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West Cork beauty

11 August 2012 22:44:32

Spent a few days in West Cork last week (staycations are the "in thing"!), I had forgotten how beautiful it is. We visited a couple of gardens, there are loads we missed out on, but the two highlights for us were staying in Bantry House for two nights - I cannot recommend it highly enough, it was just wonderful - and revisiting Garinish Island where I don't think I had been for thirty years. Worryingly there was a group of official-looking people with clipboards parading around Garinish looking for problems (health and safety police??), some of them seemed never to have been in a garden before and couldn't tell a weed from a plant. They tut-tutted at details like a small fern growing up in the crack of a step (I thought it was lovely), and discussed how handrails would be needed on steps to make it all safe and accessible. I for one am horrified at what could happen to a beautiful garden all in the name of "health and safety".

andyf7 andyf7 11 August 2012 22:50:05

dont know what the clipboard gang were up to, but nature will win out. ireland is a

paradise if that sun would just show its self a bit more. and Cork is unique and beautiful.

andyf7 andyf7 11 August 2012 23:06:24

i like your pic composition, good eye for the different perspective. well done.

Michelle finn Michelle finn 11 August 2012 23:43:28

he is so cute nearly cuddly

Rachel Rachel 12 August 2012 00:37:51

What lovely photos, CapeDaisy. Thanks for posting them.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 12 August 2012 06:43:44

I suppose in this day and age, they need to get the Health and Safety just right. But so long as they leave the important bits in place, like the natural features. Lovely photos.

ladygardener ladygardener 12 August 2012 09:19:38

Yikes the clipboard gang sound ominous.  Illnacullen has been starved of money for plants and labour for years, instead the money has gone into the admission entrance and coffee shop, I hope there's no more cutbacks.  Your photos are terrific of all the gardens but you have me completely sold on the accommadation.  I wonder did you notice in the sunken garden a plant as high as a perrenial but with lemon flowers floating above it.  I thought it was lovely and wondered what it was.

Mairin Mairin 12 August 2012 11:13:02

Lovely seal.  Saw them in Donegal bay a few days ago.  Love the way they stick up their back flipper.

Getting back to it

10 April 2011 17:56:12
I have had a lovely slow-motion easy day in the garden - was off sick on Friday and am only just beginning to recover but with that sunshine how could anyone stay indoors? I have cut the grass, weeded around the lupins and the raspberries and finally got around to planting the sweet pea I bought in Johnstown Garden Centre and the foxglove that unagrant gave me in the plant swap. The tulips at the bottom of the garden are glorious, I am still eating last year's broccoli (picked some for dinner tonight), the broom is just about to burst into fragrant bloom and the clematis and wisteria are covered in buds. In between some gentle work in the garden I found time for reading, sudoku and the Simplex crossword from yesterday's paper so it has been a good day!
Jacinta D Jacinta D 10 April 2011 19:05:47

Yes, CapeDaisy. A perfect day for just lounging around doing crosswords. But it doesn't sound like you have been sitting on your laurels. Lucky you eating last broccoli still. Must grow it sometime.

fran m fran m 10 April 2011 19:36:02

Great looking Clematis.

Cloncaw Cloncaw 10 April 2011 20:10:38

Good to get outddors on a day like today and we always feel better after having the sun on our backs. Lovely to be eating brocolli straight from the garden.

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 10 April 2011 21:26:49

Hope you are feeling better - doesn't sound too easy a day to me - lots of work done!

New Year, good intentions

30 January 2011 22:23:28
As usual I have good intentions and great plans for my garden this year, first thing to be done as soon as the weather gets a tiny bit warmer is sort out the clematis and honeysuckle on the back wall. A combination of vigorous growth and heavy snow lying on them for days back in December has pulled part of the trellis down, so I need to do some cutting back and repairing before it gets any worse. I was very lucky though, I don't think I lost too many plants to the frost. The most notable casualty was my beautiful Lord Bute geranium, and that was entirely my own fault for not bringing it indoors in time. (I feel like a murderer!)
rosburke rosburke 30 January 2011 22:43:00

Lucky you not loosing too much. I replanted the sides of my driveway last summer and a good number of the evergreen shrubs I bought and planted there last summer seems to be dead. won't pull them out for a while yet, but they are not looking good

Cloncaw Cloncaw 30 January 2011 23:25:57

Will be a while before we know the extent of loses your lucky if you've only lost too many plants in the severe weather.

Jacinta D Jacinta D 31 January 2011 06:51:56

Only time will tell. We just need to exercise a bit of patience right now.

Raspberry problems of a different kind

10 July 2010 23:25:12
The remaining raspberry plants survived - three of the yellow Falls Gold and five of the red Malling Jewel - and I was thrilled to see yesterday that both kinds are producing fruit - but less pleased to discover that the birds have eaten almost all of them already!! Time to buy a net. As my dad said, "Well, you wanted to encourage birds into your garden....!!"
greenway greenway 10 July 2010 23:28:18

i dont mind sharing the soft fruit with the birds if they also eat the slugs, greenfly an other pests


Raspberry problems

15 May 2010 20:05:25
I am having a go at growing raspberries again this year (last year was a disaster), but some of the canes are not looking healthy. They are Falls Gold, and while most of them are green and leafy, one of them has leaves which are curling and going brown. What should I do? The other two canes which came in the same pot are not great either, one has just got one or two leaves, and the other still looks like a dead stick stuck in the ground. In contrast, the canes from the other pot seem to be doing well. All advice welcome, I don't want a repeat of last year's raspberry failure!
Jacinta D Jacinta D 15 May 2010 21:24:26

Sorry CapeDaisy, I know NOTHING about Raspberries.

Krista Krista 15 May 2010 21:36:14

I have planted some a couple of month ago. Looking good so far. The older ones has loads of new shoots comming up. I would say just cut it down at an angle to the lowest leaves that still look reasonable, give it a feed and keep it well watered and weed free. It should pull through. New shoots should follow soon.

CapeDaisy CapeDaisy 16 May 2010 21:29:06

Thanks Krista, that's what I have done. And a friend of mine who is a gardener by profession called over today, and that was the advice he gave too. So fingers crossed now!!


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