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Wildflower Meadow Spring 2015

05 May 2015 21:14:56

Alright everyone

Back from hibernation and back again with my wildflower meadow. Appreciate the comments from my earlier post in relation to my wildflower meadow. Spring is here and my meadow is starting to pick up again after looking poor for the winter, but it is getting back to some semblence of growth.

However one key issue I seem to have lots of grass starting to dominate some of the areas within the meadow. Does anyone have suggestions on surpressing the grass growth without opting for weedkiller as I have plenty of good stuff growing also? I have heard that Yellow Rattle can surpress grass naturally?

Would appreciate any advice...

Yours sincerely


Moya Moya 05 May 2015 22:45:04

Yes Yellow Rattle is a parasite on grass and keeps it down. It would be best to try to get plants and remove sections of grass to plant them into. Alternatively, you could create some patch of bare earth to sow seed into.

Another way is longer term and it is to mow and keep taking away the grass clippings to get the fertility down over time.

TerriShoos TerriShoos 06 May 2015 09:04:03

You'd probably find that you have yelllow rattle anyway. It's very common in meadows but it's usually mown before it can seed. Let nature do it, she knows what she's about!

Ginol Ginol 11 May 2015 12:33:38


Thanks for the tip. Sounds like a plan alright.



Ginol Ginol 11 May 2015 12:34:33


Thanks for this advice.


Wildflower Meadow Year 2

06 January 2015 19:15:56

Hello All

Thank you for all the nice comments and advice regarding my Wildflower Meadow. However, i am now in a pickle as regards how to continue this for 2015. I have attached some photos for you to see its current state, and I am looking for advice for how to return it to its glory of 2014. Should I:

a. let it rot, tidy it up a bit and let it regenerate naturally.

b. cut it back hard and get rid of all of the old growth.

c. clear the whole lot and reseed it myself...?

I would really appreciate any advice you may have for me.

All the best


First Entry - Wildflower Meadow

17 December 2014 11:36:03


This is my first entry on the website. I have just uploaded my wildflower meadow photos. This is a firts effort and totally surpassed my expectations.

I have four young apple trees planted in the lower part of the meadow/orchard and am planting more this winter up either side of the path through the meadow.

It is all young looking yet, but I have a long term image in my head of what it will be like in four to five years time, with my hammock and cider in hand.


Dick Dick 17 December 2014 12:05:17

Welcome to the site, Ginol. Your wild flowers look great. They should attract the insects you want. 

Ginol Ginol 17 December 2014 12:09:32

Thanks Dick

There was some hum there during the summer evenings with bees and also a lot of butterflies hovering around the place. Also, a notable increase in insects, which is one of my many reasons for doing this wildflower meadow.


Jacinta D Jacinta D 17 December 2014 14:23:20

A big welcome from me also. Love that path that runs up the middle of your meadow.

Happy Christmas to you.

Gracedieu Lass Gracedieu Lass 17 December 2014 15:12:46

Welcome to the site.  Looking forward to photos of the meadow/orchard as it matures.

Rachel Rachel 17 December 2014 15:43:15

Wonderful and welcome from me too.

Elizabeth7 Elizabeth7 17 December 2014 17:31:41

Another Welcome from me, that looks wonderful !

TheH (Hazel) TheH (Hazel) 17 December 2014 19:05:31

Hope you get as much encouragement from the site as I do! Welcome aboard!

Michelle finn Michelle finn 17 December 2014 19:16:24

that is like a dream welcome to the site 

PeterW PeterW 17 December 2014 19:35:12

Welcome from me too, love the wildflower garden. A great place to share your garden.

roofy roofy 17 December 2014 20:00:39

Gidday Ginol,love the pics& welcome from me also.

DecfromTipp DecfromTipp 17 December 2014 21:08:47

Welcome to the site Ginol. That's a pretty impressive wildflower pathway. Iam thinking Bee Hive now ? Well done so far.

fran m fran m 17 December 2014 22:11:39

Welcome, a great bunch of people hear, long may you enjoy.

JoanG JoanG 17 December 2014 23:37:02

Welcome from me too, that's a lovely meadow you have created.  Look forward to seeing and reading more as it develops.

TerriShoos TerriShoos 18 December 2014 07:18:02

Welcome from us too. Ah that five year plan, we had one of those but it keeps evolving - it'll probably still be a five year plan when we're too old to finish it! 


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