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Tomato plants

04 June 2013 11:37:23

My sister sowed tomato plants from seeds so yesterday we planted them on into

grow bags.  Great weather.  I had read on the internet that when sowing the plants to put some twine under the plant and as the plant grows, the twine will be anchored better by the root.  Giving it a try to see what happens.


I wonder are we too late starting off the plants...........

Usually would have them in grow bags by now, but maybe with the good week forecast

they might get off to a good start.

Update on tomatoes

04 October 2011 09:30:01

Great news, the tomatoes are ripenining in the glasshouse.  Ripening in stages so Anne brings in the ones that are nearly completely ripened and we put them on the window board in the kitchen where they catch the sun.  Finishes them off.

The taste so much better than the ones you buy in shops, sweeter and full of flavour.

Thanks for all your comments re same..........

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 04 October 2011 20:39:46

Yes, mine are all starting to turn just the last few days ... and aren't they so sweet!!!


23 September 2011 09:30:06


Any ideas how to speed up ripening of tomatoes?

Late sowing seeds and as a consquence late flowering and late fruit.

Plenty of large fruit now but only starting to ripen now.

All off-shoots and flowers taken off to allow what sun we get to get through to fruit.







Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 23 September 2011 09:35:52

If they have not ripened in the sun on the plant, if you pick and put them into a drawer or a paper bag with a bannana they should be fine. Mary 

AmandaL AmandaL 23 September 2011 13:37:31

I have it on good authority that if you pick the tomatoes and put them in a small cardboard box with a bag of sugar (opened) they ripen very quickly.  Was only given this advice the other day so haven't tried it myself.  Good luck :)

Dana_Dublin Dana_Dublin 25 September 2011 20:06:23

How are the tomatoes doing?

I also have a good few un ripe ones.

On Gardners world they said to take all the leaves off the plant and just leave the tomatoue on but I was a bit late going this.


March 11

29 March 2011 18:54:33

Not up to much in garden or indeed anything as I am recoupering after a serious operation at end of Feb so will be laid up for another couple of months at least,

Usually have some seeds sowed in propagators by now but well can't be helped,

will keep up-to-date with friends on line progress so happy gardening


Dick Dick 29 March 2011 19:16:59

The best of luck with you healthwise. Please God you will be improving every day. I had an operation this time last year and recovered rapidly.

Cloncaw Cloncaw 29 March 2011 21:24:27

Hope your health improves and you'll be back pottering around in the summer just relax and enjoy.

rosburke rosburke 30 March 2011 10:20:30

Best of luck for a speedy recovery. The garden will wait for you.

Mars Mars 19 April 2011 20:31:18

Hope you are on the mend by now. I love that flower you have in the front garden (photo)  God Bless and its early days yet.

Mars Mars 07 June 2011 22:57:45

Hope you are feeling a lot better by now Beth, and enjoying your garden despite the weather. 

garden now

13 November 2010 14:52:07

Not much really to do this time of year only general tidy up.

Our christmas cactus has really come into bloom this past week.


Raining at present so I took a few photos........


What is good to sow this time of year???????

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 13 November 2010 14:56:53

Good time to get your sweet pea started and they will get off to a flying start when planted out in the Spring. Mary

Myrtle Myrtle 13 November 2010 15:30:29

Lovely colour on your cactus

Jacinta D Jacinta D 13 November 2010 15:45:24

Wow, so vivid!

Cloncaw Cloncaw 13 November 2010 17:18:39

Such vivid colour, no rain here but no garden time either.

Clara Clara 13 November 2010 20:54:56

Beautiful and so early love the colour.

Big Noel Big Noel 15 November 2010 13:14:37

Love the colour, you must be very pleased with it. Well done.


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