Only a couple of years older than me. Oops!!!   That's old. LOL

Moya Moya 21 July 2017 23:50:14

Not old at all Jacinta, sure aren't you just about to embark on a new chapter in your life and many adventures with your other half!! You have all whetted my appetite so I will purchase the Irish Garden magazing asap.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 22 July 2017 08:02:53

Jacinta, she is as old as me then. 

Moya, totally agree, so exciting starting off on a new chapter in life. The plants that Mary has growing in her garden are mind boggling. I also enjoyed Charles Nelson's article.


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